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The Bloodfin Tetra is one of the time tested favorites in the aquarium hobby. A school of these attractive fishes is a pretty sight!
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carlosR - 2006-05-20
I love these fish! I have noticed that some individuals get a peculiar "wasting" until several weeks later they die. Others puchased from the same source at the same time thrive. Beautiful when they school. They enjoy a well planted tank.

james g. adelhoch - 2011-12-28
I have the blood fin tetras in my aquarium ten gallon capacity the most I have ever had together is six. They are very active and eat well but I have noticed a few of the them have developed a sagging spine bending downward after that they live a short while then die. They are known to be very hardy and live for many years. What is the reason for this to happen.

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  • Wet Thumbs - 2012-02-27
    The Bloodfin Tetra is a beautiful and very active schoaling fish. I have 15 adult-sized (1.5 inch) Bloodfins in a heavily planted 60 gallon aqaurium along with 6 med-large Angelfish. These Tetras are exciting to watch as they school tightly and also when they split up to explore amongst the plants. They appear too large for the Angels to bother with and it works out well since the Tetras spend much of their time mid to upper tank and the Angels from mid to lower tank (except of course when they are begging for food). I have not seen issues with the 'wasting' described, but if it happens I will be replacing any losses. Great fish!
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-27
    Could be FISH TUBERCULOSIS. If that is the case the and it is spreading to other fish, the entire tank will need to be cleaned with bleach and allowed to dry. Make sure to wear gloves when cleaning the tank and DO NOT start siphon with your mouth. Are their any other symptoms?
BIG T - 2009-12-16
I noticed the same thing about my blood fin tetras. Their spine starts bending downward, still active, will eat they go down hill to the point I flush them.

Anonymous - 2004-11-23
These fish are very easy to take care of, and are not very needy at all. Great for beginners!! They have a nice see through texture. Truly a beautiful fish.

Big Steve - 2004-01-12
A hardy, pretty, and underrated fish. Looks great against a blue background. Sometimes they school and sometimes they explore on their own, at all levels of the tank. Bloodfins are supposed to be about the easiest tetra to keep. Mine adapted to my aquarium in no time. Their fins are a quite nice red.