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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Kyle Brocklehurst - 2004-11-23
yes there is parrot fish out there which have been injected which colour, but these are the ones which appear to have a horizontal line across the top of the body.
The parrot fish which are one complete colour for example blue or purple are given a colour enahncing food like the birds, canaries. for example the red factor canary if not given this food it looses its colour, but if given to a normal yellow canary it will start to show signs of red feathers which when the bird is breed the colour will be passed on to there chicks.
The parrot fish which i keep myself and the ones i have sold in the aquatic business have never shown signs of problems. My first parrot lived to be 8yrs old and never got ill.

Bessie - 2004-11-21
About five years i got four parrot fish as babies. they all grew up together and the biggest one became the boss of the tank and mated with another smaller one. The females are the largest. when i had a fire in my apartment i brought the parrots to my boyfriends house and he put them in his tank, a much larger one than i had, the other large parrot fish that was docile to the largest one confronted the largest parrot in the new tank to be the boss, the two fought relentlessly and would have killed each other if not separated.

Anonymous - 2004-11-20
Any thing you put into the aquarium they will attack, even your fingers and it does not feel good, they bite rather hard.

pris - 2004-10-16
i just got my 65 gal set up and have 4 adult parrots and 4 smaller ones that have no color yet. albino now. due to sad events i aquired about 20 of them and 6 tanks 40-65 gals. my brother took the rest. they are very happy at this point and am looking forward to creating lots of caves and hiding places to make them happier. they were owned by a friend of mine and he had no trouble breeding them. lots of babies. hope i can do as well.

*kate* - 2004-07-04
We have a parrot fish called Bubba(because hes got big lips)in a tank with 3 oscars, a red devil, some kind of elephant fish, and a moray eel. The parrot is the most dominate out of all of them. He bosses them around a lot and also moves the sand and plants around to suit himself. Parrot fish have very strong personalities and he always terrorises new fish we put in there.

Anne Jackson - 2004-06-05
My red parrot is so nice, he lives with a redtail black shark, a silver shark, sword tails, black phantom tetras, black widow tetras, dwarf gouramis, kissing gouramis, siamese fighters, common plec, giant danio, american flagfish and angel fish and the tank is so peaceful. He has developed some black markings lately. He never bothers other fish but does like to be the only one at feeding times when he dives for the food. I feed him Veg flakes, Colour flakes, mixed live food, catfish pellets and cucumber just give something different every day. If i go to the tank he dives to the top thinking he is going to be fed. I would advise this fish and i have kept kribensis which is from the same family and they are not as nice but red parrot fish are so timid and friendly fish, a must for anyone with a large tank and places to hide.

matt s - 2004-05-18
i have two 3 inch parrots they are my favourite fish i keep them with six firemouth cichlids. they are the bosses of the tank and dont let any fish get in there way . they have just layed eggs today but from what ive heard they wont hatch but ill just have to wait and see.

Krisy Whitaker - 2004-04-17
My Blood Parrots are Surviors! When My husband and I moved to a new place he forgot them in the back of his truck all night in the cold weather. My friend and I found them in the garage the next morning almost frozen in only an inch of water. We rushed them inside added warm water and set up the filter praying they wouldnt die. Sure enough they came back to life and were swimming around and full of life. Later that day I asked my husband why he left them in the garage he said he thought that they were dead, I said no they were just frozen. He kinda laughed but felt bad that he almost killed them. There is a good part to this story which is, now that Ozzy and Sharron (the fishies names) have survied they are smarter than ever. they are even smart enough for the tricks we trained them for. So we are very greatful!

Kyle Brocklehurst - 2004-04-14
I run the aquatic centre at BIRCHGROVE GARDEN CENTRE, PINCHBECK,LINCOLNSHIRE,ENGLAND (SEE OUR WEBSITE WWW.BIRCHGROVEGC.CO.UK). I would consider the parrot fish to be the best cichlid that i have ever come across.
My pride and joy is a four year old blood red who will never harm any of his tank mates not even the neons that he lives with.
Over the last two months i have been getting shipments of assorted parrots which have come in many colours all of which i have made my own names for and asked customers to call them by these names which are: NEON BLUE PARROT, PINK NEON, CORAL YELLOW, TURQUISE,and the BLEEDING HEART.
Yes i heard about how they get the colour but i believe that this does not effect them in the long run.
I believe the parrot fish to be the best fish to put in your tank if there is trouble between other fish because they soon create order in the tank and become the boss.

mark - 2004-03-08
I have recently got myself a Blood Red Parrot Fish, he is such a pleasure to watch in the tank. although he is very shy he can also be very nosy. A good addition to my collection, I like them. But today i put a load of snails in the tank for my clown loach, and my Parrot decided to eat almost all of them. I know they eat anything now including snails.