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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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mark - 2004-03-08
I have recently got myself a Blood Red Parrot Fish, he is such a pleasure to watch in the tank. although he is very shy he can also be very nosy. A good addition to my collection, I like them. But today i put a load of snails in the tank for my clown loach, and my Parrot decided to eat almost all of them. I know they eat anything now including snails.

castro - 2004-03-08
this r the cutest fish ever. i have 5 of them. they r so cute you would want to kiss them

mandi - 2004-03-06
I have one heart parrot that is a beautiful pink. He or she is mixed with a variety of fish including a fermosa, roap fish, angels, silver dollars, irridescent sharks, red tail shark, gourami, butterfly, spotted catfish, and clown loaches, in a 35-gallon hexagon tank. They all do unbelievable well with each other. The only problem that I have run in to is that the heart parrot is the biggest in the tank and the biggest pig too, it eats most of the food and the bottom feeders usually do not get any, I have had to hold the parrot back while feeding others. Another odd behavior I am noticing is that it digs holes in the gravel pellet by pellet with his mouth, but has not laid any eggs, this happens every other week or so and it does get a little territorial during this time.

Carole Holliday - 2004-03-04
I enjoy these fish very much. I have three tanks, one in which 5 large parrots live with a couple of large cat fish. One with medium size parrots that love to swim in formation. A tank with small parrotfish who also hang together. They love frozen brine shrimp and come to the front of the tanks when I feed.They also like premium flake food and will eat the algae tabs I put in for the bottom feeders.

Elke Zeller - 2004-01-30
I have 3 of those bloody parrots . Had them now for about one year and 2 month.And I lovvvve them. They kiss each other and play push away. At first I thought they would harm themselves but they are not. Although I must say that when I do my cleaning of the tank my bigger one comes swimming and nips me. Now everytime he comes to me I try to tough him and he swims away. It got to the point that he really hurt me. But I thought if I just show him that I can do that too he thought...well I better lay off. So now he comes up and just watches me while I do the cleaning. I also play with them. I put one of my fingers on the tank and go back and forth and they all follow the finger. Thats so cute.They love to eat but only once a day and love to make a mess. My kids call them plumpy, gumpy, and lumpy. So they are the highlight of our family.

Rachel Thompson - 2004-01-25
We have two of these entertaining fish. Both are orange and about 4" in length. We keep them in a seven foot tank with several other species however we have found that they do have a penchant for the tetra neons and our crew of those has shrunk from 10 to 4! We find them very friendly to us, funny to watch but they definitely rule the roost in the tank. We have had several clutches of eggs but the other fish must eat them cos they disappear very quickly. I wouldnt want to part with them now as they are an endless source of amusement.

Claire Louise - 2004-01-25
I fell in love with the bright orange pair I have as soon as I saw them, what made me smile the most was their interaction with me. These fish are so friendly and sociable, my friends are fascinated with them. They are around about five inches at the moment and live very happily in my community tank, although they used to be alot more fish in the tank.
I havent replaced them as my two parrots are getting so big there would be no room left for the little guys!!.
Currently I have angels, tetras, catfish, clown loaches and a rope fish all living together quite peacfully. When I first brought them I found it very difficult to find any information on keeping these fish, but I have treated them no different to my other fish, they eat catfish pellets, tropical flakes, bloodworm and their own kind of cichlid food.
I would not hesitate to recommend these fish to anyone, they are very well natured and have a cheeky kind of wit about them, which makes them a conversation piece most dinner times.

Claire - 2004-01-21
I had 2 of these little pinky orange heart shaped cuties but sadly both died due to bad advice and a parasite they had when i got them. But for the 8 weeks i had them before they died they were a pleasure to watch and like little people, very nosey and very playful especially when i was dusting the outside of the tank. I intend to get some more when i get a bigger tank.

martin - 2003-09-21
Hi There i a 29 year old dude from Denmark. i bought one of those orange fatbodys 6 months ago. Its been all fun. I think the oriental fishmongers at the genetic research lab have included human dna in this little fellow.
Best wishes from Martin "Cpt. Meat" Miller

Thana - 2003-09-02
I have 16 of these lovely parrots..... in my 4feet aquarium.I do not know much about fish when i got them about 18 months ago, but I loved their splendid colour and charm.... They love to play around and sometimes even tend to exhibit group kinda acts... like when they gang up against my poor chiclids which lastest about a week.... CAUTION they can be hostile when new species is introduced in their old habitat. A friend of mine says that i should have mixed them from the beginning... I do not know but now they all alone ALL 16 of them...