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The Blood Parrot is just about the most curious result of cichlids interbreeding, and has created quite a stir in the aquarium hobby!
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Christine - 2010-06-09
Can someone tell me please if these fish (the blood parrot cichild) is a dyed fish? How can I tell while looking in the store at all the fish if they are dyed? I notice that the blood parrot is described as a hybrid, however on other sites I am reading that their color is dyed? We are considering setting up a 40gal tank but would like to minimize if not totally eliminate the occurrence of dyed fish in our aquarium. Thank you for your thoughts.

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  • Ellen - 2010-06-10
    The orange colors are the "natural" colors. My understanding is that if they are white and small, they have not come into their color yet and are not dyed fish, but will gradually turn orange. The larger ones that are orange or are starting to turn orange, are the non-dyed variety. All other colors are typically dyed fish.
  • mark - 2010-06-11
    Hello, these fish can be dyed blue or black spots, yellow etc. fire red or pink
    is natural, bubblegum parrotheads usually are two tone, black and red or pink.
    I have five together they are timid and don't take bites, hard to explain. They
    suck food in, so they can't feed off the bottom or top. Must use slow descending food flakes, don't over feed. Any dye wears off doesn't affect water clarity. If they're red or pink, that's normal, have a hard time defending themselves against most other fish, they can't bite. A great fish with personality like oscars but won't grow as fast and not as dirty. Good luck, good choice also love to hide inside objects..
kelsey - 2010-05-30
Gor how long are the blood parrot fish pregnant?

shelly - 2010-05-11
My querry is that are the blood parrots compatible with the angels, bala shark and the tiger barbs in a 75 gallon tank?

Cher - 2010-05-08
I have 4 blood parrot fish: two I haven't been able to sex and the other two are a pair. The two that are paired I've named Kong and Chiclet. Kong and Chiclet have laid eggs several times, none viable. The strangest thing happened the last couple times they laid eggs: usually Kong would chase Chiclet and they "kiss" , but this time one of the other smaller blood parrot fish (named Mini) seems to be fighting Kong for Chiclet. Mini would follow when Kong chases Chiclet and make several attempts to sneak in a "kiss" with Chiclet. Although Chiclet pushes Mini away he continues to try!! So persistent. I thought that once they pair up they keep breeding in that pair. Has anyone ever witnessed this kind of behavior before?

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  • clifford - 2010-05-09
    If blood parrot cichlids are sterile how do they reproduce because I have eggs and the female is protecting the eggs will they go ahead and hatch?
seewai - 2010-05-04
My blood parrot fish's anus/vagina/penis (I dont know what sex) is sticking out. Is (it) about to lay eggs? is it a girl?

Debrup Bhattacharya - 2010-04-19
Strange problem here - I bought four blood parrots just yesterday, two yellow and two red. One red and one yellow parrot is a bit larger than the other two. Now right from yesterday the bigger red parrot has gone berserk, head banging the other three throughout the night. Now all the four fishes look tired and have taken refuge behind my fake trees and they are remaining perfectly still. What should I do? Please help me out here. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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  • erick - 2010-04-21
    All the parrots have to be the same size, or the big ones will eat the smaller ones.
  • Anonymous - 2010-05-11
    Parrot fish do not have working mouths so they can not harm the other fish. You should be fine
  • saibal panja - 2010-05-10
    What is your tank size? Blood parrots need a fairly larger tank.
  • Wayne from Herndon - 2010-05-19
    I have four Parrots along with several other cichlids, two Red Devils, Three Dempseys and one Pleco. The Parrots are by far the most aggressive fish in my tank, it's kind of funny because they really can't fight, mostly because the way their teeth are formed. They are always trying to start a fight that they couldn't win, if it ever started. My largest Devil once locked lips with my largest Parrot, the Parrot got the worst of that. All in all Parrots are aggressive as are all Northern American Cichlids and they like their space, they will get along or they will kill each other it really depends on the fish and the size of the aquarium. Some cichlids have to be alone. There are some great posts on this board about cichlids take notes and enjoy a great Cichlid experience.
Scott Ferguson - 2010-04-11
I have had a blood parrot cichlid for for about 6 months now. For some reason he is now losing his pigment. He was a dark brown and now over time has become white. Should I be concerned or does this normally happen. He shows no signs of fatigue or stress.

gle - 2010-03-20
i have two parrot fish in my tank. I bought it 2 days ago, problem i've encountered when i feed them they're too far from my other fish on other tank they always love eating. Am worried may die because they're not eating. How many times should i feed them.

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-03-20
    Try putting the food where the parrot's are hanging out. They should get the idea within a couple of days I would think. It is possible they could go for several days, even a week without being comfortable enough to eat. If it goes on for longer, I would isolate them. Use either a divider or another aquarium for long enough to get them eating.
Christine - 2010-03-18
I have two parrots that spawning but so far no babies, is it bad for them to keep them together and allow them to continue knowing no babies will be produced? Also they are the only fish I have in a 38 gallon tank, I have a filter rated for a 75 gallon tank but I want to know if this tank is too small for lord and lady McFisherston?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-03-18
    As long as the fish are not physically hurting each other, it should be okay to keep them together. The fish can get up to 8 inches so at 1 inch per gallon, your aquarium should be big enough, especially if they have good filtration and maintenance is kept up. The one inch per gallon only applies to smaller fish so your with larger fish, the number goes down such that your aquarium with two larger fish are probably nearing the minimum tank size.
  • brittany m - 2010-03-23
    The tank is ok for juveniles and as for the spawning thing its more likely you will not see any babies due to the fact most males are sterile but more and more people are reporting that they were succesfully breeding. It shouldn't be a problem they're just doin their thing.
Anonymous - 2010-03-06
i have a 2 gallon tank for a parrot the size of a quarter is that enough space?

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  • Amanda M - 2010-03-12
    Not even close... sorry. You need a 55 gallon to keep that kind of fish. He will get BIG and they poop a lot so you need a really good filter.
  • Anonymous - 2010-03-25
    No each parrot needs about 10gallons of space to thrive no matter how big they are these are messy fish think of them as oscars in the waste department.