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   Though this is a very attractive fish and fun to observe, the Silver-tipped Shark or Shark Catfish gets rather large, up to 14 inches (36 cm) and needs several companions. This equates to a rather large aquarium!
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banana - 2009-02-19
I have had my silver tipped shark for almost a year. I was cleaning the tank yesterday and he bit me! There was a deep, half circle bite in my index finger. He just runs up and down one side of the tank. I think he is chasing his refection, but it's fun to watch. I am getting "Chum" a friend so he isn't so aggressive.

Josina - 2009-02-13
We have a Silvertip Shark Catfish as well and he is wild and crazy. I think I need to get him a friend, cause he's so active. We thought he was strange when we first got him but realized that's just how they are. He moves crazy in our tank, everyone that comes over says (what's wrong with your fish!) lol

Quiche - 2009-01-28
My silver tipped shark doesn't seem aggressive at all... But after having a baby algae eater, and two mickey mouse platys dissappear in the middle of the night without a trace left behind... I figured I better buy bigger fish because he just happens to think they're food. And my shark is about 6 inches long.

jessica - 2009-01-27
I have 2 sliver tipped sharks and 3 angle fish, 2 ghost glass cat fish, and 2 silver dollors. in a 55 gallon tank. They seem to get along fine. The sharks seem to like the corner of the tank with the heater, and swim up and down the side. They both are about 5in. long, and I got them about six months ago as babies. I was just reading comments posted looking for different foods they may like to eat, mainly now all they like to eat is pellets and frozen bloodworms. Does anyone have any other ideas? I would perfer to stay away from feeding them live foods.

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  • *Brianna* - 2010-04-02
    For My Fish I Looked Up Ways On How To Make Your Own Fish Food And Its Pretty Interesting . The Ingredients Were Like Any And All Types Of Fruits An Veggies And Then Blended Up Shrimp And Crab (With Shells Still On).But Stay Away From Oily Fish. With Some Unflavored Gelatin (boiled). A Few Other Things. Then You Blend Everything Real Finely Into Like A Mud Type Paste Then Put It In Like A Rectangular Pan And Freeze It And You Can Cut It Into Squares Or Just Break Pieces Off. I Did The Squares. I Just Throw the Whole Square In The Tank. Honestly I Haven't Seen Silver Tip Eat Any Because He's Always Swimming At The Top With My Bala's And My Pangassius Catfish. But My Swordtails And Platys Like It. =D
Kevin - 2008-12-27
I had a silver tip for over 10 yrs. He was awesome. Got to be about 14" in a 100 gal tank. I had him in with both African and South American cichlids. I had no problems. I will add, they all were brought up in the same tank from day one. Today, I purchased 2 for another tank. Hoping to have the same success as the last one. Some tips, you need salt in your freshwater tank (absolute must). Keep them fed, try to maintain same size fish, clean your tank (they all loved this, you could tell they liked a clean tank), and dont give them "feeder fish", it makes/keeps them aggressive. Just vary their diet with proper food (maybe get 2 types of food) and (an occasional treat of shrimp pellets). They're fun, great looking, and can live for quite awhile. Good luck.

jim - 2008-12-04
I had 1 shark in my tank and he kept doing laps around the top of the tank. When I added 2 more he stopped and now they just play all day and night.

R Aragon - 2008-12-03
I have 2 silver tips and really like them. They do sometimes get agressive with each other but have never seen them get after any others in the tank. Didn't know they want the brackish water after maturing. I also have a Bala and 2 ghost cats, 1 african frog, 1 rosey tetra., all are thriving and have been for awhile. All have different ways about them.

LW - 2008-11-10
My silver tip does vertical laps around my thermometer that stands in a corner. It's strange, but fun to watch.

SB - 2008-11-06
I just purchased one of these fish today at Petco and it is about 4 inches. After reading these prior comments I am a little shocked to have had the woman at Petco tell me these would be OK with guppies and other community fish. I guess I will have to start counting the guppies and see if any start to go missing!

Steven - 2008-10-30
Our sharks our on the top too, back and forth all over the place!