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Angela - 2003-09-08
These fish are a joy to keep. I have kept them with smaller fish and did not have any problems. At the same time though they were not the largest fish in the tank.

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Iv - 2003-08-27
They are somewhat aggresive when they get more than 4 inches. You can keep them in the community tank, but when they grow larger move them with similar size fish, because they MIGHT start messing with small fish like neons and some liveberears.

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Peregrine - 2003-08-19
This beautiful fish is hardy and very peaceful.
I have kept even a small school of only two before and they
lived for quite a long time. Always out to show
off their pretty "lemon" color rather than hiding
as some other aqaurium fishes. Overall lovely fish
that is happy to live with other tank mates such
as platies, guppies and most other peaceful aquarium
fish.Lemon tetras will school tightly and they will appreciate a black background and
dark gravel. And as always, peaceful tankmates.
Best to be kept in schools of around 6 or more.


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