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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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April Laws - 2007-03-04
I have two parrots and they are wonderful, I just fell in love with them. Nemo and Olive are playful with each other, they play tug-a-war with their mouths and they nug each other all the time. I got some pots to go in their aquarium but I'm not sure how to break and arrange them. I just put them in there on their sides and the parrots go in and look around. I put some rocks in there and the parrots go inside the pots, pick up the rocks and spit them out. they love a hole dug out in the bottom of the aquarium. they will swim really fast and rub their bellies on the smooth surface. they are funny to watch and are always doing something different. as far as their eating they love the freeze dried shrimp and will not wait for any of them to fall, they hardly come to the top and get them. I talk to mine just like I do my dog and when I do they come right in front of my face.
April 2007,03,05

jack campbell - 2007-02-28
hi i have 2 orange parrot fish and about a month ago the tips of 1 of the parrot fish turned black, then a week later they were gone again. today they laid about 100 to 150 eggs in the bottom of my tank.

Matt - 2007-02-07
These Blood Parrots are Blood parrots. Jelly Bean Parrots are not anything like Blood Parrots. They have a more slanted snout and tend to have no color.(Females have orange in the dorsal fin and in the belly.) I have bred this species for 3 years.

kibriya - 2007-01-24
i have 10 parrot fishes and they are very beautiful. i have 2 red parrots, 1 yellow parrot fish, 1 blue and 6 jellybean parrots.
they brought new life in my 80 gallon tank.

Rod - 2007-01-15
I am new to the fish world and I LOVE IT! I have seven bloody parrots in my 55 gallon tank. If I introduce another fish, the parrots go to it and "check it out" like a dog sniffing another dog. This is so fun to watch. I don't know if it is common for fish to do this as I am new to fish but it is certainly enjoyable.

careaguis - 2006-11-26
For several month now me and my partner have hesitated in getting some BP`s. First off you hear Cichlid! And you became afraid of it`s impact on the other tanks mates. The weekend before Thanksgiving, we visited several fish stores in the San Diego County area, they carried all types of BP`s, at which we observed mesmerized as all ways. Sadly enough we discovered about the controversy in the colored patterns, so we said NO to that.
We live in Ensenada, in Baja, and we have here as well, our favorite fish store that has had for some months now a group of six natural colored BF`s, that we admired for some time in the establishment. But the person in charge always discouraged us in getting them for being Cichlids. Yesterday I visited them again and told the person, prepare me two of the smaller ones in the group of BF`s. Are you sure?! he asked, and I responded I`ll come back in the afternoon to pick them up. I got home and dived into the Internet to find opinions, was I going in the right direction? Was this a good idea? Were there going to be problems with the rest of the community tank mates (1 Black Japanese Gold Fish 2.5-3

Debby - 2006-08-30
I started with 1 undyed jelly bean parrot fish and got a second one a couple weeks later. They are very entertaining. I've found them to be rather aggressive with other fish even my plec. They have also gone from 2 to over 40 since they do not eat their fry. In fact they aggressively protect them until the next batch of eggs are laid. I call my males my fishy bodybuilders of the fish world for the simple fact they look muscular. Right before a female is ready to lay her eggs, she will turn bright orange and the mating dance between her and the male is just that - a very intricate dance. Together they tend to the fry until it's time for the next batch.

Jesska - 2006-07-04
I have had several parrotfish and have found them to be very entertaining fish. I really enjoy their interesting behavior and interactions with each other. They are one of my favorite freshwater fish and my parrot fish species aquarium is a constant source of conversation.

shauntel - 2006-06-28
Hi, we have 2 blood parrots and they are very possesive of a hollow tree we bought for our 55 gallon tank and inside there is a bunch of little white things clinging to the side, i'm wondering if that is salt or eggs.

chris - 2006-06-18
I have a parrot fish which intersting enough paired with my jack dempsey. They produce eggs like crazy and what's more surprising is how the eggs actually hatched and now i am looking at least 80 fry in my 55 gallon and I am looking to buy a much bigger tank now. I am excited on how the fry would look like once reaching an adult state.