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The Pristella Tetra is a perky little fish that is social, friendly, and very easy to care for!
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kirstie linton - 2007-11-11
hahahahaha take that grandma! I'd been trying to tell her that x-ray fish do exist for about 8 years!... and now, sweet sweet justice is mine and she owes me an apology for all those times she made me look stupid
weeeeeee...grandma is going to be so shocked when she sees this! whoot! Hey, how's everyone doing! I'm doing friggen splendid now that i know that i was right... whoot, whoot, whoot!

Brenda - 2007-10-23
I absolutely love and adore my pristella tetras. I got them with two black mollies to cycle my tank. I couldn't be happier that I didn't over look them! I had bought just the three pristellas and the two black molllies and upon returning home and making sure I met there needs, I darted back out to the lfs for extra supplies. When I got there I noticed a single pristella tetra in with some other tetras and I just didn't have the heart to leave him there solo. I brought him home with me and put him in the tank. It didn't take long for him to become a part of the school. My tetras accepted him easily and they are all doing just fine! Great story, great little tetras, love the dorsal fin, I think it is unique. It sticks straight up and has colorbands of yellow, black and white. The tail fin on the male has become very red, not so much with the female. But I don't think she is too worried about that since she has other things on her mind, like delivering her babies! Cheers, Brenda

gugye - 2007-07-24
i have a small group of x-rays and harlequins and a couple of bloodfins. the x-rays are always slow especially during feeding time.

Christian - 2007-05-27
this site's sweet, it helped me with my homework!

Sharon the x-ray fish lady - 2006-12-27
I have 250+ x-ray fish and i love them to death. they are so cool to watch. I hope to get more. My niece loves to feed them and watch them. When i leave for a weekend trip my niece watches my x-ray fish.

Tristin Mock - 2005-05-14
We've had a school of three of these in our community tank for three years. I was surprised to find a fairly large fry in the tank this morning! This is the first time I've had an egg layer spawn, and I wasn't even meaning too.

Amanda - 2004-11-30
to all of you that have tetras i did an experiment for high school on them and i found out that the X-ray tetras like the dark better then light. that is just a tip for all of you that have them so u know what your fish likes. i think that all animals should be treated in a great manner. i love pets to death/animals

Dude - 2004-11-02
My fish are extremely dudish thanks to the global warming!

mandy - 2004-03-29
I have kept these charming fish for about six months, and they are fun to watch! When I first bought them they were a dull off-white color, but as they matured they got slightly reddish tails, and the black, white and yellow markings on thier fins. They also co-habitate quite well with my harlequin rasboras!

john O - 2004-02-22
I have kept these fish for years ,they came in with 200 cardinal tetras I ordered and they are very hardy and long lived.