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First introduced into the United States in the 1930's, the Blackskirt Tetra is one of the most popular aquarium fish!
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Erik - 2006-04-19
These are great fish for small tanks, and are very humorous. I made an aquarium out of an old mac which is about a 2 gallon tank. I have it paired with a neon tetra at the moment. They are very active, almost to the point of being funny. you can tell how eager they are to eat by when you put food in the tank. he just goes nuts darting all around trying to get the food. They are truly great fish, in fact in a few days I plan on buying another. The only advice that I can give people is don't go to giant chain stores where the employees there know nothing about the fish they are selling, its best to go to a smaller community store where the people actually know how to care for the fish.

China Town - 2006-04-02
I knew this fish was famous for nipping at fins, but I had no idea it would swallow my neon tetra whole... Other than that one incident, this fish is very active and interesting to watch.

Annie - 2005-11-22
The tank is in a nature center at a county forest preserve. The long finned black tetra's friend had died and the only other fish in the tank was an algae eater. i'd walk past the tank and the tetra looked more lonely and sad by the day. I bought some more fish including another long finned black tetra. the little fish seemed happy she had company until she spied the other black tetra. She swam up and down all around the other tetra with joy. Soon they were swimming the tank together. They must have a strong schooling instinct!! This story appears to have a happy ending.

jessica - 2005-11-07
Cheeky, funny, interesting little guys, who have been a great fish to start with. Very hearty, as they have weathered an outbreak of ich without a spot. They even give my large three-spot gouramis a run for their money around feeding time. Would recommend to anyone, and plan to start all new tanks with a group of them, as they are so happy and easy to settle. Enjoy!

-[?]- - 2005-07-28
Great fish. Very eager eaters they are fast and active, and look great in a mini-tank. They love fish flakes and everything else. They hide sometimes, but usually very active. They brighten up when the lights are on. They grow pretty big and have very long fins. Love the color on these guys.

Bob Doetsch - 2005-04-06
The info here is very helpful to us newbie aquarium hobbyists. We just started our 20 gallon high tank with three Black Tetras. At first they were reserved and confined themselves to an area of cover. We are one day into this now, and they are more comfortable, alternate between hanging around the plastic leaves and darting around, occasionally nipping at each other. We are told to wait at least a week before adding more fish. We had a false start dealing with a chain pet store before we wised up and visited a real fish store with expert advice.

-Bob in St. Clair Shores, Mich.

Deedee - 2005-03-03
Have 11 of these active and nice fish in my heavily planted 30 gallon. They are rambunctious dancers when they see their dinner coming and always hungry for more any time of night or day it seems. Their tank offers plenty of plants on a CO2 controller and a nice mopane bog wood root. Tankmates include two pearl gouramis and a handful of cories which they all mostly ignore in favor of thinking about food and feeding times and whether anyone walking by might have a morsel for them. Very nice to see that tank so lively again, those two particular pearls hide their lives away, so the blackskirts give the tank life now. Great fish, pleasure to have.