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The Congo Tetra has opalescent scales that shine in all the colors of the rainbow!
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Ted22 - 2012-02-22
I've got 19 of these beauties in a 100gal in an african biotope tank with other congo basin species of fish, mixed sex group, the males look stunning. All the males are around 4 inches and what I thought was fully grown. Looked in the local fish shop today and they had large congos for sale. a good 5 inches + they dwarfed my fish. The person who said they grow this big was talking complete sense, nothing documented online for congo tetras of this size but they do exsist and presumably all have the potential to grow to this size (unless they were hormone treated or something). Fantastic fish, definately more rowdy than this article makes them out to be, voracious feeders they swarm and tear food apart like a group of beautiful pirahnas, all my fish are large semi aggro and the congos hold thier own wonderfully! Just another thing, I wouldnt keep a group of these in anything less than a 4 ft tank, they certainly like their swimming space!

hisham - 2010-09-09
Can albino congo tetras live with discus?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-09-20
    I wouldnt put the two of them in the same tank because of the different temperatures they do best in.
MIke C - 2004-11-28
These Fish are amazing, the colouration of them is usually not seen while at the store, but once they grow up a bit they glow (more obvious when not looked at straight on).

They can reach a max length of 5" tho, so make sure you have a larger tank for these fish. I have 4 in a 75Gal and they play well, tho they are agressive when fed (will knock other fish out of the way for food)

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  • Alex Burleson - 2012-01-09
    They are certainly a beautiful, and exciting specimen for most community aquariums!
Mike - 2010-02-27
Beautiful fish. I have 7 in a 30 gallon in addition to some other fish.

Someone here said they reach a max of 5 inches, but everything everywhere I've read said that males get to 3.5 inches, and females stay closer to 2.5 inches.

they seem to get along well in a community tank.

Plus, you have the joy of having very rare tetras which 90% of other people don't have.

I take pride in having rare fish. And the Congo's fit right in with my African Butterfly, Leopard Ctenopoma, Female Krib, and cories.

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  • cheryl - 2010-09-04
    I have some of these & am going to expand the school as a larger fish in the tank died. They are beautiful & mine are not timid at all. I have the ones that look more olive green/electric blue & I am having a hard time finding more of those. Mine are getting along nicely with African Red Eyed Tetras (another less known, awesome fish! - not to be confused with Red Eye Tetras) a Giant Danio that has a blue-green sheen to him, a large killifish (that I believe was mislabeled as a gardneri) & a couple of peppered cory cats. I have a blue-green iridescent thing going on somehow... I have a Leopard Ctenopoma that i would be afraid to put with these because he is (& so has every other one I've owned) a little on the aggressive side. They like to chase other fish, especially when the lights are out. They are one of my favorite fish.
Ethan - 2009-08-31
Hi my name is Ethan from LI in NY. I have a pair of congo tetras and a pair of albino congo tetras. They are nice color full fish. I have mine in a 20 gal. tank with a clown pleco, corydoras catfish, 3 glowlight tetras, 3 cardinal tetras, 2 von rio tetras, 4 orange von rio tetras, zig zag eel, and dwarf african clawed frog. These fish can get up two 3 inches long but albino ones only 2 inches long. Not only are albino congo tetras smaller but they are also much rarer. In fact I have only seen them in a petstore twice. I would definitely recommend these fish.

ariwan kai - 2006-08-19
I have 3 albino versions of these colourful tetras. Mine are currently 2"-3". These fishes are rather scrappy fellows. They love frozen bloodworms and often fight for it. These fellows grow quickly!I first bought them in july when they were 1/2"-1".

Dee - 2005-01-02
I added 3 pair of Congos (a/k/a featherfins) to my 135 gal "Amazon Basin" group of inhabitants. They are particularly fond of freeze-dried ocean plankton and all flake foods. They grew fast in the big tank which includes large gold severum,green severum (breeding groups), silver dollars, jurapari and annostomus. They add a beauty and distinction when "cruisng" along and their fins have grown to be luxurious. A spectacular fish when back-lit!