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cepe20 - 2013-03-23
i have kept this fish but they are quite hard to keep. These fish need to be handled with care because they get stressed very easily.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-23
    I would check your water supply.  These fish are usually extremely easy to keep.  May be something odd in your water.  They do tend to get aggressive though.
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Mike - 2004-07-18
i had a salvini for a while, they are nice to have. he never attacked any of my fish but he always hid in a little house. i noticed my firemouth and convict were messing with him. his blue strips turned black and thats when he got very aggressive. the next thing i know he locks on with the firemouth and twist his mouth and the firemouth runs, then he locks on the convict. he was so aggressive i had to remove him from the tank.

then my jack dempsey went into his house and i put the salvini back in the tank. he got mad again because the jack dempsey was in his house, so he attacked the jack dempsey. they locked on but the jack dempsey was a little bigger, same lengh just he was fatter, so the jack dempsey over powered the salvini. ever since that day i had to sell my salvini. it was a big tank and i had 3 houses in it, but he wanted that one. i suggest if you get a salvini put him in a tank alone.

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  • knifefish - 2013-03-08
    Nice story.
  • ivan.houseago - 2013-03-23
    hi mike, as with all territorial cichlids you must change the d├ęcor around on a regular basis this will cut down on aggression. Soon as the battles over real estate start, move house!
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Cheri - 2011-02-20
I just started my new 20 gal cichlid tank. I have a red zebra, a bumblebee, and an electric yellow. Do you think these fish are all ok together? I want to add one there enough room? How do you tell if these fish are male or female?

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  • Paul Miller - 2011-03-27
    Not sure about the red but I have a bumblebee and two yellow labs in a 25 gal. and they seem to be doing awesome together. Going to get a few more yellow lab, but I have the same question about sexing them. I think mine may be too young to tell but would like some help in possibly determining the sex of them.
  • rachel - 2011-04-01
    I can help you with the bumblebee, but I don't know much about the others.
    If your bumblebee has 1-2 egg spots (small yellow circles) on its anal fin, its a female. But if it has 2-5 egg spots its a male.
    The male will grow to about 6 ft; and the female to 5 ft. A 50 gallon tank will work for a single fish, but you need a 100+ gallon if housed with other compatible fish.
    hope that helps!
  • rachel - 2011-04-02
    Sorry, not 6ft and 5ft, but 6in and 5in.
  • Danny - 2013-03-21
    A 20 gallon is way 2 small. U should have at least a afr55 gallon to house African cichlids. They wont become aggressive until there adults and u need 2 females to 1male. They get about 4-6 '. U need plenty of hiding places. Over stock (in the right size tank) to lower aggression. And u can tell male from female by venting. Loom u.derive
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shortcake - 2013-03-19
I have about 9 severums in a tank and I noticed that 2 of them have red mouths, but I wwatched them for a while and they aren't fighting or anything can someone tell me why it's like that?

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catherine - 2013-03-18
I have two venustus fish, one is now hiding in the plants and another of my cichlids is protecting it. What is going on? This behaviour change only occured in the last couple of days.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-18
    Maybe they spawned..
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Kim DaFoe - 2013-03-17
I am getting a 38 gallon tank for home. I plan on using sand for the substrate. I have 2 zipper loaches in my tank at work that I plan on bringing to the home tank. I am looking for suggestions. I would like to get a couple of Angels but I'm not sure what else to get. I like the Cardnil Tetra, Dwarf Gourami, African Butterfly & Banjo Cats. I see so many fish that I would like to have, but I want to be sure of the compatibility and I don't want to over stock.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-17
    Angels get large and 2 full grown can take up a 38 gallon tank.  Dwarf gourami will do well.  Careful adding anything that requires schools or like to nip.  The tank will not be large enough for schooling fich as well.
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docpat - 2006-06-26
I purchased a two inch a pair of Jacks from the local pet shop. At first they got along well until one began growing significantly larger than the other. I was pretty sure they were a pair when I bought them. The larger one began his mating dance, shuddering and shaking around her, but she was playing hard to get. Finally he began chasing her to the point that one day she was just laying beaten and battered, fins missing on the top of the tank behind the heater. I took her out and nursed her back to health in a small two and a half gallon hospital tank for about a month. I then placed her tank directly in front of his thirty gallon. They saw each other and began following each other back and forth. I let this go on for two weeks. One day I put a piece of paper between the tanks blocking his view of her. He got very upset and was obvoiusly looking for her. After two days I put her in his tank and he began mating behavior again. By the third day he began chasing her around the tank, so I took her out and placed her in the small tank within his view again for a week. Then I reintroduced them. Five days later she laid several hundred eggs on top of and inside of a flower pot and the two of them now swim side by side when she's not fanning and guarding the eggs. I'm not sure when they will hatch, but it has been a real fun adventure to say the least. I have had FW, SW and reef tanks for forty years, but this is the first time I intentially manipulated breeding. Can't wait for the sequel.

