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The Marbled Hatchetfish is a very unique looking fish with its unusual 'hatchet' shaped body and pretty patterning!
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Kathleen - 2010-07-27
I had a couple ( I didn't know any better, I was only 12 ) in my first aquarium many years ago and they did very well. But these are schooling fish - it's unkind to keep less than 5-6. Some people seem to equate surviving with living a good life. Most humans aren't hermits and if kept in solitary confinement are pretty miserable. What makes you think an animal that has evolved to live in social groups wouldn't be miserable without others of it's species. They swim in schools for protection from predation - on their own they must not feel fully comfortable. So even if one hatchet can survive alone I wouldn't do it to them.
And I feed live foods to improve their quality of life also. There are some pretty good flake/pellet foods available now but I feel my fish enjoy live foods.

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  • my own - 2010-11-15
    What is a hatchet fishes favorite defense?
    A hatchet! hahahaha! Hope you like the joke!
Myrtle - 2009-03-27
I have over 37 fishies in my hugomongous tank. I only have 1 marble hatchet and he loves to eat spaghetti sauce flakes. I purchase them at my best friends store. It has dehydrated tomatoes in it. My fishies do NOT eat mosquito larve OR bloodworms. These fishies go with the flow and don't really need special attention. I believe it is a true waste to buy mosquito larve or bloodwoms. All my marble hatchets that I've had have lived at least 4 years. My daughter brought her favorite one, 007 to college with her. He is still living in her dorm room. Oh gawrsh I miss them so much. Anywho, these fishies are the easiest fishies I have ever had. Also, they don't really need to be in groups of 5 or more. Just one can live on it's own, like my elderly grandmother. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD-EARNED MOOLAH ON EXTRA SPECIAL CARE OR FOOD! I'M TELLING YOU PEOPLE IF YOU SPEND EXTRA CA-CHING ON THESE FISH YOU ARE INSANE! Thank ya'll sweeties.

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  • friend - 2010-11-15
    You talk sense, good job.
Lauren - 2007-09-24
I have had really bad trouble with my fish, he keeps attacking my other fish and everything that is in the tank. Apart from that he is really good

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  • wendy79 - 2011-06-15
    What kind of fish do you have? What is your tank enviroment like?
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-17
    You might want to remove the one fish and put him in another tank. What is the kind of sih that is attacking? He might not be a community fish or get along with others.
fish boy - 2011-02-18
I have two hatchets. Whenever I walk into the room they will swim to the middle region of the tank. Down toward the tetras. I know this isn't normal behavior. Should I be concerned?

grayson berry - 2009-09-12
In my experience, hatchet fish are indestructible. I have two that have survived all the cruelties that an inexperienced person can unleash on them and have survived where all others have fallen... Literally. Last night my wife noticed that one of them was missing and I found the poor fish behind the table I have my ten gallon tank on (It had jumped through a hole the size of a golfball). I went to take him to the Flushing Meadows Funeral Home when the tough little guy twitched in my hand. I removed all the dust and hair from him and put him back in the tank. Turns out he's fine. Neither have had anything but flake food, by the way, but I love them and will go get them some treats today. Thanks for the article.

jonathan - 2007-07-30
I have had 4 marbled hatchetfish for 3 months now and they turned out to be perfect fish. For the first 7 to 10 days they had trouble getting food because because of the other fish getting to it first. After that they managed to get some food and I was reassured they would survive. My favorite thing about them is how they school together. There shape also helps them stand out a lot. They are great fish for a community tank.

Tony - 2005-01-02
Marble hatchet fish caught my eye in a tropical fish store as one of the most serene fish i have ever seen before. I decided to purchase 5 of them and placed them with my 55 neon tetras in 20 gal, heavily planted tank. From the moment they were placed in the transport bag until the moment of their release into my tank i kept extreme care not to shock them, bounce them around or expose to strong light. When i arrived home i turned off the lights in my fish tank and let the open bag float for about 20 min while adding half cup of the fish tank water into the bag every five minutes. No stress is the key word for these delicate creatures if you want them to keep their immune system high. Releasing these beauties into my tank was the highlight of the day. The light being turned off contributed to their calmness and faster aclimatization to my fish tank. When the lights were turned on again [after 2 hours] they seemed relaxed, but, to my great surprise swiming in a middle portion of the tank. Next day they were swiming in their prefered area, surface, looking for some flies or mosquito larve. They accepted dried mosquito larve and frozen blood worms. It has been almost 6 months since i purchased these 5 marble hatchets and for the sake of their own peace i will give all my neon tetras away and maybe keep only 10 neons in this tank. Neons eat too fast and my hatchets have no enough time to feed well. I am planning on adding at least 3 more marble hatchets as they have become my most favorite tetra. I will attemt to breed them this summer just for the fun and the beauty of the fish keeping hobby.
Piece of advice to those who want to keep this fish: do not place the tank where little kids have access and tap on the glass. It is true that these fish are incredibly sensitive and their immune system will become weaker if they are exposed to stress. Handle them with real care and get as much information about them as possible. Good luck to all fish hobbists.