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Timid, temperamental, and delicate, the Angelfish is familiar to every freshwater aquarist and the most commonly kept cichlid.
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Travis - 2007-07-17
I owned two angelfish and 4 guppies. Never pair angelfish with guppies. Although angelfish are sometimes aggresive towards other fish, I never would have thought that my guppies would attack my angelfish. Eventually, my angelfish were so badly hurt, they died the night I got them.

Af L - 2007-04-21
i bought 1 angel fish along with a few other community fish in January, some of which were pairs. My angel fish was about 2 1/2 inches when i decided to by 2 more to make her happy. even though the new ones are about 1 inch long, they seem to be getting along very well and living peacefully.

Kyle Riker-Helms - 2007-01-22
I absolutely love angelfish! after having 2 deaths (one being today) ive almost given up on trying to keep them alive more than 5 days!
i have, although, gotten a new one today as the blackskirt tetras annihilated my last one. within the hour he was eating and doing fine. its very funny to watch him chase my blackskirts away from his flowing fins - veil angel. he has definitely put them into line! they are beautiful and most of the times hardy, but watch out! dont get fish that you want and are fin-nippers. the angelfish wont tolerate it. theyll turn around and even kill it if the fish keeps at it! beautiful fish, but some have danger written all over it!

faris - 2006-10-22
I love my angelfish. He's so pretty and lively, he's a beautiful gold and has black spots on his tail and face.

The bad thing about Angelfish, though, is that they don't mix well with Pink Kissing Gouramis. My pink kissing gourami, Mina, has a bad habbit of chasing after the little Angelito and nipping at his beautiful fins. I think she's just jealous, but I'm worried she might kill him... =(

If you want to mix these two beautiful and distinctive fish, I suggest buying the angelfish a bit older so it knows how to defend itself against the malevolent kissing gourami.

Mirella Aldaba - 2006-09-18
I am surprised by the responsiveness of my juvenile angelfishes. When I walk past my aquarium they all, but one in particular more, swims back and forth in front of me hoping to be fed, I assume. It steals my heart. The hardest part is trying not to overstuff them, as they are voracious eaters. In my opinion they are not the least bit shy and are not easily startled like other feisty fish. They are gentle fish most of the time and they coexist well with the rest of their tank mates. Be wary of barbs that may attack them and nip their beautiful fins, like my tiger barb which nearly decimated the fins of my marble angel; as a matter of fact he no longer has a tail!- Mirella Aldaba, 22

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  • frank bertoski - 2010-04-17
    So interesting.
Pinaki, Gobardanga, India - 2006-06-27
Im culturing about angel fish form about last 15 years. I found that Angel fishes are very territorial, people think they are very calm but really they are not. And this property grow with their growing age. They attack not only other angles but often other cichlidae. I made an experiment with a 135 Gal tank where i placed 3 black angel fishes no other fishes in the tank though they are fighting one another.

Idy Miami,FL - 2006-05-22
I bought a baby (2") angelfish 2 years ago to help cycle a brand new tank. He is now 6". He is the most beautiful fish in my aquarium. He did eat all 7 neons, and he pecked at a bala shark until it finally died. I think he ate all 20 ghost shrimp. The only fish he gets along with are the 4 gourami. I have a 55 gal. tank with 4 fish only. I want to buy other angels but the pet store guy told me no way, since they only sell baby angels and with his reputation he'd probably make their lives miserable. Oh well, I still love him to death. He's still my favorite.

gourami-angel - 2005-11-06
My beautiful angels were my favorites. I have a light gold, bluish-grey, and velvety black. Since they are so inseparably timid, I lost interest, but not completely mind you. Even if they are the biggest fish in my tank, they are not fierce, except with their own kind. On the other hand, they are necessary to balance the look of my 60 gal aquarium, especially to enhance the already handsome Red Flame and Powered Blue gouramis while they swim in this lush, almost jungle-like, environment filled with dichroic art paperweights (glass), at the same time.

Hansu - 2005-10-30
Hey everyone! In my HUGE aquarium I have many fish including these angelfish. They live happily with my 4 Silver dollars (2 big, 2 small) and 2 silver sharks. The only problem with these fish is that if you keep very big or adults with small sized or young ones, they try to hurt them and hence they tear off their fins. Othewise, I find these fish good:) I should prefer everyone buying angelfish, BUT of same or of sizes which are not so different.

Shade - 2005-05-29
I got 2 Angelfish, 1 gold and one a black marbled/gold angel. I just got them 4 weeks ago, and the gold angel grew a few inches. They like dried tubifex worms, as well as granule. Their tankmates are 3 mollies, 4 platies, 1 Spotted Rafael catfish, Chinese Algea Eater, and 2 Black Khulii Loaches. They have not gotten aggressive at all and are extremely placid and swim up and downwards and spin while going up.