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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Jennifer - 2008-11-30
I have a blue jelly bean parrot fish. Can anyone tell me why it is turning black? I got it about 4 days ago and in the last 2 days it has been turning black. It seams to be healthy and all my other ones are fine. If anyone can offer some information I would really appreciate it.

Kelly - 2008-11-22
Hi there, just like to ask why is my orange parrot fish is acting limp sometimes. Please help, oh and also my other parrot fish keeps nugging it to make him move, any ideas?

Cherie - 2008-10-08
Ok so I went in to WAL-MART of all places and saw these really pretty colorful fish. The sign said Purple Parrot Fish and before I bought them I asked the so called fish lady what size tank they needed and how big they got. She said a normal size tank and that they dont get big ...So I bought a blue one and a pink one... Well after getting them home and becoming very attached to this fish I My mom came and saw them and said they get BIG.. They are considered jellybean parrot fish and are painted or dyed or whatever..which is suppose to be very cruial... My question is how big are this painted fish suppose to get, how long do they live, and what size tank do they NEED. I dont really want to take the fish back because they are very nice and smarter then any fish I HAVE EVER HAD.. I just want to make the fish comfortable and want them to live long.. I am a novice fish owner and right now they are in a five gallon tank which according to research is just plain wrong. I just would like some decent advice as to how to accomodate these beautiful fish

randy - 2008-08-10
Hey, has anybody ever seen a hybrid composed of a blood parrot and a jack dempsey? I have. I bought one this weekend. It rocks. He is still really small (1" - 2"). He is in a 55 gal. showcase aquarium with two baby snow oscars and some goldfish. It's too soon to speculate as to his personality, but if past experience with jacks is any indicator of things to come, I am sure he will be the alpha fish of the place. I was really excited. I had never even heard of such a hybrid. The guy in charge of the fish department at the pet store said that these were the first bunch to be released, ever. I don't know if that is true or not, but he is a really cool fish.

Andy - 2008-08-03
I saw these red parrots for like 4-$65 and then I was shocked that the website said it was only 8-12$. Bloody h*** I have pretty pissed so if u want to buy red parrots buy from net. andy

Ben Cook - 2008-07-27
I had an orange parrot and an albino parrot. The albino laid eggs and the orange one dug a safety pit for the babies to hide in. Both fish were very protective of the fish and the eggs, but especially the albino mother. The eggs hatched and we wound up with two that got pretty big. The were black and white striped. I never could figure out why. But there were no other cichlids in the tank and the way the parrots were acting made it obvious that they were the parents. I love parrot fish because they are more like dogs than fish to me. They are the only fish that I know of that see and react to what's going on outside the tank. They swim over to me when I'm near the tank because they want to get fed. And they're ALWAYS hungry, even if they just ate 10 minutes ago. I always say that they eat better than me! Now I have some tattoo parrots. I know that people think that it's crul to tattoo them but they don't seem to mind or notice for that matter. They say that fish don't have a very long memory anyway. They say that when a fish swims around the tank and sees another fish, they think it's the first time they've seen it. That's how short of a memory they have. This would explain why they don't get stir crazy being couped up in a tank, because they forget that they're in one.

