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The Striped Raphael Catfish is very peaceful and thought to be the nicest of the Thorny Catfish!
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johnny O - 2004-04-03
I`ve had two of these fish for twenty years,they go for long periods without eating,then they will eat for a period of days,then stop again.They will eat any small fish they can swallow at night when the fish settle down to sleep.

George - 2004-03-28
I bought my raphael at a near by pet shop for about $5 at four inches. Now, eight months laters, he is six inches living in a 60 gallon with my two Red Devils and is doing OK

Mickey - 2004-02-10
I bought two striped rafaels. One has a solid black belly, the other has a solid white belly. Evidently one is a female and the other is a male. Have had them in a 47 gallon tank for 6-7 months. They are now breeding. When the babies start free swimming they get sucked up in the filter. So if you are trying to breed these fish, they like it dark, no lights, they like coverage, a cave, plants. Leave them alone except for food and it just happens naturally? But I will change my filter for the babies sake.

Trevor - 2003-12-24
I just bought a stripped raphael at a local pet store for $5.99. Hes almost 2 inches long...

Im trying him out with pirhana... i hope it lives...

hes done ok in one night, the dont seem to bug him.

Anonymous - 2003-12-01
PetSmart has them for $5.99 & WalMart has them for $6.49

Ty Elders - 2003-09-21
I bought a Striped Raphael the other day at PetCo. It cost me about 7 dollars for one about an inch long including the tail. He is living with a black-finned shark and they get along well.

Susan - 2003-08-18
These are wonderful fish and you should be able to acquire them at any specialty fish store. Good luck!

Kenneth Robinson - 2003-08-12
August 12,2003
Hello Animal-World,
I have been desparately searching for two Striped Raphael Catfish (Playdoras Costaus). I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your website. Would you be so kind to advise me as to how I may purchase a couple of this species (small ones)? What is the price? Is it possible to have them delivered to my house?
Thank you,
Kenneth Robinson