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tilapia43 - 2012-06-23
To my fellow frontosa-lovers, can you tell me how many frontosas do you have, what are their sizes, and the size of your tank. Let me know if you have other fishes in your frontosa tank. Thank you.

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  • Drew - 2012-09-17
    I love frontosas. They are by far my favorite african. I had a great pair that I lost a few years ago during a huricane that caused us to loose power for weeks. The lack of heat, inconsistent aeration and poor water circulation was eventually too much. It was heart breaking because they were about 5 years old and were finally starting to mature. I just recently began pursuing them again and now have two. I'm looking to add one more to the family. I like to take my time acquiring them and never get more than one from the same source as I prefer that they are not related. I love to pair them with yellow labs. Their colors compliment each other so well. Labs too aren't that aggressive so they get along well. Plus, labs breed easily so they keep the tank interesting. I find a minimal number of tropheus and brichardi keep things interesting and are suitable tank mates as long as the frontosas have a chance to grow up a little first. Current set up... 80 gallon bow front 2 x 2' frontosas (separate sources of course) 6 x 1' yellow labs (bought in pairs from separate sources) 2 x small monos 2 x juvenile tropheus (duboisi & namansi) 1 x brichardi (suflower)
  • Jenni - 2013-03-12
    I have 2 in my 4 foot(180 litre) tank... 1 male about 20 cm long and the 2 nd about 10 cm I also have a large blue cichlid that used to dominate the tank... 3 bristle noses and 13 small yellow and red cichlid. ... Never had any trouble... They all get along very well... A very peaceful and quiet tank
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shawna - 2013-03-11
Hello, I believe I have an AURATUS cichlid . It started off looking like the one in the picture but changes often to mostly darkish to where u can hardly see the stripes. It has one yellow egg spot, but iam unsure what the sex is any help?  I also had 2 orange cichlids not sure what kind in the same tank. This morning my kids found one of the orange ones dead in the tank and a new baby (fry)!! I am unsure which fish was the mother and father and what the sex of the two left are? The baby was unexpected and I want to know which fish to be watching for more in future if needed but not even sure what i have left. thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-03-11
    My guess, from what you've described, is that your Auratus is very likely a male. Males are the ones that get very dark when in a breeding mode, and they are very territorial. They will pften kill other male Mbunas. Hard to say which species the other is, but I'm guessing it's also a Mbuna. So make sure you have lots of hiding places for it, as the Auratus can be a brute. If the fry survives (lots of hiding places help!), within a couple of months you should be able to tell which fish were the parents. Wishing you great success!
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Jim Albright - 2013-02-25
What is the easiest way to tell the difference between an E.B. Johanni and a Maingano?? I have both in the tank and am trying to figure out what I have now----

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-25
    In males maingano have long stripes and johanni have more a checker board pattern.  Sometimes the checkers are so close it is hard to tell.  With all the cross breeding it makes it very difficult.
  • Jim Albright - 2013-03-09
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Mark - 2013-03-07
So... My pair of Kribs just had a batch, I didnt see them until they had hatched. I believe some of my other cichlids ate them while i was trying to get them out and into a holding tank. Not a good idea i might add. My question is when will they spawn again? I bought a small 1gallon to put them in for the next time they lay eggs.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-07
    There is really no telling.  So many factor contribute to this.  Usually a good pair will go every few months.
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random - 2012-10-10
I have 4 german, and 2 Bolivian Rams and was wondering if i could add a Reticulated Hillstream Loach?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-11
    That should be fine.  Observe behavior after adding.  Like people, fish seem to just some times just not like another that they would normally get along with.
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CherriBombe - 2012-12-28
My female cichlid was in a 200 litre crn tank with 3 males . One male had to be moved, they were beating him up all day n nite. So now I had the two males fi8ghting over her. Next day she changed mates and changed mate again next day. This became a habit. I thought shew wanted both males until added a lonely smaller female. The whole tank turned on her...I was very worried she would be killed. They were relentless. Soon she teamed up with the other male and he seemed to be teaching her things, like how to fight. Which she picked up the aggression very well, her name is Dynamite. The other female is nesting and seems to have turned viciously on her mate and chases and attacks so very viciously. He is very gentle and mostly maintains a healthy distance but she won't have him coming anywhere near and chases him bites him and sprints back to her nest. Will they make up or will he be banished to the back of the tank forever? Ps, I plan to insert a divider tomorrow, so the two pairs can focus on raising their babies and not spar. I feel its not good to have them always being so hostile. They are gorgeous I love them. Thnku

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-28
    Some times simply adding some new structure or rearranging will calm these fish down.
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Dhoni - 2013-01-12
My flowerhorn didnt eaten for a month....his eyes are turned to blur....fins are was changed to black...Pls help me guys...wat to do?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-13
    What have you tried so far?  What are you water levels?  I would recommend that you treat with a combination of Metronidazole and Nitrofuranace.  But I do not know what you tried yet.
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kathleen - 2011-05-20
Hi. Nice write ups about discus fish. It really helps me a lot. Can you post more discus fish? By the way I just encountered a nice article too about discus fish. Maybe you want to see it.. here is the website:

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-20
    Thank you. Your site looks good and informative. Nicely done and lots of information to. It should post on here. Lots of luck to you.
  • joe h - 2011-09-05
    I have 4 discus fish in a 75 gallon tank with two angel fish. I have two eheim 2217 filters and an aqua clear 110 filter all with bio media. I only use ro and di water. It makes the perfect ph and the water is very soft. I keep the temp at 85 degrees. I do 40 percent water changes ever other day. I feed frozen blood worms, beef heart, live brine shrimp, my pet store gets them in once a week. I also feed ocean nutriton discus flakes. Very important to do large water changes discus do not like nitrates. My nitrates are zero due to the high water changes. Good luck with your fish, joe h
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Bethany Annison - 2013-01-26
I have a pair of kribensis but I have recently had to split them Up as the female was attacking the male and has taken an almighty chunk out of his tail fin. I don't think they like each other very much as they have never bred and i have had the pair for over a year. Any suggestions or will I have to separate them permanently?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-26
    May be try adding more if you have room.  Sometimes re-arranging tank helps. But sometimes nothing will work.
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Akshay Amle - 2011-07-28
Can i keep my yellow electric cichlid with my 3 red belly piranha which are 3 inches and cichlid is about a inch and half...someone please tell me asap..I need to move this cichlid from my tank to piranahs, cuz it eats the tail and the fins of angel fish and sometimes even kill them

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-28
    Not a good idea. - The cichlid will be seen as food. Sorry about that - another tank under consideration????
  • raghu - 2011-08-09
    Dear Akshay, adding your yellow with piranahas is like putting your finger to the fire. No ways.
  • mat everill - 2012-02-20
    I am doing that exact same thing but with a 10 gallon. Yes you can. Opinion loses to fact - do it.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-27
    If you want variety in your piranha tank, you can add some Convicts. They hold their own pretty well.
  • Guzel - 2013-03-02
    I have your standard Goldfish Bowl. My cat does not seem intersested in the fish but it is the only water my cat is drinking. I guess we will have to buy a fish tank with a lid and a pump to keep the cat out of the water!

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