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Dylan - 2007-06-08
I have 7 of these wonderful fish in a heavily planted tank with 6 rainbow fish, 3 coris, 2 upside down catfish, 6 penguin tetras, some red eyed tetras, and 2 horse head loaches. these bred and now i have 50 of them fully grown.
I keep my rummy noses in an 80 gallon tank.
I feed them flakes and blood worms as treats.
I would recommend these fish because they are colorful and peaceful.

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Anonymous - 2007-06-02
I have three serpae tetra that live with a gold gourami that is three or four times their size. They sure do hang in there and hold there own against a much larger fish!

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Christian - 2007-05-27
this site's sweet, it helped me with my homework!

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Fish Lady - 2007-05-17
I bought two male Black Phantom Tetras a while ago, and at first, they terrified me with their mock battles. I thought they were going to kill eachother! When I found out that they were just playing, I was able to enjoy them a lot more. They are very nice fish and make my tank look very active and beautiful! They especially enjoy their weekly treats of bloodworms and brine shrimp!

Adam - 2007-05-14
Great community fish to have and if I may add are very hardy. The first one I bought was about 3 years ago when I still had my 10 gallon and it has undergone 4 tank transfers, surviving the cycling processes for all of them and It's still with me today, currently in a 38 gallon along with 1 Angel, 3 other Black Phantoms, 2 female Bettas, 2 Peppered Corydoras, and 1 Serpae Tetra.

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Matt - 2007-05-05
Hi, I have four leporinus in a 85 gallon tank with a couple oscars and plecostomus. They are getting close to 9 inches now. They have been great to own never showing much hostility at all. All the fish were bought as infants and raised together, which may have helped their dispositions.

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Sharon - 2007-04-29
I have 6 of these guys and they are indeed lovely and hardy fish. They do tend to hide behind my driftwood with the exception of 2 that love to zip around the tank. Great fish!

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Greg Ballou - 2007-04-14
Just a quick note on the life span of Silver Dollars...
I got one when I got married I gave it to my mother in-law when I had to move. He died last year, 17 + years old! She also has a Pleco in the same tank, hes over 20 now! The silver Dollar died because the power went out and he got too cold I think.
I know it seems hard to believe, but I've been married 18 years now and I got rid of my tanks a few months after I got married.
Our water is very good here, I think that played a major roll in his long life.

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Christopher - 2007-03-18
i just put some silver dollars(2) into my 55 gallon tank which already had a school of 5 black tetras who i had had for over a year... although the dollars are a bit bigger the group reminds me of the dr. zuess story..... tetras w/ strippes upon thars.. after a month they think they are all one school...
yes a bit testy 2 new fish but a great scene as they drag their long fins thru my real plants...

TC - 2007-03-12
OMG the perfect tank mates for Kribensis! These guys are super fast and quite comical (Makes me dizzy trying to keep up with them when they quarrel at feeding time!). Since these fish don't just stay on the top, middle, or bottom of the tank they keep my Kribensis on there toes and keep the tank entertaining! Thank God these lil guys don't get any bigger than 2 1/2 inches...I'd be scared to feed them! And definitely keep them in groups!


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