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A fascinating fish, the Sabertooth Characin has a mouth full of needle sharp teeth and two large fangs!
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will - 2014-07-16
I just bought mine for 15.99 😀 and i witnessed it eat its first deeder fish, i also have 2 oscars a little bit greater in size and they are some bullies but i will let the armatus get a bit bigger and see whos the bully at the end lol

kyle - 2012-12-14
I've had my Hydrolycus Armatus for close to a year now and deal with all 4 payara species on a daily baisis. The 'sudden death' of payara in aquaria ONLY applies to the Scomb. species. Most of the information posted above is correct though. All 4 of the payara species can be trained onto dead/frozen foods (such as fresh market fish fillets or frozen silversides), but they are quite stubborn to train, so the use of teacher fish may be a good idea to speed up the process. My Hydrolycus Armatus was 4' at purchase, and is now about a foot. They do require very large tanks with lots of curret and prestine water quality, anything less and they will perrish. They are quite rare (Scombs and Tats are often mislabeld as Armatus so do your research first) as mentioned above, so if you do find one, expect to pay minimum $100.

rick mcgrath - 2011-01-19
How can you tell the difference between male and female?

d.wezzy - 2008-06-22
I think they are okay fish to have and very quick. But I wouldn't recommend them in tanks with fish the same size and more aggressive, because the chances of one dying is really high.

Ng Lian Yik - 2012-03-30
Hi , may I ask you how long their life can be?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-31
    In the wild up to 35 years.
  • Ng Lian Yik - 2012-04-06
    If fed in aquarium it's just only can stay 2 year? or can more then 10 year?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-06
    With a big enough tank it can be long lived. The key is the size of the tank.
mike - 2012-07-14
I have a sabertoothed tetra and as long as u feed it rite and keep it in a big enough tank it will live longer then 6 months to 2yrs that most people say. Also making sure it has hiding spots to hide in (lots of plants, driftwood, maybe a cave as well. Try and change at least 30% or more of the water every week or so. I am waiting for my (vittaus tiger fish) and hoping if i add it to my sabertooth tetra does anyone have any experience of having different fish with it?? i'd like to add a silver arrowana and a gar eventually as well??

redpiranha1979 - 2011-11-17
Hello everyone, I am from Germany and a very happy owner of 1 from 5 (!!!) Hydrolycus armatus in my Country.
My Tank is 5000 liters big, my water is very strong; ph 8,0-8,5; GH 30-32; KH 15-25, when I take another water more soft my piraya not like.
Now the lengths is about 60cm, he eats everything from fish what I put inside. Have him now about 2 years, my absolutely fish number one.
I not keep him alone, he stay with Cichla temensis, ochellaris, monoculus and orinocensis. My Tank is full of fishes and I never had any problems with my armatus. He never feel scary when I move quickly or something else.
So when you know, how to take care predator fishes, give him quickly water and frozen or living fish for food, I think you will enjoy very much about this interesting fish!! Only not easy to become one; in Germany, Animal Parks included, we have only FIVE of this fish!! Contact me if questions cannot answered by someone else. I talk english and german.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-17
    Welcome aboard - thank you for the information.