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Jonathan Khan - 2006-01-15
I have a 14 1/2 gallon tank that has 1 Blue Rainbow, 1 Zebra Loach, 2 Swordtails, 3 Mollies, 3 American Flagfish, 4 Pristella Tetras, 4 Silver tipped Tetra and 3 Glowlight Tetra. The Glowlight Tetras are very active and colourful which is good. And they seem to get along with their tankmates(Especially the other Tetras).

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Louie miller - 2005-12-30
these were my first fish and I love them, they are relaxing to watch and their color is always incredible, I started with 6 and lost 2 in the last 2 years, I just purchased 9 more when i went from a 10g tank to a 50g tank , They look awesome schooling together

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barbs - 2005-12-23
i kept these a while back. they are gorgeous and generally friendly. i had a small bout of ich, but they all recovered (i caught it at an early stage). they nibble on plants, but its not really a problem. give them the varied diet they deserve. They look cute with their relatives the blackskirt tetras. PLEASE ***DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE ARTIFICIALLY DYED VARIETIES, IT IS AN EMBARASSING CULT IN AQUARIA THAT SHOULD HAVE NEVER STARTED. PLEASE DONT ENCOURAGE BREEDERS TO CONTINUE THIS PRACTICE, IT IS MORALLY BANKRUPT AND VERY STRESSFUL TO THE FISH. good luck!

Alyssa - 2005-12-14
I love these fish! I have 2 of them and they really are quite enjoyable to have in my aquarium. When I introduced them into my aquarium all of my other fish seemed to be happier.

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chris m. - 2005-11-29
I have 4 silver dollars ranging from 3-4 inches in a 30 gallon tank with a 7 inch red pacu and 3 very small tiger barbs. I had 5 tiger barbs but the pacu made a nice snack out of them. Very skittish these fish, but not even close to the pacu. The pacu will not even come out from behind his plants until all the lights off in my room. He does feed from my hand though so that is kinda cool! I have a 10 gallon tank which i use to raise my baby fish. So far i have 3 1.5 inch silver dollars and 2 2 inch red pacus, 2 1 inch albino cory cats and a baby turtle all in a 10 gallon tank! they could not be happier! I feed all my fish blood worms, frozen shrimp, floating and sinking pellets. the turtle is getting braver now and nips the food out of the fishes mouth if they don't swallow it whole! very fun to watch! i love my fish and you should too!

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ed - 2005-11-28
I have 7 Rummys in a community tank. They Schoal very well and are very active. After a few days the colours are brilliant. They are a perfect mix with Zebra Danios and Scissortails and love the fast flow from the powerhead.

Excellent community fish, if I had the room I would double the numbers.

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Annie - 2005-11-22
The tank is in a nature center at a county forest preserve. The long finned black tetra's friend had died and the only other fish in the tank was an algae eater. i'd walk past the tank and the tetra looked more lonely and sad by the day. I bought some more fish including another long finned black tetra. the little fish seemed happy she had company until she spied the other black tetra. She swam up and down all around the other tetra with joy. Soon they were swimming the tank together. They must have a strong schooling instinct!! This story appears to have a happy ending.

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Garnet - 2005-11-15
The 2 Serpae Tera's that I added to My ten gallon community tank of fish, 2 scissor tail, 3 neon tetra, 2 platies, 2 black neon and 3 white clouds, were bullies right from the get go. Always nipping fins of the smaller fish, and possibly responsible for 3 deaths within a week of being added to My tank. Pity they are really neat to look at, but act like Piranhas!

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Anonymous - 2005-11-15
Hatchet Fish are really cool! I am doing a project on them on them and they ROCK!

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Marvin - 2005-11-14
Now neon tetras are nice fish to have since they are very communal fish. Having an aquarium filter which sucks the dirt of the tank is the only problem that these fishes will have. Since they are so small in size chances are that theses Neon Tetras are going to get sucked into an an aquarium filter cleaning system and get killed is pretty high since I have lost over 10 neon tetras with this problem. So I would suggest to the tetra buyers to have the filter tube be more to the very top of the aquarium and not near the bottom to keep these fishes from dying.


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