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vikki howe - 2011-09-29
I have 3 parrot fish. One off them stayed in a wee cave I have in the tank for around 2 weeks only popping its head out to feed. When it eventually came out it seems to have developed a growth of some kind on its underside. It is quite a big growth. Can anyone tell me what it is? Or if it is something I should worry about.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-29
    I don't know what you mean by growth. There are several things it could be and the
    SYMPTOMS are listed in the Animal World Article Fish Disease and Symptoms. Scroll down to the symptoms and the recommended treatement is there.
  • mark howe - 2013-05-28
    take pic
bassam ronz - 2013-05-16
I have 1 parrot and 2 clarias fish which all about 7 month old, last 2 days my parrot shown black patches, i read it is from stress i changed the water and every thing is ok but nothing changes with the fish. And any one knows how to care with claris catfish i don't find any thing on the web, iam egyptian, as thi species is banned in america as invasive species.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-05-16

    The Clarias, or Walking Catfish is a large fish from the family Clariidae. It has an elongated body with very long-based dorsal and anal fins. Eight barbels outline the mouth. The Clarias Catfish can display a large variety of colors including tan, gray, and brown. An albino strain has also been introduced to the hobby.

    Hope this helps!

    Due to their adult size of close to two feet in length, these fish must be provided with a large aquarium. One of the common names of this fish is 'Walking' Catfish, and as that name suggests, these fish have the ability to crawl onto land and 'walk' to a new body of water when their current environment won't suffice. Clarias Catfish are illegal in many of the warmer states due to the fact that they can be released by foolish owners into local ponds and take over with their predatory lifestyle and ability to wipe out an entire food chain and then move on to the next pond to continue. Obviously a tight-fitting canopy is a must. Provide the fish with plants and hiding places.

    A Clarias Catfish can attack, kill and eat fish close to its same size. For this reason most tankmates could become prey to this carnivore. Recommended foods include beef heart, earthworms, fish and vegetable matter such as brussel sprouts, pieces of fruit and softened rolled oats. If allowed, they will often eat until their bellies swell to the size of a human fist. If this should happen, allow for several days of fasting.

    The pH in the aquarium should be kept slightly acidic, between 6.5-7.0. A water temperature between 62-79 degrees F will suffice. These fish are extremely hardy and in warmer areas they may be kept without a heater if necessary.

    Little is known about the breeding behavior of these oddballs. Sexing can be done by observing the dorsal fin; males have spots on their dorsals while females lack this characteristic.

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kye turnbull - 2013-04-17
i have a problem! my kribensis bloated up and looked like he was going to explode! all in 30 minites! then he died, hen i flushed him! then he exploded in the toilet!

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  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-07
    please can someone help me please! i dont want it happening again!
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-07
    That's a sad story. African Bloat, also called 'Malawi Bloat' is believed to be a protozoal parasite that is common in African Cichlids. If the fish becomes stressed (shipping, handling, poor water conditions, etc.) there becomes an imbalance which allows the parasites to multiply and start punching holes is the intestine which causes the bloat. It can happen quickly and is fatal if not caught and treated right away. There's more information about this illness, as well as treatment, on the Fish Diseases page here:  Fish Diseases: Bloat
  • kye turnbull - 2013-05-08
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!1 ive been looking everywhere ever since! i hope my tandanus catfish doesn't get it! luckily no other fish got it, almost all the fish were in the same tank!
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joe - 2009-07-13
I have one of these, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to tell if it is male or female because I would like to breed them, but I don't know what sex I have

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  • vince - 2013-05-05
    should be kept as a species only tank need a ratio of 1x male to 3x females 2-3 years maturity!! male will be at least 20cm in size females smaller!! definitely only keep large fish with these guyz example frontosa
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Cichlids beginner - 2013-05-03
Hi my tank is only 1 month old. I have 2 livingstonii, 2 strawberries, 2 cobalt blue & 2 ob peacock. Today I introduced the 2nd livingstonii into the tank with the 2nd strawberry and he has started fighting with the other one. The one I introduced today is slightly bigger in size but they are opening their mouths and well it looks like they are kissing. Is it safe to keep them in a mixed tank? There will be 15 cichlids in total but have been gathering a few each week

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-05-03
    Make sure to have plenty of hiding places.  These fish are territorial and need their own space.  They will fight over territory and during breeding.  Sometimes re-arranging the tank will stop the fighting as well.  Give them something else to focus on.
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john - 2013-04-01
ive a litter of ebjd(male) x bgjd(female) 2 weeks old,when will i see the difference in them(more yellow ebjb fry)they all look like normal jd fry at the minute.thanks john(england).

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-17
    The electic blue babies will be whiter, especially if viewed from the top, with broken stripes, just on the top and bottom. The regular jack dempseys will be more gray and have full stripes on the bodies. Also the electric blues are smaller. That is what I understand (we are breeding these guys too... and that's what we were told to look for!) Good luck:)
  • Anonymous - 2013-05-02
    thanks clarice,ive bred many normal jack dempsey litters,bought 2 ebjd early last year one male is a good 6 inch long he paired with what i thought was normal jd female,shes very dark black in colour about 7inch long,had fry febuary,i also was looking for light(opauque)colouring.managed to separate about a month ago whiteish colour ones 8 of them,various sizes some no smaller than stripey i see the remaining young are nearly all turning whiteish,maybe 20 or more out of about 50,most are just as big as the darker ones and cant see any signs of them getting bullied or bothered so leaving them in the big tank all together.all have got blue specks but none more than the darker ones so far.all are eating well(bloodworm mainly)..thanks again for your reply and i'll update soon.cheers.
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-02
    Sounds really cool, and so glad they are all doing well. It will be interesting to see how they all turn out in the long run! Looking forward to your story:)
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Sabrina Dunkerley - 2013-04-28
Hey, i just bought one of these electric yellow fish, and it is digging up all the rocks etc, and my pet store told me it was a female making a nest. How can you tell the difference between males and females cause i wanna buy a male now! :)

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-29
    The Electric Yellow Cichlid is a very nice fish, however sexing is difficult.  They need to be mature and as you can see from the topic above: Sex: Sexual differences, the male will be a bit bigger and when spawning be more colorful with a bluish cast. Because they are so hard to distinguish, that's why in the breeding section above they suggest you get 5-6 juveniles and raise them up together. That's your best chance of getting a male/female pair.
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liz - 2013-04-22
I have six blue moori juviniles in a five foot community tank. my tank is very mixed with fish that arent supposed to be compatible, but i have never had any problems with them. the moories have been a great addition to the tank, swimming around in a group together they don't disturb any of the other fish, and vice versa. my bossy parrot fish tried to show them who the tank boss was at first, but they quickly put him in his place and peace has reigned ever since. I realise that at some point i will have to get another tank for all the bigger species in my tank, but that is a few years away yet and I am enjoying watching them all together at the moment.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-22
    Very nice that your Blue Moorii additions are doing well and everybody's happy! I've had similar situations Liz, fish that aren't supposed to be compatible doing fine if the tank is large enough and there is enough diversity in decor and tankmates to keep everybody occupied.
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Max miller - 2013-04-20
Hi i have a 45 gal long with 3 black anglefish i have a tank divider with cichlids like convcits and parrots and green terror they are all about 3-4 in and the angels are 3-4 inch can the angles be with the cichlids

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Desire - 2011-11-16
Here in Holland we called them Cherry Belly Cichlids, because of the cherry coloured-and shaped- dot on their... belly...

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  • Jane - 2013-01-15
    Dude, right on there brother.
  • kye turnbull - 2013-04-17
    makes more scence :)

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