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Ash\' - 2010-12-18
When we first got our rummy noses they had barely any color on their face. They soon started to get more and more color later on. I sometimes wonder if the pet store wan't doing their water right, or if it is just stress. They are thriving and peaceful. They love to swim and are so fun to watch. They swim in tight schools, which is very beautiful. Out of all my fish, these are my favorite!

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  • dave k - 2011-02-19
    Any time a fish is relocated it is very stressful. If a fish wasn't healthy at the time of shipping it probably wouldn't survive the trip to and or the acclimation at the pet store let alone the second acclimation at home. When you are purchasing fish make sure you do so before it gets really cold outside. Transportation methods only include a small amount of temperature variation protection. The water the fish arrive in can easily be 10 degrees less than ideal. Make sure you know when your local fish store gets its shipments each week and purchase accordingly.
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fish boy - 2011-02-18
I have two hatchets. Whenever I walk into the room they will swim to the middle region of the tank. Down toward the tetras. I know this isn't normal behavior. Should I be concerned?

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Teresa Rodriguez - 2011-01-23
I have an 8 years old pacu it's 18 inches long is it going to grow any longer?

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  • james - 2011-02-04
    Teresa please read my latest comments above. I do have a little knowledge about pacu fish as I am from Georgetown, Guyana South america. The fish will continue to grow bigger once it's alive and you keep feeding it. They can probably grow as big up to about 60lbs. Time to put it in your oven or on your grill.
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Ryan - 2010-09-16
My Leporinus is perfectly behaved! All he does is hide his log all day and comes out when he is hungry. He eats algae wafers and has nibbled on my plants a few times. The only thing he has ever nipped were my two snails. He is 6 inches long and 5 years old and lives with 3 angelfish, 4 balloon mollies, 2 bolivian rams, a black ghost knife, two cory catfish, and soon with two amazon puffers. He is the most elusive fish! He is like the dragon of my thank and we all stop what we are doing to watch him when he comes out! He is a joy!

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  • Rob - 2011-01-30
    I had two leporinus (Tank and Trudy) who recently died in a power outage. They were my son's favorite fish and he misses them terribly. These fish had huge personalities and got along surprisingly well with Angel fish and tetras. The key is to keep the fish unstressed. Stressed leporinus nip and might pick on other fish. My Leporinus initially picked on some cory cats but that behavior ended as he/she became more accustomed to the aquarium. Before sending a badly behaved leporinus back to the pet store I would perform water changes and add more live plants and hiding spaces.

    I will surely find new young leporinus to add to the aquarium.
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Polly - 2011-01-27
I have four neon tetras and two male guppies in a ten gallon tank and they are quite happy together. Today, however, I noticed the guppies spending time down in one corner and I looked closer and saw a teeny, tiny little neon tetra. He has his adult coloring so I guess he is over a month old, but he is so much smaller than the other tetras and the guppies. I have no idea how he made it this far since I am assuming all the other eggs and/or fry were eaten. I scooped him up in the net and have that suspended in my tank so that the guppies can not get at him since they seemed so interested, but I need some advice on what to do with him now. I know they make little mesh boxes that attach inside the big tank to separate a fish out. Is that a good idea until he is bigger? What size should he be before he can live in the tank with the other fish?

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sarah b - 2011-01-27
I have 5 of these guys in a 20 gallon and I have to say mine are pretty hardy. They are the only fish I still have alive apart from my 2 female mollies and pleco that I bought nearly 1 year ago. Any other fish I've had has died. They have survived a broken heater for a few days, they have had ick and lived, (some of my other fish got ick and died), they have been attacked by other fish and lived. They are the only tetras that I've managed to keep alive.

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Josh - 2010-01-14
I just purchased 3 of these tetras and within a matter of minutes, they had killed 2 of my neon tetras...

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  • beastfb7 - 2010-07-02
    That's cuz these fish are semi aggressive and neon tetras are tropical community fish
  • ben - 2011-01-23
    Funny thing that you said the above, because overnight, 8 of my neon tetras, 2 of my bleeding tetras, and 6 of my glowlight tetras were dead the following day after I added them to my tank....
Jb - 2011-01-22
Why do most pet shops here in the Philippines call this fish as the red cross tetra?

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froglett - 2011-01-16
I feel terrible :( I just bought 2 pink and 2 blue of these skirt tetras, they were sold as pink and blue widows. If I knew about these horrible practices I would never have bought them. Next time I will research first!

mamafishes - 2011-01-04
I just had the same experience as everyone else here yesterday. I went back to the store and let them know what I had just learned. I naively assumed that they didn't know what had happened to these little ones. But they did and they didn't have a problem with it. The only part they cared about was that I informed them that I would make sure that everyone I came into contact with would be made aware of my bad experience in their store. Properly labeling your stock and informing your customers of they are getting is just good business, something these people obviously know nothing about.


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