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The Rummy-nose Tetra can be a lively little fish... both colorful and active!
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Anonymous - 2006-12-11
I have 4 rummy noses in a 20h. They are sensitive and will swim mostly at the bottom (and some times middle) level of the tank. They are sensitive to temp. changes but are hard to kill. I have had temps go down quickly over the weekend and they were half dead when i got back but after temps were in there comfort zone they were fine. They live whith 3 harliquin rasboras, 1 flame dwarf gourami (male) and 2 neon dwarf gouramis (female), 3 corys, 1 bristlenose pleco, 2 mystery snails, and 2 honey gouramis.

Amber - 2006-03-28
It is possible to breed Rummy-noses...I've done it by accident! A very clean tank is essential--when mine bred, the tank was quite recently set up (the rummy's being my starter fish). The males start chasing the females around the tank, and when the female consents, they make for some vegetation and spawn. Ours laid eggs on our Water Primrose...unfortunately, they aren't great parents, and we weren't prepared for the grand event, so they ate all their eggs :(

ed - 2005-11-28
I have 7 Rummys in a community tank. They Schoal very well and are very active. After a few days the colours are brilliant. They are a perfect mix with Zebra Danios and Scissortails and love the fast flow from the powerhead.

Excellent community fish, if I had the room I would double the numbers.

Anonymous - 2005-11-11
The rummy Nose tetras are great fish and I love them alot. They generaly swim at the bottom of the aquariun, and eat the food as the filters water stream moves it down. I also Have neaon tetras, and the Rummy Nose school and hang with them. I really suggest this fish because they are beautiful and friendly.