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  • Kathryn - 2011-04-06
    Got a question. When she was laying the eggs and prepairing to do so, did she turn a VERY dark color--almost black, while she was hiding in her area she chose for the laying? Ours is almost completely black. She has been in her hiding spot for about a week or so. Is this all normal?
  • 'Jackie Miller-McGraw - 2011-06-22
    Katheryn... mine is doing the same but has tried to kill the male now!!!!??? has yours been aggressive to your male?
  • Joyce - 2012-02-03
    My female turns black every time she lays eggs and stays that way until the fry are about 3 to 4 weeks old. They she returns to her normal coloring. I have read that is it due to stress.
  • terry todd - 2013-03-16
    I also bought mine at a pet store, not sure of their sex. One was larger then the other, both were the same color. The larger one has grown rapidly. The last 3 days the large one has turned black eyes & all. Does this mean it is a female & is going to lay eggs? It is real aggressive towards the other one.
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Rose - 2012-06-23
hello i have a ebjd, i also have a regular jd. i believe these two are flirting and we all know where that leads to. So my question is can the two of them spawn even though they are diffrent.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-23
    Yes they can.
  • chad - 2012-12-02
    Yes, in fact they becpome a stronger breed of ebjd which is actually encouraged to strengthen the fish and have less problems...
  • JOE VANN - 2013-03-16
    I bought a EBJD about 31 days ago,3/4in. he grow close to 5inches.What read comments slow growth not here,he growing fast.He grow up with commmunity fishes,I watching his mood,just maybe they will make it.5community fish everything ok for now.
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MAMAS5 - 2013-03-14
Just curious how your red devil is doing ? If you don't mind providing an update!? I never knew that they actually ingested the rocks?? The same thing happened to our Albino Oscar a year or so ago and he never made it either =( he was such a great fish so entertaining and such a great fish for a long time! Hope that your little red devil rebounded by now?! It's just never easy loosing one of our pets they are absolutely members of the family!

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tilapia43 - 2012-06-23
To my fellow frontosa-lovers, can you tell me how many frontosas do you have, what are their sizes, and the size of your tank. Let me know if you have other fishes in your frontosa tank. Thank you.

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  • Drew - 2012-09-17
    I love frontosas. They are by far my favorite african. I had a great pair that I lost a few years ago during a huricane that caused us to loose power for weeks. The lack of heat, inconsistent aeration and poor water circulation was eventually too much. It was heart breaking because they were about 5 years old and were finally starting to mature. I just recently began pursuing them again and now have two. I'm looking to add one more to the family. I like to take my time acquiring them and never get more than one from the same source as I prefer that they are not related. I love to pair them with yellow labs. Their colors compliment each other so well. Labs too aren't that aggressive so they get along well. Plus, labs breed easily so they keep the tank interesting. I find a minimal number of tropheus and brichardi keep things interesting and are suitable tank mates as long as the frontosas have a chance to grow up a little first. Current set up... 80 gallon bow front 2 x 2' frontosas (separate sources of course) 6 x 1' yellow labs (bought in pairs from separate sources) 2 x small monos 2 x juvenile tropheus (duboisi & namansi) 1 x brichardi (suflower)
  • Jenni - 2013-03-12
    I have 2 in my 4 foot(180 litre) tank... 1 male about 20 cm long and the 2 nd about 10 cm I also have a large blue cichlid that used to dominate the tank... 3 bristle noses and 13 small yellow and red cichlid. ... Never had any trouble... They all get along very well... A very peaceful and quiet tank

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