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The Rummy-nose Tetra can be a lively little fish... both colorful and active!
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Connor - 2014-10-15
What can I say about rummy noses? what lovely fish they are and how nice they are to other fish and how they swim in shoals with their own and others. I used to have two but one died so he swims with my blood fin tetras and my neon tetras. I am going to get some more so he isn't on his own but he is fine at the moment. I do advise you to get these fish if you want a gorgeous tank.

froody - 2007-03-19
i have 20 of these great fish in a 90 gallon heavily planted discus tank. They are great schoolers and swim around happily in all areas of the tank. I feed bloodworm, good flake, ciclid bits and shrimp in the tank, mainly because this is the discus diet, but the rummynoses love all of it! Excellent fish i would highly recommend them. Great colour if they are happy.

pat - 2012-03-09
Love my rummynoses. They defintly like to school and are very shock sensitive. I got so tired of watching the inexperinced petstore clerk abuse them while trying to catch them I asked for the net and caught them myself and it still shocked them. I had major doubt of there survival took them home put them in with my jumbo neons,glolights and two rams there colors came back and twenty minutes later they were eating like they had been in my tank for months They recovered faster than any other fish I have owned in the last 35 years of aqurium keeping.

emma - 2008-02-09
I have just bred these lovely fish purely by accident, and didn't even know until I saw them swimming around, so they even survived the eggs being eaten!
We went away for a week and had someone coming in to feed them for us, looked in when we came home and saw 4 little tiny mights swimming around!

Kyle - 2011-03-05
Today I just purchased 8 rummy noses, they surprisingly have way more red color on their noses than they ever did at the pet shop. They are happily swimming back and forth in my 46 gal tank that has 6 platies, 3 german blue rams, 3 angels, 7 cory cats, and 2 really small algae eaters. There aren't any plants yet, but I have some slate and drift wood in there right now. Getting plants in a few days. After the plants are added, I plan on getting 3 more german blue rams and 6 bolivian rams, going to give back the rams that don't pair up.

Ash\' - 2010-12-18
When we first got our rummy noses they had barely any color on their face. They soon started to get more and more color later on. I sometimes wonder if the pet store wan't doing their water right, or if it is just stress. They are thriving and peaceful. They love to swim and are so fun to watch. They swim in tight schools, which is very beautiful. Out of all my fish, these are my favorite!

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  • dave k - 2011-02-19
    Any time a fish is relocated it is very stressful. If a fish wasn't healthy at the time of shipping it probably wouldn't survive the trip to and or the acclimation at the pet store let alone the second acclimation at home. When you are purchasing fish make sure you do so before it gets really cold outside. Transportation methods only include a small amount of temperature variation protection. The water the fish arrive in can easily be 10 degrees less than ideal. Make sure you know when your local fish store gets its shipments each week and purchase accordingly.
steve - 2010-08-24
I have 6 rummy nose tetras in my community tank. They are amazing to watch and are my favorite tropical fish by far! They proved to be easier to care for than I thought! They swim with almost every fish in the tank, and they bring great color to any aquarium!

fish boy - 2009-12-30
My three rummynoses like their flake food but would prefer something else. They are very peaceful and school well with my harlequins, glowlights, and phantoms. WARNING: Rummynoses are shock sensitive and will go into a half-shock mode on the ride home. Make sure the pet store doesn't twist their bag before you take them home.

Timothy Thorne - 2007-11-20
I started my tank with four rummy nose, two fair size silver dollars, and an angel that was pretty well beat up by another angel which isn't around anymore. Within the first few days I knew I had to get more rummy noses. Once that color blossomed it was like a party in my tank. Two weeks later I went to the pet store and picked up two gold gouramis. They were out of rummy nose. Two weeks from that I went and grabbed 5 more rummy nose and I can't get enough of their antics. They school beautifully and pull the tank together wonderfully acting like mediators of the big guys, keeping them in line. Using rummy nose as dither fish in this tank of giants has been great, since they warn me when conditions aren't exactly perfect. Next tank...discus, rummy nose

Dylan - 2007-06-08
I have 7 of these wonderful fish in a heavily planted tank with 6 rainbow fish, 3 coris, 2 upside down catfish, 6 penguin tetras, some red eyed tetras, and 2 horse head loaches. these bred and now i have 50 of them fully grown.
I keep my rummy noses in an 80 gallon tank.
I feed them flakes and blood worms as treats.
I would recommend these fish because they are colorful and peaceful.