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The beautiful Rosy Tetra is a cheerful, active little fish that's great for a community aquarium!
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Tracy - 2007-04-17
I kept 4 Rosy tetras in a small ( 12 gallon tank). All the fish I had in there were happy, and they outgrew the tank. I always felt the rosy tetras were boring. Just a blah grayish red with a bit of white on the fin tips. Then I got my new 55 gallon aquarium. It is a planted tank. The day after I moved them, I was amazed at their beauty and color! Their markings totally came out and they are striking with red and black. The part of this article that says they will not show their true color unless they are happy is really true! Happy fish keeping, Tracy

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  • Reggie - 2014-04-15
    Petsmart has these things for 50 cents each right now, so I bought 26 of them and put them in a 125 gallon tank ... I'm excited to see how they color up and any cool behaviors they might have. They don't seem to be a schooling fish, more of a shoaling fish.
Anonymous - 2013-04-25
Hi, just discovered 4 fry [Rosy Tetra] all hiding in my community tank, not sure how old. I have put them in a smaller tank within my community tank and they seemed to be doing really well. JimC

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  • Reggie - 2014-04-15
    I heard they are very hard to spawn and raise babies ... Big box chain fish stores carry them, I'm not sure if they are farmed fish or all coming in wild. Congrats!
  • Reggie - 2014-04-15
    Congrats on the accidental spawning, that's always so exciting!