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The Red Eye Tetra is a long time aquarium favorite and is bred in captivity by the thousands!
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Susie - 2008-01-21
Bought some of these and they were very peaceful until I added some black phantom tetras. They terrorised the black phantoms and upset some other tankmates. It was upsetting to see them chasing other peaceful fish round the tank, they now reside elsewhere.

Revli - 2008-01-18
This is great fish. It is so hardy and can be both personality type fish, sometimes semi agressive and many times very peaceful. I have six of them but I just lost 3 of them because my own fault. I mixed them with red belly piranha. But now I have moved those piranha to another aquarium.

Dave - 2006-05-08
this is a great tetra, very easy to care for. but i have noticed that when this fish reaches the end of its life it may come down with dropsy disease. i have had 20 of these in a 55 gal. tank and 14 of which came down with dropsy. they were about 5 years old.

Jason - 2004-12-01
i have 4 of these lovelies and they are really playfull they always play around and they are really awesome kind of fish they are really one of a kind tetras

joe - 2004-06-22
These fish are great! The are very hardy and adapt well to harsh water quality. This makes them excellent starter fish. I suggest a school of at least 5 as these guys tend to be shy in groups less than that. I have them in with Black Widow Tetra and they get alone just fine. No nipping and they hang together!

Henry Chua - 2003-09-11
Avoid adding them with other similar sized fishes especially guppies or other brightly colored ones. Have witnessed them nibbling the fin of a poor guppy. They do grow to a size bigger than some community fishes (like Neon Tetras, etc) so its best not to mix them with such community fishes. But a school of them in a tank will prove eye-catching for many hobbyists.