Paige - 2008-05-26
I was first introduced to the blood parrot fish when I ran across my first one back in 95'. I had a 185 gallon tank with 2 lg. 2' sharks, a 3' pelco and 4 huge angels in it. I was in a pet store I had never been in before and I saw this funny looking, cute little aqua colored \fish. It was explained to me what it was, how it would change to a deep orange/red color as it matured, and that it would only grow to about 5" tops. Well they were wrong about 2 things, Flounder as we called her (little mermaid movie, the fish on there, we thought she looked like her a little) Never did change her color, she got a little lighter but never did turn the orange/red color, and she grew to 10" big. Some say it was because of the size of the tank. I fed her flakes, shimp pellets, frozen shimp, and algae pellets. She also ate lettuce put in the tank for the sharks as I raised them to be vegetarians. (No live fish). Anyways she would follow you around the room. When the tv was on she would sit in one spot and watch the tv until it was turned off, then she would go back to checking everything out in the tank. She was quite the fish, who I grew to love very much. I had my sharks 17 yrs and her for 10 yrs. The sharks would eat out of my hand, and flounder soon learned to do the same thing. She did seem to poke at the pleco a lot but she never harmed him. My sharks died within a week of each other, I assumed old age, and 2 weeks later my flounder died. The angels had all died long before that, and I gave the pleco away and Moved to another state, so I sold my tank. Well this past yr I got another tank. I bought a 55 gallon thinking I'd be happy with it, but not the case so I upgraded to a 125, then a 185 gallon. Here it is very hard to find a true blood parrot. If you do they range from 25 dollars for a baby the size of a nickel, to $150 for a 3-4' one. You can find the dyed ones in lots of pretty colors for a little cheaper but I think it's so inhumane to do that I refuse to buy them. I had decided that my 125 gallon tank was going to be used for blood parrots only, so I was on a mission. To find true blood parrots. Sometimes I'd hear of a store having them and I'd drive up to 100 miles to find some, just to find the dyed ones. Finally, one of the guys at wally world (yea I know), seemed to be pretty knowledgeable about them and told me, I can special order them for you. Well being wally world I was very hesitant. But finally I said ok. So the wait was on. I was told 1 week. Well it took 5 weeks, but finally they were here. I didn't rush right down as I had already prepaid, and well I figured they would be small. I got in there about 6 hrs after I received the message and there were a group of people standing around discussing them. I quitely stood back and just listened, at this point all I could see was there noses, until one moved. I could not believe it. He was close to 4" big and a dark Orange, more red I'd say. At this point I'm getting excited, so I step up and say aren't they cute, and one guy said yes I think I'm going to buy one. I said not tonight your not, he kinda looked at me funny and I said they are mine, they were special ordered for me. Well then Sergio the guy who ordered them steps up and said, ah Paige your fish are here, nice aren't they? OMG yes real nice. I paid $15 each for them, and they are just amazing. I put them in the 125 gallon tank with huge logs, caves and gravel about 4" deep. a few live plants, but mainly silk plants. I had gotten the tank ready by putting in 5 gold fish (who are still in there cuz I've been to lazy to remove them) and 2 cichlids (a yellow back, and not sure of the name of the other, a brilliant orange with colored spots on her fins) that were being picked on by my big bumblebee cichlid in another tank. A 4" pelco, and a 5" picus cat and 1 lg angel (who was being picked on in the other tank). The bigger of the 2 parrots kinda goes nose to nose with the cichlid with the colored spots but they aren't hurting each other. I keep my tank at 80 degrees exactly, I check it daily. The ph about 7 and I feed the same things I fed my first blood parrot flounder. They are quick compared to flounder, but seem to hide more then flounder did. I have had them a month now and they know me, and will come out of hiding when I'm in the room. I recently ordered 2 more which haven't came in yet. Then about a week ago I ran across someone giving away a pair.(I had to drive 75 miles one way to go get them but I think they are well worth it) They are a male and a female and they are in the same tank and they are acting like they want to breed. We will see. They are bigger, around 5-6", but also a bright orange color. One has a little bit of black along the top of her but the guy said she was dark like that then started her color change. I also heard they get that way when they are ready to breed. The other 2 BP's hang near these 2 like they are protecting them or something, so we will see. All in all if you can afford these fish I would most definitely recommend having them. Not only are they cute, beautiful, playful and smart, they have a wondeful personality. They can be a bit terrerial about theire hiding places but they really don't cause anyone any grief. They make me smile or laugh every day, and if I have anything to say about it, I will always have one or more in my life.
Thank you, Paige

Cas - 2008-04-25
I currently have two blood parrots, one is a vivid pink the other is a vivid yellow. Originally I bought the pink one for a small tank and then my niece wanted one so my dad bought her one and put it in my tank... the pink one was so territorial the poor yellow one would just get chased and pecked at all day and night. Now that I got a bigger tank and 2 hiding places for each. The yellow one is the one doing all the chasing but at least it's not all day and night like it was when the pink one was doing it. I also have 1 rose barb and 1 jack dempsey cichlid in the tank as well and they don't seem to interested in the others, just more aggressive with each other. I also noticed the pink one starting to get black circles on it, so I cleaned the tank and kept an eye on him and now he's back to being all pink.

Selena - 2008-04-05
I love my baby faced parrot fish. I was told by Wal*Mart employees he would be aggresive. I fell in love with him and was hoping, as sweet as he looked, he would not be too aggressive! However, I was hoping he could give this little barb in my 30 gallon tank a little competetion. That he did. I have 4 neons, one angel, one little guppie who has totally survived?, one dalmation, 3 barbs and 3 marlies in with him, and the one barb that was really harrassing the other fish. I was tickled, the parrot man has really put him in his place and now he seems to be the mild manner of all the bunch!! LOL and the parrot seems very friendly, now that they all know he is the "big katuna" What a great fish, very much worth the 10 bucks I had to pay for him.

chris - 2008-03-30
Hi. I have one blood parrotfish in my fish tank and I keep him healthy and happy because now I can learn what to feed him, how to take care of him, and who I can put him with thanks to this website. Also, whenever he sees some food he goes crazy. I might get another soon