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First introduced into the United States in the 1930's, the Blackskirt Tetra is one of the most popular aquarium fish!
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Lachele Tyson - 2010-02-02
What is the yellow stuff at the bottom the the tank in the gravel. Can they live in distilled water. Does fish places sell both male and female. how fast do you need to change the water when it turns gray.

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  • Donovin Cumming-Smith - 2011-09-23
    It is good to start with purified water or even boiled water that has cooled down. There are easier methods though, you can grab a bottle of anti-chlorine at the pet store which will prepare the water quite nicely. Unfortunately that is only the start! Lol it takes sometime to get the water ready for you fish though due to the biological processes of the bacteria that need to take place in the water, for your tank to support a healthy and well balanced environment for your fish. The gray in your tank is a good thing that means the bacteria are changing the ammonia which is harmful to the fish, please note you do get the bacteria ready in a bottle for your tank just follow the instructions. Be careful read up and do a lot of research about fish and the conditions they need to survive before you purchase any fish. Find out about fin nippers because they can cause problems with larger fined fish. One last thing find out about how many fish to get at a time because the conditions in your tank need to adjust for the amount of life and find out how to properly condition you fish for less stress when adding them to your tank, because less stress equals healthier fish.
Eddie - 2010-07-31
I'm keeping a tank of 10 of these guys. Very active, tend to chase each other a lot. They of often split up into smaller schools, sometimes 5 and 3 with a couple of others wandering around. They seem quite resistant to changes in the water. Overall a very rewarding fish.

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  • Lindsey - 2010-09-07
    Yes I have 4, and they do chase each other a lot.
  • Michelle - 2011-04-06
    Can I put my black tetras with my guppies and my mollies?
Skeith - 2010-06-24
This isn't exactly directed to Black-Skirt Tetras but I'm hoping to add them in. Id like to know what is the recommended size for about 15 fish including 4 species. Black-Skirt Tetra, Black Phantom Tetra, Serpae Tetra and Glowlight Tetra. Thanks for helping.

ooblar - 2010-04-05
I have 3 black widow tetras , they're very hardy and kinda dicide when they want to eat, when they are stressed they don't usually eat ,but they will eventually!

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  • Kerem - 2010-05-17
    A female Black widow is smaller I think and a male black widow is bigger I think. I got 2 of them 4 day's ago to break down all the bad things in my tank I had to wait 3 week's for well 1 week then you can get your water tested to see if you can get them, 3 week's can you believe that well it's the new law now.
brandy.j. - 2009-11-26
We started out with 10 red eye tetras and they are great, but seemed shy. We then added 10 of the black skirts and they are so happy together. The red eye get along well and the black skirts are all over our 40 gallon tank. The few bigger ones are getting fat and they swim fast. They all swim together in same motions, it's great. I'll always keep a fish tank and the tetras will be a part of our family always.

Jennifer D. - 2009-05-30
I have 3 black skirt tetras in my 10 gal. tank. The tank sits next to my 6yr olds bed. I think the fish are real cute. They all go their separate ways during the day, but come my son's bed time, they all migrate to his side of the tank. They are right in his face while he is laying there watching them as he drifts off to sleep. It is such a site to see.

Vel - 2009-05-15
Hi, I'm a "newbie". After reading comments and research during the long cycling period, I decided to start with 3 of these guys. What a wonderful fish! I then proceded to get 3 more. 6 total. They are a joy to watch. They swim in all areas the tank and school well. They are like sharks when it comes to feeding time (they have a good appetite). I have since added 5 green corys, they don't bother them at all. I would recommend these to anyone.

derek - 2009-02-17
I have 3 of these guys cycling my new 20 gallon aquarium. They are very fast fish! I can hardly keep my eye on them when they dart around. Mine are easily scared, if I walk up to the tank too quickly they shoot around. Their fins are very pretty and I like their stripes. Mine have been nippy at times, one morning I woke up to find the biggest one with a split dorsal fin... Hopefully it heals soon.

nelly - 2009-02-06
Hi, I have many fish. They are neon tetras, black shirt tetras, female guppies, male guppies, loach, black and white mollies, plecos, cichlids, an angel fish, and finally platies. No they are not all in the same tank. I have a 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, and two betta tanks. All fish are happy so far in their habitats. I think one of my black skirt tetra's is ready to spawn, but not sure. She looks a lot chubbier, I will message again in a few days.

Kamperoni - 2009-01-23
I have 6 of these guys in a 29 gallon with a pair of Kribs. and some Serpae tetras and they're great! I found that the bigger the group they're in, the more they just bother their own kind instead of everyone else. Although they do nip each other a lot, torn fins can be expected though it never gets worse than that, and the damage is never very bad, heals in a few days actually. If they're happy they turn really dark and look very good. All in all, they're an entertaining and fun fish to have.