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Jamie - 2014-02-01
I bought 2 German blue rams and was told they were a male and female. Turns out they are both female. Can I introduce a male?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-01
    See the 'Social Behaviors' section above, as it gives a pretty overview of this question, partially it's dependent on your tank size.
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Pascal - 2009-06-02
I have always loved oscars since I was a young boy. My first oscar was a wild one caught in Miami FL. I was fishing with my brother and I caught a two inch baby with a net. I yelled to my brother "I caught a Oscar" I didn't know they had them in cannals in DADE COUNTY in 1984. I kept it in a bucket till I was to return to New York two days later. To make a long story short. I kept Tucco for 12 year and he grew to thirteen inches and lived in a 29gl, 55gl, 75gl tank. He was not all that colorful but full of sponk. He never bit me nor did he have any tankmates but everyday after school and work he would be so happy to see me or the food I was to give him and this went on for years, even when I moved out of my parents home. He never got sick cause I never fed him live foods only cichlid pellets or sticks. Oscars are a wonderful pet if you are willing to give them what they need and don't fall for the "they got to eat gold fish" thing. Tell the truth I always wanted to give Tucco goldfish but I was always scared he would get some sickness and I would lose my pet. I would get teased by my brother about this but tucco was mine and I raised him and he was my responsibility. I chose to take Him from his home in FL and bring him to NYC in a cooler even though my Dad said "he would die before we even got to VA". Tucco proved him very wrong. All in All if you have the time to raise an Oscar, wild or store bought, do it right. Feed it, water changes, stay away from live foods. You will have a very healthy pet and one that will in my opinion love you dearly for it. Oh and Tucco never had HITHD or any other sickness. Just fat and happy. R.I.P. Tucco. you are truly missed buddy.

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  • Tom Odell - 2011-03-01
    Wow..... you are so lucky, living in the states. In the uk, we get carp, carp and you guessed it.... carp. I'd love to be able to catch fish and be able to take them home.
    Tom :)
  • Carol Watch\r\n - 2011-07-18
    This piece of info is very useful for me, thank you!
  • ALEX - 2014-01-29
    A good real story to read I loss my first Oscar after he gone blind after few months I feed him than dies second Oscar is one year old and 8 inches when I bought only one inch are this right growth
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trevor - 2010-04-21
Believe it or not I have a 55 gallon, currently most of my cichlids are pretty much still in juvenile, but I have 2 red zebras, 2 bumblebees, 2 aurautus, 3 electric blues. Currently the two biggest are one of the zebras and a bumblebee. And the zebra is the more aggressive he dominates the whole tank and thinks every cave is his. I hope he doesn't become a problem, he just chases the other fish, hasn't killed any but thought that would be interesting to mention. Oh and the bumblebee is bigger. Maybe he's a chicken.

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  • KLIDE - 2011-03-24
    I would hope there would be no chickens in the aquarium.
  • Austin Jouppe - 2014-01-18
    Ya definitely not enough room for anything else in there
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Austin Jouppe - 2014-01-18
I love my Acara he is about 4 inches now very nice fish I keep him with a smaller blue johanni and he teaches him too stay on his side but does it nicely he likes too sit in the top level of my landscape pushes his fins out very cool fish I think he would be fine for some one who likes gouramis or angels IMO awesome friendly Cichlid for tropical lovers ;)

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Seth - 2014-01-12
My two livingstonii cichlids do fine in my 300 gallon tank they are mixed with mbuna has and peacocks I've found that my undergravel filtration system is more than enough to keep water conditions optimal when used with power heads and crushed coral I've found that my livingstonii cichlids are more docile compared to other peacocks and haps

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AquaTramp - 2009-06-27
Blood parrots do fine with larger community fish. Due to them not being able to bite to defend themselves, I would not put them in a tank with aggressive fish as they can not defend themselves. All they can do is a lot of pushing. Another mild cichlid should be OK such as the Severum, tho.

"Bubblegum" parrots are those that have been dyed. "Jellybean" parrots are the off- spring of your female blood parrot with a convict. Jellybeans are often mistakenly referred to as dyed which is incorrect information. Male blood parrots are infertile so if you have a pair of BP and they spawn, don't get exicted. The eggs will not live. The female can have fry with a few other male cichlids, tho.

Parrots can get Blood Spot Disease from poor water conditions. I do 50% water changes in all my fish tanks including that of my blood parrots. Some parrots also get black skin pigmentation so do not confuse this with the black spot disease.

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  • sherry cotten - 2013-10-27
    PLEASE help us we are beside ourselves, we have a thirty gallon tank and we had two parrot fish. One was getting sick swimming upside down, lost color, would not eat, was hiding, we got the ick stuff and fish first aid and it seemed to bounce back and forth. We went to serveral pet stores and read a lot of on line info, also had black spots on head and fins then they said it was just stressed and stop treating tank and we did and fish died and now the other has spots. We have been doing water changes and did one yesterday but water smells and we are not sure what to do as other seems to have like itchy skin and spots WE DON'T WANT TO KILL ANOTHER FISH WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG? THANKS, SHERRY.
  • bp - 2014-01-09
    To Sherry. How big is your tank? Have you checked your water conditions on ph, ammonia levels, nitrite, and nitrate levels as well as the correct temperature? Are you feeding with a good mix of food including pellets, peas to prevent swim bladder, or brine shrimp/blood worms for treats. Are you doing enough water changes like a recommended weekly? And do you have other fishes that may bully your blood barrots?
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tammy hyde - 2014-01-07
I only recently discovered the African Fairy Butterfly Peacock, from Otter point in Lake Malawy. What makes it stand out from other reds and blues Peacocks or Haps, is the bright Orange coloring around on all finnage, the blue face, and white icing on the top fin. I have two juveniles in a 'Grow out' tank, as they don't fair well with big cichlids. However, they are quite beautiful, and curious little fellows worth checking out!

