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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Missie - 2006-02-17
We started out with 4Blood Parrots (someone gave to us) over 3 years ago. At the time these where the only fish in a 35 gallon tank. You would not believe how many we have now!! I place a ceramic frog in the tank that is commonly used for holding a brillo pad, when I noticed some where after the first year or so of having the fish the smallest one which has only one eye...was hanging out in the ceramic frog's mouth. Another one a much larger fish would swim around the ceramic frog constantly. When she would exit the frogy the other fish would go in and stay till she would return. I call the smaller one *she* because it turned out she was the female of the 2 Parrots. After a week or so I noticed what appeared to be alot of dirt floating in the tank. Upon investigating the dirt we noticed they were actually babies. Once they were hatched the ceramic frog got a very icky film on it. The very protective larger Blood Parrot would guard them from the other 2 Blood Parrots. He would guard 3/4 of the tank from the other 2 fish. So we removed the other 2 Blood Parots and put them in with our Goldfish and 2 Silver Dollars. Whom to this day are all still living happily in a 55 gallon reptile Aquarium. But for the fry that have grown greatly in the last year. Eventually we took the Father Blood Parrot out and place him in our Community Tank. We now have approx. 50 to 70 of them in a 35 tank. The mother is still living with them and still rules the roost of the Ceramic frog. We have not puyt the other 3 Blood Parrots back in the tank. The smaller ones are ranging in sizes from 1/2 in to 1 1/2. We are unsure if this is one litter of fish or several because of the difference in size in them. This is the first time we have ever had frys in any of our tanks. My fiancee' will not part with any of the Blood Parrots or their offsprings in fear he is getting rid of a fertile one. We have never fed them anything other than gold fish flakes and when the fry see you coming they know it is time to eat. thank you

Linden - 2006-01-31
I have a Blood Parrot that is the most beautiful deep orange I have ever seen! His/her name is Pete, and has been an absolute delight to have. Pete lives in a community tank with 2 tiger barbs, 4 tin foils, a pleco, and 2 clown loachs...there is even a feeder guppy that has managed to stay unscathed for the past year! Pete's personality is very playful and cute...I highly recommend these fish to anyone with a big tank!

Patrice - 2006-01-22
I have a parrot fish that is peach in color so we call him/her peaches. Peaches is about 7 inches long and is very thick. It is really the prettiest parrot fish I have ever seen and has pretty lips. It seems to have an attitude and gets upset if someone comes in the room without talking to him/her. Peaches loves to give kisses pressing his/her lips against the glass with someone. When the grand kids come over Peaches has to have a kiss or he/she will swim fast and turn almost flips to get your attention. Also if you leave you have to tell Peaches bye. Peaches loves to watch tv. People think I should change the name to flipper.

sue taylor - 2006-01-18
We have a 150 gallon tank with a variety of small fish. we introduced a bloody parrot about one year ago and immediately she became the star of the tank...she is named Nemo and is a pale pink. About six months ago, we felt that she was lonely and introduced another bloody parrot, Dori. It was very entertaining watching them meet one another. It was a little rough at first, as Nemo was very territorial and would not let Dori eat. The newer fish hid during feeding time and actually came close to death. To ensure that Dori ate, I fed them when I noticed Dori out and away from his hiding place. Eventually, the new, timid fish began to eat and is now thriving.Those two fish are now inseperable and absolutely entertaining. We have added three more jelly bean parrots and they all get along fine. They each have their own territory. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be talking to a tankful of fish, but they do recognize the hand that feeds them and greet me each time I stop by the tank.

jj - 2006-01-15
I just got 2 bloody parrots for Christmas and they are so cute and full of personality! One, I think he's a boy, is the brave one. He scouts things out for his woman and she follows his lead. They love to snuggle together and hide.

I love these fish and am hooked!

Michelle Nelson - 2006-01-08
I have kept a Blood Parrot for over 7 years now. She is named Rose. She is extremely resilient and aggressive and will fight, kill and eat any tank mates that are put in with her including a 7 in plocastamus. She is about 5-6in long and she lays eggs often and after about three days or so will eat them. She has been the most wonderful and entertaining fish I have ever owned. She "Attacks" the glass whenever you approach it and will attack your finger if you put it inside the water.(Very Amusing) She has been kept alone only because she is so aggressive. We often put 20-30 guppies in the tank for her amusement, (not to mention it looks cool too) and they will slowly disappear over a few weeks. Small goldfish are ok but they don't have as many nutrients and have a tendency to be quite messy, especially if she only gets half of one in her mouth at once.

Brew - 2006-01-03
I have 2 jellybean parrots, "Lola" and "Minnie Me" they are a couple! The best part of this couple is that they have babies. lola is very fertile, she has had two sets of fry already. unfortunately she ate the first set of fry. now, with the next set I separated them into a net breader. hopefully i come back with more good news. P.S. They love Brine Shrimp it's their aphrodesiac

Mary Dickinson - 2005-12-29
I have been collecting my four parrot fish for two years now. Although common rule is to keep them with fish their own size you'de be surprised. My parrot fish have been raised with a now 8" tiger oscar and together they can hold their own in the tank. It is actually quite amusing how great they can get along (including the fact that my oscar has to wait his turn to eat until the pack is done.) I usually am very careful about the fish I pick out but my last two parrots I took home were out of pity. One was discolored and one was a runt, both around 3" long. Now the pitiful things are 5" long (in a matter of 3 months) and brillant red. A key note I have discovered about this species are the difference in temperment. Those with more pronounced noses seem to more dominant than those whose noses are more smooth. In addtion, since I have two of each I've noticed that when they pair up they do so with a parrot of opposite characteristics. No fry, just eggs as a result.

Rudi 11-30-05 - 2005-11-29
Parrots are great! I've had one for nine months. he was the size of a dime when i got him, for real. the manager of the petshop told me he came in a batch of fish and was not something they regularly carry. Nine months after he is already four inches, I am amazed at how fast these fish grow. I just went back to the shop today and picked up two more.

Julie Sanchez - 2005-11-25
I have four parrots. When i got them they were yellow, red, blue, and green becuase they were painted. They like to fight a lot. Also they love to hide in the rock a lot. I have had them a year already. They are very territorial but they don't fight with my goldfish, i guess because my goldfish are a lot bigger. they just did something today. I got new little goldfish and i don't know which one did it but they ate one of the golfish's eyes. I got angry at them because they never did anything like that before and i have always had smaller goldfish in the tank. They weren't hungry as i feed them very well so i put them in a new tank alone. The water was not filter and cold so they are being punished. I am joking i moved them to stop them from hurting the other fish. They are very strong so they will be okay in the new tank.