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The Neon Tetra has been in the hobby for many years, and is still the most popular of all aquarium fishes!
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Claudia - 2008-02-09
I have had my fish for 2 hours. I can tell it likes to school and it is fine with my angel.

kathy - 2007-11-16
I have 5 Neons. I love these fish, they are so fun to watch. They are little schoolers. I 4 Glowlights, 4 Goldfish, and 1 clown loach. They all get along just fine. I love to sit in front of their tank and watch them for hours. The neons are good for beginners.

Ryan J. - 2006-07-07
I love these little fish. i just got 6 of them today along with 5 black neon tetras and a blue german ram cichlid. They seemed to be a little scared at first and mainly stayed at the bottom of the tank along with the black neons, but after they got used to their new surroundings they are swimming all over the tank. The larger neons swim in pairs of 2 as the smaller ones swim in a larger group, the fish seem very happy and healty and are doing fine i plan to get more fish from the same family later on, nice additon to my community aquarium!!

john - 2006-05-30
I have 23 neons, and Ive added them to the tank with a really nice looking betta and a golden gourami and 2 other goldfishes. They seem to school together at first and were really pale but now they seem happy. I'm worried that the filter might suck them in though so I just bought a new one. Oh and note this when I checked my neons I found a cardinal tetra! Must have got caught in the local aquarium shop! And Ive noticed the colour changed if you put nice sand or pebbles for them. Good luck with your neon tetras!

muhammad sami - 2006-05-10
i have quite an experience in aquarium fishes. My favourites are off course tetras and above all are neons. i have 90 neon tetras, 20 harliquin rasboras, 12 rummy nose, and 12 black neons in a tank with many varities of plants, rocks, and wood. My harliquins have bred once but neons havent. they spawn very much but i have not yet seen a fry roaming in my tank. Neons are the best fishes for a community tank. The white spots is a common disease in neons, some people say that it is not curable but when ever my neons are effected with this disease i have always get success in curing it. Chloromycitin capsules works brilliantly, much much better than methyline blue.

fishermanbob - 2006-04-21
My neon tetras don't have that blue line that they are supposed to have. Their line is green.

Marvin - 2005-11-14
Now neon tetras are nice fish to have since they are very communal fish. Having an aquarium filter which sucks the dirt of the tank is the only problem that these fishes will have. Since they are so small in size chances are that theses Neon Tetras are going to get sucked into an an aquarium filter cleaning system and get killed is pretty high since I have lost over 10 neon tetras with this problem. So I would suggest to the tetra buyers to have the filter tube be more to the very top of the aquarium and not near the bottom to keep these fishes from dying.

Chazz - 2005-08-21
I recently got 5 neon tetras to start my first ever tank with (along with a female Betta) and they are the happiest little fish ever. They eat well, stay in a school.. (most of the time) and even play noticeable games with eachother, like tag! (i couldn't believe it at first!!) They are an excellent little fish if you have the right equipment for them, mine stay at the bottom of the tank.. though, they don't like going anywhere else.

APatcher - 2005-06-18
(1)I have bright pink gravel and my neon tetras don't seem to mind it at all. They don't hide in the shady areas. I think if they are given an aquarium with half bright and half dark, they may choose the dark side, but I have a feeling they do get used to a tank with bright gravel very quickly. (2) When introducing larger fish (even a little bit larger) the neons tend to be intimidated. I think it is best to make sure the neon school is always more numerous than the other schools since the neons are peaceful and easily intimidated.

Jackie - 2005-06-11
Neon Tetras are sweet! I just bought 3 today and now i figured out that I have 2 males and 1 female.