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The Silver Dollar is one of the most readily recognized fish in the hobby, and a favorite too!
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Honda - 2012-10-24
Thank you for this! The information is very clear and seems prainssfoeol. It is very straightforward. I have been reading and researching different websites for hours and this is the most help I've gotten all night. I am a beginner with a 20 gal tank. I need all the help I can get, and clearly I need to upgrade my equipment a little.

Anonymous - 2012-03-12
Why have 2 of my silver dollars got black spots on their side and their tails gone black?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-12
    Is it the edges of tail that are turnong black or the entire tail?
Hamad - 2012-02-24
Hi ,

Can I but bala shark with silver dollar fish ?!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-02-26
    You can, but be sure you have a large enough tank with decor, like plants, to provide hiding places. The Bala shark is a very nervous fish, and it will get very big.
Katelyn - 2011-11-28
Is a group of three silver dollars enough to keep them happy?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-29
Jb - 2011-01-08
Can I add a Silver dollar to my 150 gallon semi-aggressive tank with 4 angels, 1 firemouth, 6 black skirt,s 6 buenos aires, 5 serpaes, 3 blue gouramies, 1 bala shark, 1 dojo loach, 1 sailfin pleco, and 1 chocolate pleco?

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  • Max K - 2011-02-01
    I don't see why not. I think they would make a lovely addition to your tank.
  • Anonymous - 2011-07-26
    Silver dollars might eat your angelfish fins! They chewed up my two 7.5 inch angelfish
  • gaby - 2011-10-09
    Sounds like a refugee camp 4 fish! They would love room.
wendy - 2010-08-07
I have 2 silver dollars in my tank, brought 2 angelfish and 4 dalmation mollies, 2 plec's and a shark, got up next morning 1 mollie and both angelfish had disappeared could the silver dollars eaten them?. Would like advice on what fish I can put with them as they came with the tank.

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  • Anonymous - 2011-07-26
    if you didn't find any parts of any of the three fish they probibly jumped out. Silver dollars are related to the parana but they are vegetarians! paco,oscars and catfish are good tank mates. silver dollars get more agressive in schools
  • fish_are_awesome - 2011-10-06
    How big is your shark? It probably ate your fish.
David Lafferty - 2011-04-06
I have added a single dollar to my community tank 2 weeks ago. All the other fish are smaller than he is. He does move around ( but not very much) and spends a lot of his time hiding in the corner. My concern is that I havent seen him eat. I've tried flakes spinach, lettuce and the other fish have bloodworm. Any ideas?

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  • John - 2011-05-01
    My silver dollar was the same when added my first 2 ever, they hid at different sides of tank and even lay on there sides! Didn't really start to show their beauty and start swimming until added 2 more and had a showl, now they are at forefront of tank! Beautiful.
  • John - 2011-05-01
    When I first bought them I thought, oh boring! But when added the other two they really changed and all showl at middle of tank with confidence it's really impressive! Silver dollar fish are soooo timid when alone! Please get a few others and omg the difference will be amazing! Good luck.
Ranil - 2010-05-20
I have silver dollarís 600 fish in 8x8 tank and there are just only 40 days. I m breeding and selling to our local customers and Export. They are well healthy and good quality. I like them because they are peaceful and good for heart patients and the body colour is nice to look.

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  • Dilani Rabot - 2010-11-02
    How much are they? And what size?
Wendy - 2008-12-22
I need some advice. I have had my Silver Dollar for a long time. I never had this problem until recently. The fish has slowly lost his tail and the rot is eating into the other fins. There is no evidence of any coloring or fuzziness on the fin edges. I have tried Metaplex but am leary of antibiotics since they usually totally mess the water up. I am going to get rid of three Goldfish in the tank (they don't nip) because I think they may be contributing to a high ammonia level. Any ideas on what to use for the Silver Dollar, since they have sensitive skin? You can email:

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  • bettaboy - 2010-05-11
    Your problem is that you have goldfish (cooler water, different metabolism, completely different requirements re water chemistry et al) with your Silver Dollar.

    Bacteria is there and when it is "evident" is in usually fatal stages - just as with people it lurks...

    They do not have sensitive "skin" you have poor water quality - wrong combination of fish - please - the information can not be provided here (degrees and decades of experience) do some homework.

    NO Ammonia, balance your water with partial smaller twice weekly changes - place the goldfish (20 gallons per INCH) with extra filtration so on... into another aquarium... and start over AFTER you do some reading up (library or other reliable sources not mouth to mouth info from web).

  • john m - 2010-05-28
    Treat the h20 w/ eriromiacin.
  • Danielle - 2010-07-30
    I have 3 medium Silver Dollar fish in a 120 gallon tank. The smallest one had tail rot last year in which he rapidly lost his entire tail! At first I used Melafix and Pimafix for one to two weeks to control the rot, then I realized that the water quality was failing without the carbon and I decided to stop the treatment and do frequent 40 to 50 percent water changes every three days. Having improved my water quality: No ammonia, nitrite, and low nitrate level under 20, this really allowed the tail to completely grow back in one month. It has been a year now and his tail is thin but clear and back to normal. I really thought he was going to die, but with frequent water changes and affective medication, he survived.
terri - 2010-06-30
We just bought a bigger tank from someone,we needed it for all the koi we have, the tank came with 2 4 foot algae eaters and two silver dollar tetras, can they be in the same tank with koi and how do you feed them different food?