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tara - 2010-02-23
I have had mine for 3 years now. I feed about once a week and just add new water as needed. They are the easiest fish I have ever had.

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  • Will - 2010-09-05
    You do need to do water changes as otherwise the TDS (total dissolved solids) will build up, and small fish such as these would probably do better with twice-daily feeding. Thats just IMO and there is not one way to keep fish, but I think this way is easier.
  • H.E.B - 2011-01-01
    I have only had my black phantom tetras for a few days now and I have 2 males and 1 female I was wondering if they will breed in my 35 liter tank without me having to move them into a smaller tank?
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redlinewinter - 2010-03-03
I've had mine for about a week. Very skittish but does well with my Rainbow Shark and 2 red claw crabs. Can't wait to see how big it gets!

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  • Pat - 2010-08-25
    Yeah I just got mine and I bought it with one eye it does not seem to want to eat and just watches the fish I throw in there how will I know when it's hungry?
  • nicholas - 2010-12-26
    Hey how is your cuda doing I'm gunna get mine next week. How big of a tank am I gunna need for adult I already have a 75 and a 120 set up I really need your help I'm 12 and no one will tell me .. thanks :)
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kyle - 2010-11-28
These are beautiful fish, but skittish. Great.

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  • nathaniel - 2010-12-21
    Well said.
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kish - 2010-09-13
Hi I have 5 neon tetras in a a tank my question is how long till they are to there maximum size? I ask as the one I purchased from my local pet store are about 2 cm long the ones I saw in another pet store were considerably bigger.

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  • Michael - 2010-09-17
    The neon tetras dont grow very large, it is possible the the other fish you saw were cardinal tetras which grow a bit bigger. You can tell the difference by looking at the color. The cardinal tetras have a red stripe all the way down there bodys. The neons dont. Hope this helps. :-D
  • kingfish - 2010-11-22
    Hi, neon tetras can take upto 1 year to grow in its full size that is almost 3-4 cm.
  • Sean - 2010-12-13
    Hey I have some neons and 2 of them are almost 2 inches which is goliath for these minis. They are the same size as my black neon tetras. Common neon average is an inch but if you have a dozen or so don't be surprised if you get a couple 2 inchers (probably females) or just strong genetics like humans, we have our Shaquille O'neals and we have our Willows. If you want tiny fish that stay tiny go for cardinal neon tetras, which are the size of feeder guppies or their smaller cousin which are fairly hard to find, the wildgreen neon tetra which are the smallest I've ever seen, adult size a little larger than molly fry. Keep fishin
Sean - 2010-12-12
My tank consists of 3 black neon tetras, 9 common neon tetras, 1 painted glass tetra, 3 fruit salad tetras, 3 beautiful clown loaches,a striped raphael,and a leopard sailfin plecostomus.I have had my tank for about a year now and they are all growing and healthy. My water is slightly soft and slightly acidic, which is ideal breeding water for alot of fish, including neon tetras. 6 of them have what look like gonopodiums so I think they are males and my other three are much larger and plump. Occasionally, the bigger ones become very very dark in color and I have heard of pregnancy spots on fish but this is a full black coloring over the whole body .Are they laying eggs? any hints or suggestions?please

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Ranil - 2010-05-20
I have silver dollarís 600 fish in 8x8 tank and there are just only 40 days. I m breeding and selling to our local customers and Export. They are well healthy and good quality. I like them because they are peaceful and good for heart patients and the body colour is nice to look.

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  • Dilani Rabot - 2010-11-02
    How much are they? And what size?
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Ron - 2009-12-20
hi i also have a 55 gallon. my fish include,

20 neon tetra's, 4 kuhli loaches, Black ghost knife, 1 peppered corydoras,
1 albino corydoras, 1 silver dollar.

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  • neon - 2010-05-04
    What filtration?
  • Courtney Campbell - 2010-10-17
    Get a couple more silver dollars. They don't like being by themselves.
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tom - 2010-09-23
We have 8 serpae tetra in our 100 gal tank along with 10 cardinal tetra and 7 pristella tetra they all seem to shoal together in the tank without a problem love their brilliant red color.

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monsieur - 2010-09-10
Lemon tetras and red eye tetras are great hardy tetras for beginners, they look some what alike.

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Mike - 2010-02-27
Beautiful fish. I have 7 in a 30 gallon in addition to some other fish.

Someone here said they reach a max of 5 inches, but everything everywhere I've read said that males get to 3.5 inches, and females stay closer to 2.5 inches.

they seem to get along well in a community tank.

Plus, you have the joy of having very rare tetras which 90% of other people don't have.

I take pride in having rare fish. And the Congo's fit right in with my African Butterfly, Leopard Ctenopoma, Female Krib, and cories.

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  • cheryl - 2010-09-04
    I have some of these & am going to expand the school as a larger fish in the tank died. They are beautiful & mine are not timid at all. I have the ones that look more olive green/electric blue & I am having a hard time finding more of those. Mine are getting along nicely with African Red Eyed Tetras (another less known, awesome fish! - not to be confused with Red Eye Tetras) a Giant Danio that has a blue-green sheen to him, a large killifish (that I believe was mislabeled as a gardneri) & a couple of peppered cory cats. I have a blue-green iridescent thing going on somehow... I have a Leopard Ctenopoma that i would be afraid to put with these because he is (& so has every other one I've owned) a little on the aggressive side. They like to chase other fish, especially when the lights are out. They are one of my favorite fish.

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