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The Neon Tetra has been in the hobby for many years, and is still the most popular of all aquarium fishes!
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Bonnie - 2005-05-08
I have only just started my aquarium, but I still believe these fish are one of the best aquarium fish yet. They are quite active and at my house have even grown to like being pushed up and down by the filter current. :) I recommend these fish to anyone with an aquarium.

Mike - 2005-04-15
I have 4 tanks that hold 5 gallons. I started with simple fish like minnows and now moved on to these fancy fish.( I think their fancy). I have used this website to set up my tetra tank and this is great information.THANKs.

Jason - 2005-03-10
I bought 5 neon tetras and 2 pictus cats, 3 days later I had 1 neon tetra and 2 pictus cats, lol. Dont put neon tetras in a tank with pictus cats or larger fish. Also I would suggest an undergravel filter with Neons I had neons in two seperate aquariums and 2 different times some of my neons got caught in the filter intake.Of course after I turned off the filter the Neon sank to the bottom and the Pictus cats gobbled him up.

chris - 2005-01-04
I have a pictus catfish that really enjoys neons. The pictus is like a vaccuum cleaner, it tears around the tank devouring anything it can fit in its mouth. Amazingly it seems to be able to fit anything in there. Because the neons sleep on the bottom, 1 appears to go missing every few days at the same time the pictus appears bloated.

I have no problems with the neons themselves, but they make expensive food.

Tony - 2005-01-02
I have 20 gal tank heavily planted with pigmy sword plant and dense valisneria spiralis alng the back side of tank. Tank has been runing for about 2 weeks but I introduced lots of aerobic bacteria to age my filter faster. Fairly slow water flow but incredibly well filtered by my trickle filter. So i decided to put a school of 55 neons and 5 marble hatchets with 5 japonica shrimps [to take care of algae that may develop later on]. All fish did really well and not a single fish was lost due to fairly newly setup tank. After about 10 days of feeding all fish with high quality flakes in the morning and frozen blood worms in the evening, along with 25 % water change 2xweek [they seem to love this treatment], to my amazement, i have seen at least half of all neons participate in a group spawning.It looked like they are all spawning. Males were fighting for little territories, females would swim into those territories while males would start their love play and entice females deeper into foliage where they would almost immediately commence with a spawning act. By the time i get home from work i can see all females much thinner than in the morning [before feeding]. This is repeating almost everyday. I can sit and watch these little fish for hours. They have their personality and charm. They are very little fish, but if treated well and if there is no real threat to their safety they relax and surprise their owner with their interesting behaviour.
The biggest mistake a beginner can make is to try keep these fish together with some bigger, stronger fish. They are happiest if they can run their own show without being chased by bigger fish [even dwarf chiclids]. Good luck and enjoy these breath taking little creatures.

kira - 2004-04-08
i am buying a a tank but me neon tetra lives in a pikle jar!

Cory B. - 2004-02-20
These fish seem more susceptible to ich than others. I just got one from the pet store and have been treating it for about 5 days now. It started with just one spot and exploded in a matyer of hours to about 8. They are the only fish I have had catch ich so far...I have owned a few goldfish, mollies, a chinese alge eater, and a guarami (not sure on spelling). However, they seem to be a relatively long lasting fish. They are just fragile in their youth.

Katrina - 2003-11-15
Some of the prettiest fish i ever kept. Graceful yet endulging. I;d like to suggest keeping them with Harelquin Rasorbas. But, a word of caution to this NOT keep them with larger fish. They MUST be the same size as the other fish in the aquarium when you put them in or else you will go through what i went through. Two black widows, two whites, over all peaceable. I tried to add a little school of 5 neon, and disaster struck. Two had their tails bitten off, one was PUSHED UP THE FILTER. I caught the remaining two just in time and returned them to the pet store. Dont go through what i did, keep them in large schools with fish of the same size at least at that time.

Bailey - 2003-09-18
I have a 20-gallon aquarium with 7 Neon Tetras, 3 Pristella Tetras, and 2 male Dwarf Gouramis. They all seem to get along well. The Neons make a beautiful school of fish!