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The Silver Dollar is one of the most readily recognized fish in the hobby, and a favorite too!
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adi nugroho - 2008-09-24
Hai, I am from Indonesia. I have 4000 tails of silver dollar. Most of you have right how to care the fish. But if you have market information in Europe and US or other countries, I want to join you selling the fish. I am a breeder. In my farm now, we breed neon and kongo tetra. We have at least 50000 fish tails. If you dont mind, please contact us.

Calvin - 2008-09-12
I just bought a silver dollar 2 weeks ago. It didn't like being alone, remaining still in one corner and doesn't even notice the food that I aim at it. I was worried so I bought another one the next day, just a bit smaller and problem solved. They mostly stay together, always arguing and fighting but never to the point that either of them or any other fish gets hurt. They are living in a 50 gallon tank with two Raphaels, one featherfin catfish and three angelfish. They learned to eat from the angels that always go to the front glass during feeding time. After a week they imitated the angels and learned to eat from the top of the tank and became a little bit less skittish. I just love them so much and hope they grow bigger in a short time.

eric - 2008-08-01
I have one regular dollar and a redhook who are both about 3in. The normal one is a little skittish but not as much as people say, and my redhook is bold and not easily scared. WhenI come up to the glass he just sits there looking at me. I find that when I feed them blanched cucumber their red really comes out. They're in a 55gal. tank with one 7in tinfoil barb, one 8in pleco, two black-skirt tetras, one diamond tetra, a 7in. tire track eel, a 3in clown loach, and a 2in bumblebee catfish. Very hardy and easy to keep.

Sherri - 2008-03-08
These guys are the best! I got two of them after I got my two Angels. They're the most exciting fish I've ever had! Very hardy once you get them going and they're so long lived. I love them! Now that I have 100gallon I'm planning on putting in a few more. The only draw back is that I once had a Ghost Knifefish, the Silvers and the Knife got along fine...for the first 3 weeks, and then my silvers killed him :o. They are peaceful but you have to watch what you put them with still.

Roan - 2007-11-06
I have seven silver dollars in a 75g tank with a school of ten rummy nose and ten harlequin rasboras. Six are two years old and one is 7+ years old. Finny, the eldest, is over six inches tall and has quite the personality. As has been said, they are a very skittish fish and get scared easily. To keep them from running into the sides and back of the tank when they are startled, paint the ends and back of the tank with black acrylic paint or cover it with black waterproof paper.

Also, silver dollars will eat ANY and all plants -- even the ones listed here as being "safe" from them. I had mine in a tank full of all of the plants that silver dollars are said not to eat, and they ate them all. It took a year, but they ate them all. For a nice treat, put floating duckweed or frogbit in the tank.

Krystyn - 2007-10-30
I have two large silver dollars about 2in, and 3 small conterfeit silver dollars. They are my favorite fish, so sweet but very timid. They get scared very easily. Put them in a room where there's not lots of noise and they'll do just fine. I feed mine fish flakes and algea wafers, they love those. They spin them around in there mouth and eat them like a little cookie:) Occasionally they'll get some frozen blood worms, but not often. Mine live along with 2 small crabs, two small clown loaches, and a chocolate albino pleco. They all do great together in a 29 gallon tank! Good luck with them, they have so much personality!

Greg Ballou - 2007-04-14
Just a quick note on the life span of Silver Dollars...
I got one when I got married I gave it to my mother in-law when I had to move. He died last year, 17 + years old! She also has a Pleco in the same tank, hes over 20 now! The silver Dollar died because the power went out and he got too cold I think.
I know it seems hard to believe, but I've been married 18 years now and I got rid of my tanks a few months after I got married.
Our water is very good here, I think that played a major roll in his long life.

john - 2006-06-11
Don't be fooled, Silver Dollars are not as peaceful and placid as you would think. As I have found out to my cost. I had several Neon Tetras disappear over a short period of time. Intitially I thought it was my large Pleco, so I took him back to my Pet Shop. Still after evicting the Pleco, the predation continued and the SDs moved onto my Danios.

After consultation with my Pet Shop, we came to the conclusion that indeed the SDs were the culprits. This however hasn't stopped me loving these beautiful and graceful fish. predation happens in many Aquariums. Word of caution just choose their tank mates carefully, but SDs are great additions to any setup and easy to look after.

Gage - 2006-04-19
The silver dollar is my favorite top feeder fish. i have my silver dollar with an angelfish, 3 plecos, a few loaches, an african knife, and a baby whale. my silver dollar is my most peaceful fish i have.

AlexCardinale - 2006-02-23
I have 1 fully grown silverdollar in a 120 gallon fish tank with 1 albino Id shark, 1 salvini, 1 clownknife, and 2 golden tinfoil barbs. The silver dollar is very happy by himself. I had him with 2 silverdollars the same size, but he chase them around. so I put them in a 55 gallon tank. They are with some peaceful fish and are very happy. THANKS. ENJOY YOUR SILVERDOLLARS.