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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Carolyn - 2007-07-21
I have a big beautiful bright orange one so I thought I would find him a buddy, a white jellybean. The Jellybean swam off with my sajaca (tbar) cichlid and made a nest. I have about 20 fry from this crazy hybrid combination safely placed in a 10 gallon.

Asy-Syariq - 2007-06-30
I have a female parrot fish of about 6 inches. I mate it with a flower horn. My parrot fish looks exactly like the flower horn; same behavior, looks, and from the same breed.

Stevie Chapman - 2007-06-06
I have a parrot fish. He is the greatest fish that I have ever had. He is very territorial and chases the "Sucky fish". He loves people (specifing that I dont know if he is male or female so I just call him a he..) especially my mother. When you feed him he will pop the top of the water.. His name by the way, is Seabiscuit. He is very golden yellow. And has grown so much in the past 4 months since I have had him. He perfers to be alone in the tank, as far as I can tell. We had another chichlid that we only had for a month or so. His name was Cornpop bc he was yellow also. But he was smaller. And he passed away soon after I got him. Seabiscuit loves warm water. But we got the sucky fish yesterday and as soon as I put it in the tank, Seabuscit chased him away. But he sits at the side of the tank and stares at everyone and can hear you talk to him when you do. He watches my mom all the time. I think that he grew accustom to her when i went out of town for a while and she took care of him for me. But yea, I just wanted to tell you all about my Seabiscuit, and let everyone know how great that these fish are. There is no doubt about that!

jason newman - 2007-05-08
i just bought one and it sems great. its color is as red as my red devil.

Emmitt - 2007-03-11
Hi. I purchased a jellybean parrot, and i dont like him. MAN. He attacks my beloved Guppy, Jefferson, and I dont like it.

April Laws - 2007-03-04
I have two parrots and they are wonderful, I just fell in love with them. Nemo and Olive are playful with each other, they play tug-a-war with their mouths and they nug each other all the time. I got some pots to go in their aquarium but I'm not sure how to break and arrange them. I just put them in there on their sides and the parrots go in and look around. I put some rocks in there and the parrots go inside the pots, pick up the rocks and spit them out. they love a hole dug out in the bottom of the aquarium. they will swim really fast and rub their bellies on the smooth surface. they are funny to watch and are always doing something different. as far as their eating they love the freeze dried shrimp and will not wait for any of them to fall, they hardly come to the top and get them. I talk to mine just like I do my dog and when I do they come right in front of my face.
April 2007,03,05

jack campbell - 2007-02-28
hi i have 2 orange parrot fish and about a month ago the tips of 1 of the parrot fish turned black, then a week later they were gone again. today they laid about 100 to 150 eggs in the bottom of my tank.

Matt - 2007-02-07
These Blood Parrots are Blood parrots. Jelly Bean Parrots are not anything like Blood Parrots. They have a more slanted snout and tend to have no color.(Females have orange in the dorsal fin and in the belly.) I have bred this species for 3 years.

kibriya - 2007-01-24
i have 10 parrot fishes and they are very beautiful. i have 2 red parrots, 1 yellow parrot fish, 1 blue and 6 jellybean parrots.
they brought new life in my 80 gallon tank.

Rod - 2007-01-15
I am new to the fish world and I LOVE IT! I have seven bloody parrots in my 55 gallon tank. If I introduce another fish, the parrots go to it and "check it out" like a dog sniffing another dog. This is so fun to watch. I don't know if it is common for fish to do this as I am new to fish but it is certainly enjoyable.