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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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LUIS - 2010-01-30
Oh man, I love blood parrots! The first one I had was dark yellow with ~19 cm and it lived for 12 years! Extremely sociable. During that time I also had a yellow-pink female Midus Cichlid (~23 cm) which lived for 13 years and they were inseparable. When the Midus Cichlid died, the blood parrot was so affected by it, that he stopped moving and eating and died 5 days later. That was a very sad week for me... That blood parrot, contrary to the usual shy behaviour, was a bit exhibitionist and he was extremely curious about anything! The times I put my arm inside the aquarium for arranging the sand or plants, for example, the blood parrot was all curious about what as I doing and was all over my hand trying to figure out what was happening, while all the other fish hid themselves somewhere. He actually let me touch and caress him, something I've never seen a fish do!! He was so funny to look at. I miss him. Just wanted to share this with you.

Cari Cook - 2009-12-17
My friends and family think I'm nuts when I talk about playing with Daisy, my 1 year old Blood Parrott who outgrew her hiding place while inside it! Thankfully, we got her out unharmed. I have never enjoyed a fish so much! She's mean though, can't handle a tank mates. Killed a sucker fish and some snails.

Anonymous - 2009-07-27
how do i know if there a male or female

Abril - 2009-07-23
I have 2 BP - Big Punk is a little over 8 years old and Meanie is 5 or 6. I used to have a school of 4 Angel Fish and the BP and Angel Fish co-existed very nicely (the last of the Angel died a few months ago, after about 7 years). Actually, the 6 of them banded together and attacked all new fish (I wasn't able to add any new fish except for catfish, whom they seem to leave alone). Big Punk is getting old and it's harder for him to eat now - my heart aches when I watch him trying to catch the food but miss - and Meanie would come and pushed him away as well. I wish there's something I can do to help him. Like many of you have pointed out, BP have great personalities and I never get bored of watching them - kissing, pushing, digging, moving gravels by the mouthful from one end of the tank to the other, etc. Amazing fish - I love them.

sam - 2009-07-07
These fish are ace. They are just plain and simple funny shapes and have ace personalities, and are so cute. At the moment I have 2. Bubbles and peaches are in my 180 litre fluval vicenza aquarium with 2 festivum cichlids, 3 firemouth cichlids, 1 striped raphael catfish, and 2 plecos (1 gold spot and 1 large common). My tank has a mixture of live and fake plants and is well struted with driftwood, and I have a fluval 205 canister filter that is very good at keeping up with all the waste my big plec makes. My heater is kept constant at about 88 Fahrenheit and I have an airstone running all the time. Soon, probably this friday (10/7/09), I'm gonna add 1 or 2 more blood parrots, 3 kribensis cichlids, 2 keyhole cichlids, 2 angelfish, 1 gourami, and maybe maybe 2 discus and a few shoals of largish tetras or barbs (not tiger or tinfoils).

jeannette martin - 2009-06-24
My parrot fish is guarding his cave, he is protecting eggs and won't come out to eat. The parrot fish will attack my hand.

Anonymous - 2009-06-09
I have had my blood parrot for over a year. We did a major change in the the tank over a month ago. All of our fish have adjusted well except my blood parrot. My blood parrot last week began laying on his side at the bottom of the tank. He still eats at every feeding but other than that he is lying at the bottom of the tank. Is there anything I can do to save him.

jw - 2009-06-03
my office has two hybrid orange blood parrots. I feed them every day. They know exactly when I'm ready they even talk to me (joke). One of them appears to be sick not eating, not moving other than staying in a corner... whats up? If anyone know... it's kinda sad....

Beth - 2009-05-18
Two years ago my boss "rescued" a 75 gal. tank from someone who was closing a business and had no interest in moving the tank. We quickly became attached to our tank and fish. We have a red parrot couple in the tank. They are about 4-5 in. in diameter. They laid eggs in the tank about a year ago but they or the spotted catfish must have eaten them. One month ago, our office had to close. I'm so thrilled that I inherited my fish! My male Parrot will do the kissing thing with my 10 yr. old daughter when she approaches the tank. It's hysterical! When the female parrot gets tired of this flirtation, she will race over and push the male away from the glass! My parrots share a tank with 4 Silver Dollars, a large Pleco, and the spotted catifish. The parrots have such odd/wonderful personalities! I plan on purchasing a few more.

anushka - 2009-05-15
My red parrot has laid eggs. I shifted the stone with eggs to another tank but have not kept the mommy parrot along with them? Do I need to keep her with the eggs in a separate tank?