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The Colored Skirt Tetra is a beauty in the soft pastels of its naturally occurring colors!
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Claire - 2008-02-03
I am the one person who bought three colored tetras; a pink, a blue, and a yellow. But the worst thing is that the pet shop where I puchased them did not even tell me about this until a friend told me and I did not believe him at all. I would have liked that the store personel, who I asked and made a coment how come these are colored, and made a joke do you raise them in food coloring, I got no why these are special or are born this way, cost me 45 dollars, and to know that they may change in a month colors to white that kills me! I called the store and they were not even aware of this. Come on, who is allowed to torture fishes to sell them and let people in the blind of all of this. I am going to try to bring them back even if I am in love with them this has to stop now!