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The Serpae Tetra has a contrasting red to black coloring and looks like its sprinkled with jewels!
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Lora Lichty - 2005-05-15
The serpae tetras are very beautiful fish. I own three of them right now. I will probably add more soon. They get along great with other tetras. My serpae tetras have a very high metabolism. They are constantly swimming around.

Jill Horton - 2005-03-27
Serpae tetras are great little fish, and they go well with many types of other fish. Right now, I have five of them, three dwarf gourami, and a synodontis eupterus (a bottom-feeder type of fish) in my thirty-gallon tank. They are doing beautifully, and I plan to add more soon.

chris - 2005-01-04
I have 2 serpaes in a crowded tank with mainly tetras but also guppy, molly, platy, pictus, and cory. The serpaes occasionally harrass each other but generally no problem at all.

kim boward - 2004-11-28
For 7 years now I have had a community tank with Neons, black neon, and serpae. Up till 2 months ago I had a serpae for 5 years. At present I have a black neon 4 years old. Serpae are very hardy and comical, especially when young. Would recommend this fish to anyone.

Ann - 2004-10-09
I had two of these to start and they lasted a long time until they died a few days ago (stress from moving). I bought four more to replace them and they seem to be doing well with the other fish, although they love to nip at each other.

Richard Garcia - 2004-09-05
I inherited a 70 gallon tall tank from my mother in law and there were two Serpaes in it at the time. After the initial move one was obviously stressed and became ill. Within about a week it was healthy again (Used an ick treatment), and after a month his fins were back and bright(they are the long finned variety). Ive since added 6 more in groups of three, the first batch was bought from a new LFS whos water quality was admittedly poor, the second from a LFS the has a great reputation, the first three died, the last three are thriving. A very beautiful community fish with a lot of personality and not the least bit shy. They will nip fins but are not overly aggressive. I definitly recommend the long fin variety.

Russ - 2004-08-20
When I started my tank I had two of these.They constantly picked on a male sword twice their size until ot died.I bought another tank and seperated them,put three more in with them and they killed each other.

mark - 2004-07-22
I have 3 of these tetras in my small tank with a small black molly, 2 platies, and a swordtail and have had no trouble.

Kevin - 2003-12-05
I have three of these in a 30g tank along with a dozen other various tetras, 2 emerald catfish (Brochis splendens - my favorite) and a lone male betta. One of the three chased the betta and nipped his
fins mercilessly for the first week but has since calmed down.

Angela - 2003-09-08
These fish are a joy to keep. I have kept them with smaller fish and did not have any problems. At the same time though they were not the largest fish in the tank.