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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Jon - 2012-06-05
I just bought two blood parrots and put them in my tank. I have plenty of hiding areas, a live plant, and the water tested fine. As soon as I put them in, one of them is lying on its side at the top corner of the water. He seems disoriented and in my non-expert opinion, I am worried that it's dying. What can I do or will my new companion snap out of it?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-06
    Did you do a slow acclimation? Check your water levels. May need more oxygen in the water.
Ronel - 2012-06-05
We just bought our 2 parrot fish and they seem fine at times. What should the water temp be. We had a friendly tank with bala sharks x2, silver dollars x2 1 x plessie, but our electricity went out during the night and the water temp dropped so drastically that they died. Can I feed them blood worms?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-05
    70-82. They can eat bloodworms. flake, pellets, they are usually good eaters.
frances dick - 2012-05-04
I have a blood parrot and I dont know much about them, I've had him 2 months. For a week now he has been laying on his side at the bottom of the tank, but when I'm at the tank he will swim to the top and act o.k., then when I walk away he goes back to the bottom. I had the water checked and it was o.k. What should I do ?

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  • Jaffer Malik - 2012-05-04
    Loneliness maybe a reason, I'd advice u to add another blood parrot to your tank. Cauz blood parrots prefer n love staying in pairs or a group..
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-05
    Sounds like he needs a tankmate.
  • stevo - 2012-05-18
    I agree. Get that fish a playmate. But always check ur levels as well.
  • stevo - 2012-05-18
    if hes coming to the top to feed your fine.
ajay - 2012-05-09
I have a blood parrot the fish store only sells floating food will it eat that? And which time should I feed him?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-09
    It should eat it depending what it is. During the day is normally good. Maybe try a different pet shop or order online.
  • ajay - 2012-05-09
    They sell this tiny green and red floating food.
  • ajay - 2012-05-09
    All other shops sell floating food and it stays in the clay pot when there is light,comes out when the room is dark or when there is dim light.
  • stevo - 2012-05-18
    I've got 7 bloods in 2 differant tanks and they all love tetramin pro crisps or freeze dried baby shrimp & live brine shimp treat once in a while. Not a fussy fish to feed at all. Mine are about 3 to 4 in. Pellets are good as well. good luck. Great fish
ezz - 2012-05-13
i have got 2 parrots 3 days ago, and one of them is biting the other's fins , should i separate them.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-13
    Just make sure they have their own areas to hide if needed.
Anonymous - 2012-04-14
I have a blood partot fish and all the sudden it is getting brown spots on it!! Is this normal or a sign of stress or a disease??

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-15
    Parrots do get dark spots when stressed. Any tankmate changes? Check water conditions.
  • abhishek - 2012-04-16
    I have 4 baby blood parrots about (3inches). They are good in health but many times one of them sit on the ground of the water. Is she have any illness and two of them have getting black from up side..
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-16
    Same as above. Check water levels. Parrots will develop spots when stressed.
  • abhishek - 2012-04-16
    And my parrots are rubbing themselves on stones and glass. What can I do?
duane - 2012-03-05
I have a tank full of aggressive fish! I just purchased my first blood parrot! The post indicate that blood parrots are non-aggressive, but yet the pictures show a fire mouth which is aggressive. My question is can they survive in an aggressive tank?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-06
    The Blood Parrots should not be in an aggressive tank. These fish are a man-made hybrid with deformities bred into them that makes it hard to defend against other fish. They are best suit for larger community tanks.
  • duane - 2012-03-06
    Thank you so much for your reply! I only have a problem with the fire mouths in my tank, but I believe that if I remove them it will be ok!
Jennifer - 2012-01-29

I have a 55 gal. tank complete with heater, filter, large rock structure, a rock with a hole in it, a few plants and drift wood. I recently bought a blood parrot and when I first put him/her in the tank it was pretty active, but I had another cichlid in with it and the cichlid was very rough with the parrot. I have since removed the cichlid to another tank. However the parrot is still hiding. I've found the hiding spot recently and I'm concerned as the fish seems to like to float sideways under a rock ledge so that it is nearly completely hidden from the rest of the tank. I really have to look to find it.

