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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Debby - 2006-08-30
I started with 1 undyed jelly bean parrot fish and got a second one a couple weeks later. They are very entertaining. I've found them to be rather aggressive with other fish even my plec. They have also gone from 2 to over 40 since they do not eat their fry. In fact they aggressively protect them until the next batch of eggs are laid. I call my males my fishy bodybuilders of the fish world for the simple fact they look muscular. Right before a female is ready to lay her eggs, she will turn bright orange and the mating dance between her and the male is just that - a very intricate dance. Together they tend to the fry until it's time for the next batch.

Jesska - 2006-07-04
I have had several parrotfish and have found them to be very entertaining fish. I really enjoy their interesting behavior and interactions with each other. They are one of my favorite freshwater fish and my parrot fish species aquarium is a constant source of conversation.

shauntel - 2006-06-28
Hi, we have 2 blood parrots and they are very possesive of a hollow tree we bought for our 55 gallon tank and inside there is a bunch of little white things clinging to the side, i'm wondering if that is salt or eggs.

chris - 2006-06-18
I have a parrot fish which intersting enough paired with my jack dempsey. They produce eggs like crazy and what's more surprising is how the eggs actually hatched and now i am looking at least 80 fry in my 55 gallon and I am looking to buy a much bigger tank now. I am excited on how the fry would look like once reaching an adult state.

Kevin - 2006-05-31
Yea...I own two jellybean parrots, and now I own six. They had fry. So they can successfully have fry. They have had at least three batches that I have known of, and of those in the second batch, 4 of them survived. The other batches hatched, but none made it. I did not attempt to keep the second batch alive, and amazingly they did just fine by themselves with no help at all!!!

Emily - 2006-04-21
I have two jellybean parrot fish and they are great fish to keep. I have found that the key to keeping my fish happy is to give them places where they can hide and feel safe. They were very shy when they were alone in my 30 gallon tank, then I got just a few fish to keep them company and everything is great. I have three taricota pots that I broke just a bit to make them look nice and give the fish gravel to push around and they seem to like there home.

Carl Davis - 2006-03-14
I am a police officer in my hometown and i am assigned to the detective bureau. I own a 35 gallon fish aquarium that is positioned next to my desk at work. In my aquarium i have five beautiful jellybean parrot fish. These fish have more personality than some of the other police detectives i work with. All the guys gather around my desk to witness the feeding when i feed my parrots feeder goldfish.

Jill - 2006-03-12
I have two parrot fish named Tater Chase and Totsy-Tot. They are very hungry most of the time and do the "I want food dance" when we stick our fingertips in the tank. They nibble and make the sweetest kissing smoochy sounds!!! We also have six tiger barbs and a pleco in our 10 gallon tank. Everyone is happy with them!

Jeremy - 2006-02-20
most blood parrots will remain an orange-cream color or a pink color if not fed the proper nutrients. you can bring out the natural blues, reds, and purples in them if you feed them a good source of vitamin B or a common food you can get at your local pet store called "color bits". im telling you, if you want a bright colored fish feed it this!!

Missie - 2006-02-17
We started out with 4Blood Parrots (someone gave to us) over 3 years ago. At the time these where the only fish in a 35 gallon tank. You would not believe how many we have now!! I place a ceramic frog in the tank that is commonly used for holding a brillo pad, when I noticed some where after the first year or so of having the fish the smallest one which has only one eye...was hanging out in the ceramic frog's mouth. Another one a much larger fish would swim around the ceramic frog constantly. When she would exit the frogy the other fish would go in and stay till she would return. I call the smaller one *she* because it turned out she was the female of the 2 Parrots. After a week or so I noticed what appeared to be alot of dirt floating in the tank. Upon investigating the dirt we noticed they were actually babies. Once they were hatched the ceramic frog got a very icky film on it. The very protective larger Blood Parrot would guard them from the other 2 Blood Parrots. He would guard 3/4 of the tank from the other 2 fish. So we removed the other 2 Blood Parots and put them in with our Goldfish and 2 Silver Dollars. Whom to this day are all still living happily in a 55 gallon reptile Aquarium. But for the fry that have grown greatly in the last year. Eventually we took the Father Blood Parrot out and place him in our Community Tank. We now have approx. 50 to 70 of them in a 35 tank. The mother is still living with them and still rules the roost of the Ceramic frog. We have not puyt the other 3 Blood Parrots back in the tank. The smaller ones are ranging in sizes from 1/2 in to 1 1/2. We are unsure if this is one litter of fish or several because of the difference in size in them. This is the first time we have ever had frys in any of our tanks. My fiancee' will not part with any of the Blood Parrots or their offsprings in fear he is getting rid of a fertile one. We have never fed them anything other than gold fish flakes and when the fry see you coming they know it is time to eat. thank you