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The Striped Raphael Catfish is very peaceful and thought to be the nicest of the Thorny Catfish!
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Andrew Kreklow - 2010-09-04
I just got 2 of them today and when I'm watching them the hardly move, but once I would turn off the lights and walk out of the room and come back, they are swimming all around. But now a couple hours later one of them won't even move and I'm really concerned.

Brian - 2010-07-08
I have 2 in my tank. They were about 2 inches long when I bought them about 9 month ago. Now they are 3.5 and 4 inches long. I feed them shrimp pellets and Hikari algae wafers. They like the shrimp pellets the best. I love watching them swim and snagging up food. The curled spines on their body make them an interesting conversation piece. Great non-aggressive fish.

kayley - 2010-07-08
Hi I have two striped raphael catfish they are both active but one has red marks on its body and it looks like it has a cut too could this be that its injuring itself on the ornaments or is it something which I should be worried about ?

Stasey - 2010-07-05
We have a raphael cat fish that lived under a rock for two years and then one morning I noticed that Our Large Parrot had collapsed the rocks from digging I didn't have a net at the time and I actually forgot about him then 5 months later we were draining the tank and I remember him I was like omg. He is gonna look nasty when my Bf lifted the rock he was still alive I never felt sooo bad but he's still going strong now lol.

Alexa - 2010-05-23
Hi I just got mine 5-23-10 I love him to pieces I have 5 neon tetras with him and they all live together the beta I had to move out because he was aggressive to the catfish but otherwise they're doing great I probably will get more fish so he has more friends and tank mate any suggestion on what else I should put with him?

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  • motasm - 2010-05-28
    I know these cinds silver tiped sharks will do just no small fish with them but a pleco is the best thing with the shark and this is some thing as well remove tetras to other tank and put with him sharks
michelle - 2009-12-31
I got my striped catfish in '93 or '94, and he's thriving, still! He's very active at all times of the day and night. I want to get some tankmates for him, any suggestions? I want to stay in the amazon-region.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-04-05
    Try bala sharks and other catfish.
Dave - 2009-12-29
I bought my Striped Raphael Catfish in November of 1991 and it is still living!

Greg Dorney - 2009-09-07
I have had one of these guys nearly a year now. He's living with two Oscars, a 14 inch silver arowana and some others, and they get along great! I researched this guy when I got him and heard loads of reports of people not seeing their guy for months, or coming out only in the dark, or even appearing dead! But my guy must be the exception to the rule, he's constantly out in the open even though he has ton's of caves and hideouts. He likes the company of other fish and seems to enjoy the company of a huge albino african clawed frog I have in particular! As far as foods concerned, this fish is an underwater hoover! Be careful not to overfeed, and be sure to give them a day off the food weekly, or you'll see him getting very fat indeed! Mine is about 6 inches now and growing fast! Anything you put into the tank that gets near the bottom will be eaten, but a variety of high quality protein foods is the way to go if you want him to thrive. I love this fish, so much so I got another three for company for my guy today! You may or may not see this guy very often, but it's definitely worth it when you do :)

Paige,Tina,Tim, and Tyler - 2009-03-07
We have had our catfish for about a month! He just sits on the bottom and doesn't move very much unless he's moving to the other side of our 40gallon tank. We never really see him eating, and he always clings to the big rocks we have in the tank!

Miquel - 2009-03-07
I have two striped raphael catfish. Have had them for almost seven years. Most memorial snipet about them was two years ago. I thought they were MIA until I completely removed everything in the tank to move to a new house. Wow, they had been hidden under a rock formation I made for that purpose. They had grown something larger than I would have expected (i.e. 5 inches). To enjoy them more I've lighten up on having too many large rocks.