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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Julie Sanchez - 2005-11-25
I have four parrots. When i got them they were yellow, red, blue, and green becuase they were painted. They like to fight a lot. Also they love to hide in the rock a lot. I have had them a year already. They are very territorial but they don't fight with my goldfish, i guess because my goldfish are a lot bigger. they just did something today. I got new little goldfish and i don't know which one did it but they ate one of the golfish's eyes. I got angry at them because they never did anything like that before and i have always had smaller goldfish in the tank. They weren't hungry as i feed them very well so i put them in a new tank alone. The water was not filter and cold so they are being punished. I am joking i moved them to stop them from hurting the other fish. They are very strong so they will be okay in the new tank.

Shane Lambert - 2005-11-04
I have only kept Blood Parrot Cichlids for a few months now, and recently moved to a new house with a new tank. I tranferred the Cichlids to a tank that had been running only 2 days with a Penguin BioFilter. Over the past couple days, I noticed two of my 4 were building a nest under a log and keeping others away. Today I noticed Fry in the nest - between 15 and 20. The two parents guard the nest aggressively and even bring food into the nest. I never saw the eggs although I did look for them.

The other two, who are not (yet) parents are also somewhat agressive but have not killed any tank mates yet. Tank mates include two Red Velvet Swords (one female and one male) and a large (10.5") Pleco.

JP - 2005-10-31
We have two tanks, 90 gal & 125 gal, both tanks have 2 parrot fish in them. Big tank has varity of sizes of tinfoil barbs, 2 silver dollars, an eel and a few other misc. fish. Parrots are fine until I clean the tank. Been bitten often, but they are still too small to hurt.

Small tank had a blue and a green parrot, but within three weeks the color in the fish changed to the pink color. Water is fine, fish are fine, just not colored anymore.

Claude` - 2005-10-26
Hi All. I live in South Africa. I have 2 blood parrots and 3 tiger oscars in 110 gallon tank. the Oscars are about 6 inche where my Oscars are 10-12 inches. although there is size difference, the parrots hold their ground against the oscars.

Jack Nelson - 2005-10-22
Blood parrots are real interesting creatures. I own a fish shop in
singapore and I can sell about 15 a day. I recommend placing a slate bridge in the tank. After a week, they will get used to it and will play around it often.

joenice - 2005-10-11
i have 3 parrot fish in a 30 gal with a silver arowana goldfish and a koi. The 3 parrot fish 2 are inches, aro is a good 6 inches, koi is a thick 6 inches,
and a fat gold fish, 2 inches.

Mike - 2005-09-22
Hello aquarium people! I have a 55gallon tank with a variety of fish.
2 blood parrots,1 silver dollar, 1 ever-expanding pacu, 1 firemouth, 1 needlenose gar, 3 monos, 1 yellow lab african cichlid, 1 painted tetra (the oldest guy in there!), 1 jelly bean parrot, 1 convict, 1 jack dempsey, 1 green severum, 1 cray fish at the bottom, and i think that's it. I know it seems like a lot but most of them are still growing.
THE MAIN THING I WANTED TO SAY is that my blood parrots rule the tank and more than hold their own with the rest of the fish. I'm tired of hearing the same old false claim that these are "timid" fish and "perfect targets" for other fish to harrass. They have been trying to breed but no luck yet. I don't really expect their luck to change anytime soon either.

Holly - 2005-07-23
I have five blood parrots in a 50 gallon tank. They are extremely agressive. Not knowing they were cichlids, when I first bought them they were eating all my community fish, then I separated them all. I did buy another large Ciclid (Can't remember which one though) and he pecked at them until one of them almost died. So that fish went back to the fish store. The only other fish I could put in the tank is the Plecostamus algae eater. They are all Orange and range from 6 - 8 inches in size. The larger ones try to bite me when I get into their tank. they actually attack my hands so I use the net to keep them away. They are beautiful to watch. I have two filters, a Penguin filter on the back and an underground using the Rena Filter which is really easy vs. my Eheim I had previously. They have always been healthy, no diseases, no deaths in over Five years. I do a 25% water change and filter changes every month. I feed them Hikari Cichlid Gold pellets which keeps their color vibrant. Other than that they are wonderful fish to watch and care for.

Karen - 2005-07-03
I purchased 3 parrot fish that were entirely black. As they have grown, one is almost white, the other orange, and the third black and orange. They continue to change colour.

Dr. Lan Phan - 2005-05-23
Hello everyone in the aquarium hobby business. I'm a proud owner of a 200 gallon Oceanic Show tank will the following fishes: four blood parrots, two silver arowanas, three silver scats, two silver dollars, three clown loach, five red tail sharks, three rainbow sharks, opaline gourami, golden gourami and a plecostamus. Everybody is approximately the same sizes except for the plecostamus and silver arowanas. The water chemistry is as follows: pH-7.4, nitrite-0, ammonia-0, nitrate-10. Feeding includes freeze-dried blood worms, Omega One super color floating pellets, and on occasion as a treat frozen Hikari blood worms. Water changes are accomplished by doing a twenty-five to thirty percent of water every month. Filtration Emperor 400, four Ehiem 2217 in line, four 2215 in line, 3 Maxi-Jet 1200 and 3 Maxi-Jet 1000 for circulation. Additionally using Tetratec DW96-2 to run a 48 inch. bubble wand. Temperature is set at 82 degrees farenheit. For lighting I used four 10,000K and two 50/50 bulbs. Decorations consist of clay pots, African drift wood anchored down by slate, tall long artificial plants, and many hiding places too. I hope you enjoy reading this.