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The Silver Dollar is one of the most readily recognized fish in the hobby, and a favorite too!
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Phil Roberts - 2006-02-09
silver dollars are great. I've had them since the summer. they like to eat these sinking pellets that you would feed catfish like I once had. They along great with my other fish.which are a white cloud mountain fish, two black striped tetras and one very small fish about 1.5 cm. I keep them all in a ten gallon tank. My silver dollars are about 1.5 or 2 inches big. they are very happy.

chris m. - 2005-11-29
I have 4 silver dollars ranging from 3-4 inches in a 30 gallon tank with a 7 inch red pacu and 3 very small tiger barbs. I had 5 tiger barbs but the pacu made a nice snack out of them. Very skittish these fish, but not even close to the pacu. The pacu will not even come out from behind his plants until all the lights off in my room. He does feed from my hand though so that is kinda cool! I have a 10 gallon tank which i use to raise my baby fish. So far i have 3 1.5 inch silver dollars and 2 2 inch red pacus, 2 1 inch albino cory cats and a baby turtle all in a 10 gallon tank! they could not be happier! I feed all my fish blood worms, frozen shrimp, floating and sinking pellets. the turtle is getting braver now and nips the food out of the fishes mouth if they don't swallow it whole! very fun to watch! i love my fish and you should too!

Tami Sims - 2005-07-13
My Silver Dollar is in a tank with a rainbow fish and two blood parrot chilids. He is doing great. HE tripled in size in about three months! I didn't know they grew so fast!

Matt - 2005-05-20
I have a silver dollar fish that is 16 years old! he has jumped out of the tank a few times. in fact, 1 time he jumped out and i didn't notice it. I had fallen asleep and was awoken by this slapping sound. it was the sound of the silver dollar fish on the bare floor behind the tank. I picked him up and he has a dust/cat-hair sweater on his body. so, i picked the hair off and plopped him back in the tank. that was about 6 years ago. I am thinking he might be dying now though, he is laying flat on the bottom of the tank, although, he seems more lively today. I did a water change, and i think the tank might have been too warm (83 degrees)

Jennifer Kile - 2005-05-18
I just recently purchased 5 silver dollars for my aquarium. These fish seemed a little skiddish at first but have settled in nicely with my 4 angelfish, 4 mollies, 4 gouramies and 2 catfish. They are still a little jumpy when someone gets too close to the tank, but they are easy to care for and their constant activity makes for a nice addition to my tank. I can sit forever and watch them. Even though all 5 of mine appear to be males there is no aggession among them.

Debbie Harris - 2005-04-02
I have three 5 inch Silver Dollars in a 75 gallon tank with one eight inch green severum, 1 one inch gold severum, two catfish, one gourami, and a pleco. The Silver Dollars and Severum seem to be watching me when I am in the room and I have not found them to be skiddish. They are very gentle fish and a pleasure to watch.

Preben Joost - 2005-03-22
I have 10 silverdollars and they are my favorite fishes. They are quite easily scared, so put the tank in a quiet corner of the room. Keep them in groups of six or more in a big tank. Feed them a lot with lettuce, bloodworms, vegetable flakefood. Change 1/3 of the water every week and you won

jim - 2005-02-15
I have had my Silver Dollar fish for about six months. He is very skidish and for the first two months did not eat much. Now he is comfortable with the tank but will freak out if anyone taps the tank. His name is Rawule

zeid al-kilani - 2004-10-06
i got a silver dollar nice fish easy to notice with the aggressive face. i bought one 3 or 4 days ago and it seems nice. i was afraid cause of the the other fishes; gourami`s, oscars, chiclids, but seems he is fast enough to run and hide. still the parrot fish is fast enough to reach him but has become peaceful. im planning to bring a partner for that silver dollar. i think i got a male silver dollar.

Jack - 2004-08-26
i have had my silver dollar for about 10 years now....he is in a tank with 4 cichlids and a pleco...the pleco has been in there since he has