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Captain Kirk - 2009-03-18
I have a pair of these great fish. They remind me of Croppie, for those of you who fish. They are pretty regular with laying eggs, for a while they were doing it every month. The male is huge and yes I am scared of him sometimes. These are tank commander type fish. I can't even keep catfish or apple snails with them. This means cleaning the tank often. They are very hardy and eat a little bit of everthing.
Once after all the fry from one of their spawnings had died off I took the opportunity to clean the tank. I took everything out, poured boiling water (in a bucket) over the gravel, scrubbed everything. Set up the rocks and poured in new water, a little cold so I waited for the heater to bring up the temperature. Then I noticed a little fry swimming around. The tank was empty! All but dry, I wiped down all the glass with paper towels. I was dumbfounded how this little guy survived.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-01-05
    That's cool.
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Velva - 2014-01-04
J'aime l'info précieuse que vous fournissez sur Je vais signet sur votre blog et vérifiez à nouveau ici régulièrement. Je suis assez sûr que je vais apprendre beaucoup de choses nouvelles ici! Bonne chance pour le prochain! wish you luck in New Year!

Translated: I like the valuable info you provide on I'll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I'm quite sure I'll learn many new things here! Good luck for the next! wish you luck in New Year!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-04
    Thank you so much for your nice message of appreciation and support! We'll do our best to provide awesome animal and pet info. Sign up for our Animal-World Newsletter if you'd like to get the new info as it comes out. We look forward to seeing more of you.
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Marysol Tardif-Giroux - 2011-12-15
It's nice to finally see someone else with an older Midas. My male Peaches is currently 17 years old. When I first got him, the only info I found, stated that they only live about 9 years. Peaches can not be kept with other species, when he was 1/2 inch he was killing 5 and 6 inch Oscars. When he killed all the 5 inch Africans my boss tried to feed him too. I was told to flush him down the toilet. I couldn't do it. So I took him home. Peaches could hide behind my thumb when I put it against the glass. He was so small, and he was all black. He is peach coloured now. But he actually got his name from the song 'Peaches' (come from a can, they were put there by a man) Because, he kept poking holes in the fish bag, so I slipped the bag in my rinsed out soup can to bring him home. Now he's about 12 inches. He had a mate, but killed her when she wasn't laying eggs often enough, so is now living with a few babies. He kills one once in a while, so he may go back down to lone fish at some point. I'll never give him away, he is living longer than my cat (12 years RIP).

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  • james allen bentley sr. - 2012-02-16
    I have a 175 gal tank my midas A.K.A mighty is 7 years old. I was told that only the male had a hump on his is this true. He lives with two jack dempseys and is too fat to catch them. I have lots of cover. I can pet him like a puppy but if I'm cleaning he bites me. The grand love him when he bites at their nose. He's a real blast. Any comments welcome!!! :)
  • Star - 2014-01-02
    I have a Midas (could be a red devil tho) male. He has a large Nuchal bump and is lemon and orange colored. I rescued you him from a 38 gallon tank. He had quite a bit of damage (big pock holes in his face and forhead, etc.) Most of those holes are gone now, with only some scaring left from the deepest of his injuries. He was in the tank by himself, and I do not know what his earlier history is. He is now alone in a 75 gallon tank and seems to be quite happy. His name is Zeus because he is magnificent! He is 12-13' long, and very intelligent. I can interact with him and pet him all over his body. He loves earth worms and during the warmer months I bring him one every now and then. He takes them up like spaghetti! Zeus interacts with the dogs and my grandchildren. He is extremely curious. I truly wish I had a larger tank for him. I have two Fluval cannister filters (305 and 306) and they seem to do the trick. I use a siphon to remove water from his tank weekly (about 1/3) which sucks up his gravel to clean it as it removes water. He has a fit over this. He is so territorial about his gravel when he sees it moving up the tube he gets really angry. It's funny but it's not. I don't like him to be upset. Zeus also spends a lot of time beating up his intake tubes and artifical plants. He carries the tall silk plants around and rearranges them. I found him a small ball from a fooseball set and he pushes that around from time to time. Just recently, my neighbor gave me a plastic fish that is meant to feed turtles. It floats around the tank and I'm hoping that Zeus will find some entertainment in bossing the plastic buddy around. So far though he seems entirely disinterested. I don't have a clue how old this fish is, all I know is I have had him for 1 year and the people before him had him for at least 2. Honestly, I feel that pet shops should be better educated about these types of fish. They're great when they're small but they need a ton of space as mature adults. More than the average hobbyist can offer. (just sayin) As far as a pet goes though, he is awesome. I also have 4 orandas in a separate tank in the other room. I almost want to put both tanks in one place so Zeus can watch the Orandas. Which, btw, are super fun fish to have. My largest is about 7' now. I feed them from my hand and they will allow me to touch them. One likes resting in my cupped hand.. so cute. I would like to rehome Zeus now that he is all healed up and healthy. Finding the right home is super difficult though.

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