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The Glowlight Tetra is a beautiful fish with a glowing orange stripe across the center of its body!
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g - 2008-02-23
I have 4 glowights they are one of the best fish to keep they have been in my tank for 40 weeks happily one of my fish is having babies.

kathy - 2007-11-16
I had 7 glowlights, but 4 died. I love the glowlights. They just swim and swim. Their fun to watch. I've had all the glowlights for 5 years. The 4 that died could have died of old age.

William Browne - 2007-01-17
Out of the few Characin species I have kept, this is one of the most rewarding. They school up tightly in my 20g tall aquarium and frequently court each other. They seemed to school even more tightly once I added a piece of driftwood so I think they prefer a slightly "blackwater" environment. I have yet to get them to spawn successfully, but right now they share the tank with three Bolivian Rams so this is expected.

A slightly dim light shows off their color the best which is unfortunate because it limits the kinds of live plants the animal can be kept with. 1 watt per gallon or even a little less really makes them look brilliant.

Jamie - 2006-06-20
i have two glowlight tetra's and have had them for over a year. they're great community fish and seem very hardy. i would say though that the above statement saying that they will not over eat isn't true. i have found that they will normally eat until you can physically see there belly growing in one sitting. Maybe this is because i only feed my fish once daily?

Jonathan Khan - 2006-01-15
I have a 14 1/2 gallon tank that has 1 Blue Rainbow, 1 Zebra Loach, 2 Swordtails, 3 Mollies, 3 American Flagfish, 4 Pristella Tetras, 4 Silver tipped Tetra and 3 Glowlight Tetra. The Glowlight Tetras are very active and colourful which is good. And they seem to get along with their tankmates(Especially the other Tetras).

C. MacLeod - 2005-05-16

My grade 10 class has been working on an aquarium project. We have 6 marble hatchets and 3 corydoras catfish. 4 glowlight tetras were added as a mid swimmer in our 20 gallon tank. The glowlights were added on Thursday, seemed to be doing swimmingly on Friday, but all four were mysteriously deceased by Monday. Tank levels were ammonia 0ppm, nitrites 0ppm, nitrates 5ppm, and phosphates 0.5ppm. The only thing we could figure is that they were sucked into the filter. However, they were rather large glowlights so it shouldn't have been a problem. But as a warning, be careful!!!!

Alex J. Bloom - 2005-05-15
My glowlight tetras are very communal fish. I have 2 baby swordtails 6 glowlight tetras and one otto catfish

Anonymous - 2004-12-23
I like these fish, and they are very energetic, like me.

kerry - 2004-03-13
these are really nice little fish and school really good. they brighten up the tank. they do fine with my shark, platies, guppies, gold gourami, catfish, and others