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The Serpae Tetra has a contrasting red to black coloring and looks like its sprinkled with jewels!
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Sarah - 2010-03-07
I have 4 of these in my tank with neon tetras, corys and a betta. They all stay in there own little groups

Rick - 2010-02-27
I have a 29 g planted aquarium. I put 5 Serpaes in with 10 Cardinals because I didn't know about the Serpaes aggressiveness. For the first day, I watched the Serpaes chase the Cardinals and noticed the Serpaes were not shoaling very well, so I added 5 more Serpaes. Now, both shoals---10 Cardinals and 10 Serpaes--- are doing very well together. Everyone stays in their own group, absolutely no nipping to report. When I added 2 Platys, the Serpaes tried shoaling with them for a few hours (funny!) before going back to their own business.

kyle - 2010-01-10
These fish truly are amazing when they show off their full orange coloration. I have 5 of these tetras in my 10 gallon tank. They share the tank with 4 dwarf aquatic frogs. Its a perfect relationship. The serpaes like the top of the tank and the frogs like the bottom. Whenever a fish or frog dies, I just go to the petstore, buy a new one and within minutes, the new addition is readily accepted by everyone. Serpae tetras are easy to keep and fun to watch. They are always lively and are racing around the tank. The frogs just sit and watch. I would recommend serpaes to anyone because of their bright orange coloration and their lively personality.

Andrew - 2009-11-12
I currently have a 25 gallon tank. Right now I have 30 fish in it. That may sound like alot, but its working for me and the fish. The tank has been up and running since 2006. I make a regular water change of about 20% (I try to do it every 1 to 2 weeks). Have never changed the whole tank. At this moment I have 5 serpae tetras, 10 black skirt tetras, 5 gold pristilla tetras, 1 pristella tetra, 3 angel fish, 2 clown loaches, 2 yoyo loaches, 1 golden algae eater and on plecostomus. The serpae tetras are the newest addition, had them for just over 6 months now. Some of the other fish I had prior to getting this tank. I have real plants, drift wood, the works. Its been awhile since I have had a fish die. I think the key is to make sure that your tank water is well established and try to keep up with regular water changes (not all the water though!!!!).
The serpa tetras made a nice addition to the tank. Its fun and interesting to watch all the fish interact.

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  • Serge - 2010-04-26
    2 clown loaches in a 25 gallon is crazy. Any idea how big those guys get? They probably won't live to half their size or life expectancy in that tank. I say you move them into a bigger tank. Ideally 60 gal+.
Megan - 2009-08-13
I've had 1 of these fish and it did very well in the tank until the 3rd day when it died. So we had it replaced with the same fish & once again on the 3rd day it died. I have other fish in the tank but the other fish are smaller or of similar size & it did not look like it had been "eaten" but nevertheless it is still dead. I don't know what to do about it. Maybe it's the tank, maybe it's the fish, maybe it's the store I'm getting them from. I don't know.

Anonymous - 2009-05-29
I started out buying two red minor serpae tetras and 2 giant danio fish. They get along great. The giant danio love the top of the tank and the serpae stay towards the bottom under a small bridge I bought. The serpae do not even bother the danio fish because they are small in size comparison. It's only a 2 gallon tank to :)

Simon Jackson - 2009-04-14
We have a fairly new community tank. The six Serpae Tetras were first in and have had a chance to establish a pecking order. Next we added seven Zebra Danios, and today we added six Green Tiger Barbs.

The Danios are having fun playing in the current at the top of the tank, and are pretty much out of the way.

What surprised me - but probably shouldn't have - is that the Tetras and Barbs are getting on really well. They are actually shoaling together as a big shoal of 12 instead of two shoals of six. As both fish have the same temperament, are the same size, and both have a rep for bullying and fin-nipping, I think they are well suited and will establish a mixed species pecking order.

Julie T - 2009-01-28
I have a community tank with neons, cherry barbs, guppys, rosy and phantom tetras, zebra loach, platys and 2 dwarf gouramis. I bought 5 serpae tetras yesterday, as soon as they were in the water they made the neons and gouramis life hell, they wouldnt leave them alone. I left them over night to give them a chance to settle but when I looked this morning one of my gouramis had no tail and the others tail was shredded. I rang the aquatic shop and they kindly let me take them back.

Taylor - 2009-01-22
I recently purchased tons of fishes, 15 serpae tetra, 15 neon tetra, 15 cherry barbs and 15 black tetra. The fishes seem to do fine... until like 4 days later where the serpae attacked all of the neons. The neons were tail-nipped and died from stress at a rate of 3 fishes a day. I got really scared, they entirely wipped out the neon tetra community. They went on to attack all of the cherry barbs next. As from today (day 14) I am left with 15 Serpae and 12 black tetra. The black tetra seem to have scratches on their scales and nose. I am really really afraid of the serpae's aggression towards other fishes...

Tanya - 2008-09-13
I have 5 little serpae tetras and they are really delightful and really very beautiful fish. I have had them now for 4 weeks and they are all doing really well. Proper little hardy fish. I would definitely recommend them as a first time community fish. I just love to watch them swim around the tank. One of them is a bit of a vain little so and so, loves to look at himself in the glass. Only one of them though, he is really very cute. I'm going out now to buy my next lot of fish and can't wait. Not sure yet what to buy, wish me luck .