Is this behavior normal for a young BP in a new environment? and will it become more active as it gets used to the new environment? I just got the fish yesterday, so I'm still not sure of its normal activities or if its male or female so advice on sexing the fish would also be very helpful. Any advice is welcome, and thanks all in advance for the help.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-01-30
    Poor little guy! Sounds like you were smart in providing some shelter for him which is great, since right now he feels safe. I am guessing he is just really scared right now and may come out in a few days. If by tomorrow he is still hiding, you may want to remove the rock and get a good look at him. It is possible the other cichlid harmed him, which can in turn lead to infection. Try a water change of 30% so if he is injured, that will help him recover. 55 gallons is a little on the small side for them, and once full grown he/she will need about 70 gallons to be comfortable and maintain water quality. They are great in a community tank with other more peaceful fish. Remember, though even though your parrot is a cichlid, it will be harmed by more aggressive cichlid personalities. As far as sexing the fish.... well, I am not sure if you know this, and most people do not, but Blood Parrots are a man made cichlid. They took 2 cichlids that would never cross paths in the wild, a smaller fish such as Vieja synspila (Redhead Cichild) and a the very large Midas or Severum. The result is a generally sterile fish, so sexing is sort of irrelevant if you are looking to breed them. To see if you have a female, there will be a tubular shaped thing that comes out from her belly, although the male will have the same thing, his will be pointier and will get pink around their gills and throat when spawning. Yet, again, he will just be shooting blanks. :)
Jen Brand Warneld - 2012-01-27
I bought a blood parrot fish about a month ago. I seems pretty docile, but not shy. It has been actively swimming all over the tank. I do have a Kissing Gourami and that shows attentive interest, but not overly aggressive with the Blood Parrot. The guaramis couriosity does not seem to phase the blood parrot.
I noticed that for the past few days, the Blood Parrot has been hanging around/under on of te rocks in the 55g tank. It comes up to eat in the morning, then swims right back by the rock. It scares away any fish, other than the Gourami, that comes near it. I noticed the gourami scaring away other fish as well. The gourami has never in 2yrs paid attention to another fish, until I got the blood parrot.

My water is fine, I feed once a day, its color is good,...any suggestions?

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  • Jen Brand Warneld - 2012-01-27
    I just inspected the rock a little closer and I believe the fish is guarding eggs. I just have the one parrot fish, so the eggs can't be fertilized since I don't have a male. If we remove the eggs, will she be ok?
Julie - 2008-02-23
This web-site was most helpful in answering many questions I have had about my two blood red parrot fish. They, I can't tell which one, have been spawning, three times over the last several months, fiercely guarding the eggs and then eaten them. Our local pet store said I was nuts, that they didn't lay eggs or breed. I will research even further to learn what a non-hybrid is.
Thank you.

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  • Cher - 2010-05-08
    If your local pet store doesn't believe that blood parrot fish can lay eggs then they're the crazy ones. I have 4 blood parrot fish and I have seen them lay eggs with my own two eyes. I have a video of them laying the eggs and the male trying to fertilize them. From what I've read, they do spawn but the eggs never hatch. My fish have laid eggs many times but each time they don't hatch.
  • Cheryl - 2010-09-24
    We have had our latest BP for about three weeks and it laid eggs in the last couple of days. She guards them all the time. We only have the one at this time but I had been told in the past that they were unisex. From what I have been reading here they do come in male and female. I had three other BP before for 4-5 years and they never laid eggs. The one we have now is about 1 1/2 inches.
  • chris - 2010-11-13
    I bought 2 parrots to go in my 75 gal take with my angels. The first day one of them caught one of my three neons, the other two are now very alert! A week or so after I bought them they hollowed out a rather large bowl in the gravel and laid eggs and now guard them constantly, aggressively chasing away any other fish that come by, but not harming them. The eggs have yet to hatch (it's been about 4-5 days).
  • BEA - 2012-01-14
    I'm fairly new to owning parrot fish. I have two orange ones that have gotten to be about 4 or 5 inches. then I bought two blue ones and 2 pink ones. I didn't know anything about "dyed" parrots. Paid more for them, but never again.I also have two white, I guess jellybeans. They hid under some plants and came out to eat and defended their corner against the much larger parrots and 2 guaramis, a few mollies, a couple of catfish,and two silver dollars. today ,I realized they had a bunch of baby fish with them! I keep reading about infertile eggs, hybrids etc. , but there are over 65 babies that I moved to another tank. Tonight, I see another bunch of babies down under the plants. I don't know much about parrot fish, but I guess I better learn! I only have a 35 gallon tank. I am working on setting up a 55 gallon. Antway, this site has helped a lot.
  • Clarice Brough - 2012-01-15
    This is very exciting! I would love to see some pictures of these guys spawning, and of the babies! If you have some good pictures, submit them to the gallery and we will try and include them on this article.