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Timid, temperamental, and delicate, the Angelfish is familiar to every freshwater aquarist and the most commonly kept cichlid.
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the crazyfish lady - 2009-03-15
I recently got an angelfish and I had to get a new tank because they will eat the other small fish that I have. They really are beautiful though.

The Fish Guy - 2009-03-10
Angelfish are one of the most popular of all tropical fish because of their unusually flat bodies and amazing long fins. Some people think of angelfish as aggressive and a non community fish, this of coarse may happen but not all the time. I have had 3 angelfish in my community tank and two of them were so peaceful and passive but one of the was an aggressive little devil. These guys like their water to have a ph of around 7 and like their water to be about 27 C (80 F). Oh, and here's a little tip, if you need to remove them from your tank try not to use a net to catch them because it can seriously injure their delicate, long fins.

Calvin - 2008-12-23
I have three beautiful angels in a fifty gallon tank, currently housed with three silver dollars and a featherfin catfish. My favorite is the biggest one, around 3 1/2 to 4 inches which is a gold variety with a couple of black blotches and spots on the middle of either side of its body. It was the most aggressive among the three(one gorgeous marble which didn't grow as fast as my favorite one but still eats nicely and a smokey half-black that is the most energetic which is introduced with my silver dollars), but now it has calmed down, being the most passive fish I have. I have double filtration, weekly water change, zero ammonia and nitrite and very little nitrate. I feed them 2-3 times daily with a variety of flakes, earthworm flakes, spirulina flakes and tubifex(freeze-dried). The two are now 9 months in my tank and the other one is three months I think. I am not expecting a pair cause I started wrong by introducing only two, but who knows, just might get one. My biggest expectation is for them to have the best finnage and health among all the fish I kept.

y3m3k - 2008-11-29
Hi! I have had a "Koi" Angelfish for a year and a half now! I got it when it was as small as a penny! just a baby fry! Now he is so big, almost 3 inches in diameter! He recognizes me when I walk in front of his tank, and makes these clicking sounds with his mouth when he wants me to feed him :) So smart!

Rory Mackenzie - 2008-10-03
I recently aquired a pair of gold angels.
They are thriving in the my amazonian aquarium and only have share it with a trio of bronze corys. I hope to add more angels in the future and possibly obtain a breeding pair. They are great for tanks with other slow moving peaceful fish but will consume any small shoaling fish such as neons and other small tetras.

Megan Russell - 2008-08-24
Hi! I just got a few marble angelfish today and they are as everyone thinks, angels. I also got a few dalmation-spotted mollys and they got along great with my angelfish! Even though one of the dalmation spotted mollys showed aggressiveness they just do that over food sometimes when they are just announced to each other.

Kurt van Wyk - 2008-08-22
I just got an angel fish yesterday. He is absolutely beautiful! He is quite peaceful but is a bit scittish. Do not keep them with neon tetras! In the wild neons are their natural prey. They are fine with cardinal tetras though.

Jenny - 2008-07-25
Hey just thought I would say that I have read up on my theory and every book seems to agree that females have more rounded bodies and shorter bottom twig things (don't know the correct term hehe) that aren't much longer than their bodies. While the males (like the one in the top pic) have really long "bottom twig things" and long top and bottom fins which point more upwards than the females. It would be better if I could show you what I was going on about, as I bought 3 females and they cause no bother, not even to the 4 1cm baby bristle noses, or my little frog that wonders about. They all eat next to each other :D

john - 2008-05-28
I have one angelfish, his name is Sundance. I think he is the smartest fish I have ever had because whenever I go near the tank he swims right up to the top to get some food. Sadly a week after we got him his buddy died so he is all alone except for some tetras.

phil - 2007-09-12
I had three angels grow large enough to eat house flies from my fingers. They were always hungry and I kept them stuffed. One would lay eggs in my community tank but the eggs never hatched. I miss those angels, they had real personality.