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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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EMi - 2008-12-26
Help, my parrot fish were fine yesterday. Today I checked on them and 4 outta the 5 are laying on the bottom. I thought they were dead at 1st, but they are breathing and moving but they are kinda sideways and won't come off the bottom. Does anyone know what could be wrong with them or what I can do to help them? I paid $125 for 5 of them and really don't want them to die. please help!!!

Carla Fuentes - 2008-12-09
Hi my name is Carla, I have 6 red parrots. One of them had black color in about 50% of his body. The petstore manager told that was normal, but now the rest of my parrots are getting black spots all over their body. Why is that? Are they sick? I have a 55 gallon tank and other cichlids in it. Can anyone help me please!?!? This happened before to two of them, but I medicated them with Melafix (antibacterial remedy)and the black went away but this time all of them have it. Help please. Are they sick?

vanessa - 2008-12-05
I just recently became the owner of a fish tank that already had a Silver Dollar and an Algae eater. I bought an African Cichlid and two baby parrots (blue & turquoise green). The African Cichlid terriorized the baby parrots and wouldn't let them out of the rocks so I had to give him away (spots on the fin). I have notice that at this moment they are very shy fish as long as I am around the tank or anywhere in the room. They stay hidden in the rocks, and if I stand there long enough they will stop flapping their fins like they're playing possum with me. But, if I sit on the stairs and don't move they do manage to come out of the rocks. I feed them twice a day but I don't know if they are even eating. And I notice today when I came down stairs and watch them from a distance the Silver Dollar fish kind of fathers (redness on fin) them. The blue one picks at the green one and the Silver Dollar fish will get between them and if he sees me before they do he kinda flaps that back fin quickly and they dart back inside the rock. I plan to purchase two more parrots, an orange and maybe yellow (was going to buy a red one but I read something about the red one and I changed my mind) and maybe another Silver Dollar.

Aurora - 2008-12-03
My Parrot fish is listing to one side some of the time and looks like he is sucking the plecos. He hangs out with the plecos and seems to be afraid if the Jack Dempsey I have in with him. I like this fish and would like for him not to suffer. He is pale compared to when I got him and he is very young, just lost his black coloring.
The tank is a 20 gallon but I think I must get a larger tank soon. I feed flakes,mini krill,chichlid pellets plus the kelp for the plecos

Jennifer - 2008-12-02
Can anyone please tell me why one of my blue parrot fish is turning black?

Jennifer - 2008-11-30
I have a blue jelly bean parrot fish. Can anyone tell me why it is turning black? I got it about 4 days ago and in the last 2 days it has been turning black. It seams to be healthy and all my other ones are fine. If anyone can offer some information I would really appreciate it.

Kelly - 2008-11-22
Hi there, just like to ask why is my orange parrot fish is acting limp sometimes. Please help, oh and also my other parrot fish keeps nugging it to make him move, any ideas?

Cherie - 2008-10-08
Ok so I went in to WAL-MART of all places and saw these really pretty colorful fish. The sign said Purple Parrot Fish and before I bought them I asked the so called fish lady what size tank they needed and how big they got. She said a normal size tank and that they dont get big ...So I bought a blue one and a pink one... Well after getting them home and becoming very attached to this fish I My mom came and saw them and said they get BIG.. They are considered jellybean parrot fish and are painted or dyed or whatever..which is suppose to be very cruial... My question is how big are this painted fish suppose to get, how long do they live, and what size tank do they NEED. I dont really want to take the fish back because they are very nice and smarter then any fish I HAVE EVER HAD.. I just want to make the fish comfortable and want them to live long.. I am a novice fish owner and right now they are in a five gallon tank which according to research is just plain wrong. I just would like some decent advice as to how to accomodate these beautiful fish

randy - 2008-08-10
Hey, has anybody ever seen a hybrid composed of a blood parrot and a jack dempsey? I have. I bought one this weekend. It rocks. He is still really small (1" - 2"). He is in a 55 gal. showcase aquarium with two baby snow oscars and some goldfish. It's too soon to speculate as to his personality, but if past experience with jacks is any indicator of things to come, I am sure he will be the alpha fish of the place. I was really excited. I had never even heard of such a hybrid. The guy in charge of the fish department at the pet store said that these were the first bunch to be released, ever. I don't know if that is true or not, but he is a really cool fish.

Andy - 2008-08-03
I saw these red parrots for like 4-$65 and then I was shocked that the website said it was only 8-12$. Bloody h*** I have pretty pissed so if u want to buy red parrots buy from net. andy