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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Khristie - 2005-05-20
I must have been one of the unlucky pet owners because my fish is NOT shy and NOT calm! He's extremely agressive! The last time I cleaned the algae out of his tank, he bit my finger and latched on! He didn't let go! And I just fed him not even an hour earlier! Nevertheless, I still love Skittles.

Amy - 2005-04-29
I have 2 jellybean fish. I love watching them rearrange their home. The rocks and plants are moved all the time. They are truly amazing fish.

jamie davies - 2005-04-05
i have 3 blood parrots and they are in a malawi tank with 6 malawis they are good companions and dont bother each other at all...
my biggest parrot is 5 inches and the others are 2 inches and all my malawis are 3 inches big....
my parrots are the most playful fish they interact with my malawi and dont argue over teritory.....
i feed my parrot once a day on nurofin spiriluna pellets, tetrafin pellet and krill. So they get a good balanced diet and i keep my water temperature at 26 degreec celseas............
my PH is 8.0 and they are the best fish you can have there wonderful characters...............

heather and roger - 2005-04-03
We have two Jelly Bean parrot fish (blue and pink). They are in a tank with a few african chichlids that seem a little aggressive toward them. we also have a giant gourami, irridescent shark, 2 snails, a cory fish, and a spotted sucker fish. We did have 9 ghost shrimp but we soon found that they are a good treat for the parrots. Overall they seem to be holding their own. They seem to like people and come right up to the glass for attention. We enjoy them very much. Good luck everyone with your fish!

Dale Howard - 2005-03-10
My parrot fish have had layed eggs about 4 days ago ang just this morning were hatching. My parrot fish are a beautiful sky blue color and my female i noticed was a bright yellow at the chest when it was in heat. Any way after i left for college this morning i came back to find that all the eggs had gone, and had beeen moved to a different part of the tank.

shelia - 2005-03-09
I have at least 100 jellybean parrot fish and love them. They give me and my husband much pleasure watching as they lay their eggs & watch over them. Then the fry are just a great pleasure to watch grow. We got started with them 1-2 yrs. ago and have never got tired of them yet!

Elke Zeller - 2005-03-03
I have had my Bloody Parrots now for almost 4 years. Well one is not with us anymore and so I got me one other one. Its so amazing how they know who is feeding then and who takes care of them. When it is feeding time they even jump out of the water just to get the first bite. They do not like other people and when we do have someone coming over they will hide. But they love my kids and me. Even when I just walk by they are on the top waiting.( I know its food they want. LOL) But I talk to them and watch them. They always pick on each other . Not in a hurtful way just pick here pick there. They are sure funny. Thanks for reading.

Satetha - 2005-02-24
I have 4 beautiful jellybeans {pink,blue,orange,yellow} sad to say green and purple died. My four fined friends are not friends themselves.T hey are very territorial and always trying to push each other out of the favorite cave. I bought these fish because of there beautiful colors but they are always hiding. when people come over they always ask if there is anything in the tank. I thought it was beacuse it was a new enviroment. Here I am two years later still waiting for them to lose ther shyness. I have heard they are very entertaining and active.Just my luck I pick the reclusive ones. But when I can find them I still think they are beautiful.

danelady - 2005-02-24
blparrots, i now have 4 of them. one is female we know for sure as she layed eggs twice now and the other 3 to young to tell. they eat fine. they are fat and healthy. they respomd to me when i go up to tank they dont hide alot, always in the open. i just love them. dont know what i would do if anything happened to them, they are my kids. just wanted to put in a good word for them.

Vessa - 2005-02-19
We recently bought a bloody parrot fish. After extensive research and talking with numerous people, we put ours in my nonagressive tank with a lower PH and fish which include discus, silver dollars, severums, tetras, cory cats, and a few swords. Since we put the parrot fish in with these others I have noticed that it seems much happier and very comfortable with his or her new tank mates. What a beautiful addition...