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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Omar Qusus - 2008-01-24
I got a beautiful yellow large parrot which is so very much territorial. I mean this hybird lives with a couple of large green terrors, a mid-large peacock, to black h-sharks, one trewaves, and one electric yellow and my yellow parrot is the strongest of all. I like them all, but this crazy fish is the best.

merky bar kid - 2008-01-23
My parrot fish is bright orange and is a bomber. I bought a massive red bellied pirahna to put in my tank to see a bit of carnage. I did too, the pirahna was eating eveything, but the only one left was hassalhoff. He fought the pirahna for weeks but still lives. So I got rid of the pirahna and gave hassalhoff the hole tank to himself. The end.

Mrs. Wilson - 2008-01-09
I arrived home from work one day a few months ago to find three new fish in my aquarium. My boyfriend had decided to surprises me with these beautiful fish (bloody parrots). They are bright orange(1) and a very bright yellow(2). I noticed this evening that there are eggs all over the place. I am extremely excited!!! However,(frown) I have just read on the web that they are usually infertile. I hope some of them make it. Of all the fish that I have owned and currently own these are my favorite...

sara morell - 2007-12-09
I got 2 blood parrots about a week ago. (I really never thought to get them cause of all the people saying they are mutt fish and they never should have been made. But they're wrong, they're so cute.) My favorite one is momo. She is bright orange with chocolate color tips on her back fins(she remindes me of a terris chocolate orange). My other one's name is pumpkin. He is a very very bright orange. They live happily with my jack dempseys, but i was very worried as momo had to go to the "fish hospital" because she got hole in the head. But from what i hear she is all better and i can pick her up tomorrow^,^. I bet pumpkn missed her because he's been sad acting ever since she left. But most of all i love them.

cmf///nmf - 2007-11-09
We have five Jelly Bean Parrots and One Sweet Heart Parrot fish. They range from about 3" to 6". We have had them for about two years and love them very much! The fish are part of the family and each have a specific mood that fits right in with us! They enjoy a 55 Gallon tank with plenty of logs and rocks to peek out of when our nephew stops by! This site has been very helpful in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our little babys. Thanks for the great advice through the years!!!!

jim - 2007-09-13
I have 2 Blood Parrots, bright orange, that are extremely peaceful. They only bother the Gold SAE, which is actually instigated by the SAE, and very rarely they'll tussle with each other. But they leave all the other inhabitants alone. They're housed with Silver Dollars, Red Minor Serpae Tetras, Giant Danios, Angelicus Loaches, a Krib, a Bolivian Ram, a Leopard Ctenopoma, and the SAE. Mine eat flake food greedily, and will eat the freeze-dried brine shrimp if the Ctenopoma and Silver Dollars don't eat it all first. I absolutely love them. All they do is swim around all day minding their own business. I would highly recommend them.

Janna - 2007-08-23
We have an Orange parrot fish, originally named Sunny but my 5 year old son has renamed him to Blub this year. "He" is about 7 or 8 years old now and very entertaining. We originally had 2 parrot fish and a school of neons (maybe 7). The 2nd parrot fish died within the first few weeks and the little neons kept disappearing one by one. I defended Blub at first, saying that his mouth was too small to suck in the neons and they must have been jumping out and the cat carrying them away but every few days another neon would be missing so I had to face the truth and admit Blub ate them. Since then, we haven't put any more fish in there and he eats flakes and brine. He does the "food dance" when I walk by his tank and "kisses" (my husband says attacks) my finger when I feed him. I'm hoping he'll stick around for a few more years, I'm very attached to him.

Carolyn - 2007-07-21
I have a big beautiful bright orange one so I thought I would find him a buddy, a white jellybean. The Jellybean swam off with my sajaca (tbar) cichlid and made a nest. I have about 20 fry from this crazy hybrid combination safely placed in a 10 gallon.

Asy-Syariq - 2007-06-30
I have a female parrot fish of about 6 inches. I mate it with a flower horn. My parrot fish looks exactly like the flower horn; same behavior, looks, and from the same breed.

Stevie Chapman - 2007-06-06
I have a parrot fish. He is the greatest fish that I have ever had. He is very territorial and chases the "Sucky fish". He loves people (specifing that I dont know if he is male or female so I just call him a he..) especially my mother. When you feed him he will pop the top of the water.. His name by the way, is Seabiscuit. He is very golden yellow. And has grown so much in the past 4 months since I have had him. He perfers to be alone in the tank, as far as I can tell. We had another chichlid that we only had for a month or so. His name was Cornpop bc he was yellow also. But he was smaller. And he passed away soon after I got him. Seabiscuit loves warm water. But we got the sucky fish yesterday and as soon as I put it in the tank, Seabuscit chased him away. But he sits at the side of the tank and stares at everyone and can hear you talk to him when you do. He watches my mom all the time. I think that he grew accustom to her when i went out of town for a while and she took care of him for me. But yea, I just wanted to tell you all about my Seabiscuit, and let everyone know how great that these fish are. There is no doubt about that!