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   Though this is a very attractive fish and fun to observe, the Silver-tipped Shark or Shark Catfish gets rather large, up to 14 inches (36 cm) and needs several companions. This equates to a rather large aquarium!
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Carrie - 2011-01-28
I have a silver tip(6") and a rainbow shark(3"), both a yr and a half old. These two have been best of friends since I got them as babies. I just got a bigger tank and would like to add a few fish. I had a Bala and he died after 2 months so I went and got another baby one and my Rainbow tormented him horribly and within 24hr he was dead :( So I'm worried my Rainbow is gonna be very aggressive again so what other kind can I add to my tank?....and these 2 have been alone with each other for over a year if that matters.

Kim - 2011-01-03
My silver tipped shark was very active for the first week, today he started staying on the bottom of the tank and sort of boroughing in a ditch he has
made by is back and forth motions, I have not seen him eat but I don't watch him all day. I am wondering if he might be sick. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • JayDee - 2011-01-06
    I don't know how much research you have done, but I do know that Your silver tipped shark is a brackish water fish. Often sold as a freshwater fish. They can become ill if not in at least mildly salty water. It is perfectly good to add one to two tablespoons of marine salt to your tank per 10 gallons in order to make your silver tipped shark thrive. Also the same amount of aquarium salt is helpful to fight off bacteria which may be killing it. Both salts are cheap, pick them up at nearly any pet store. Good luck. P.S I keep mine in slightly brackish water and they are loving life.
yasir bilal(fishlover 101) - 2010-11-18
I got a 4 inch one and a 2 inch one. They do fight but at feeding time they act peaceful later they fight again then go into their separate dens. Tell me about their behaviour against snakeheads so I can stop them from attacking and killing my adorable snakehead kids and, mom can't save them cause she's too small. It's sad.

brent warner - 2010-11-03
Hey y'all I just bought a 100g custom tank and I got my friends 8 inch silver-tipped shark and he kept it in horrible conditions in a crowded 45g hexagon tank w/ 5 4 inch gouramis and two huge pleco's.... now that he's in my tank I thought he would swim a bit more but the first week he stayed in the same corner going up and down now he's going back and forth at the water line and he won't eat anything I put in the tank please someone help me?

Devin - 2009-02-09
hi i have some questions i bought my first one and all the sudden for now reason he died, he was vertical looked like he was gasping for air, but i bought a new one and was just wondering if they can survive without brackish water thanks

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  • Richie - 2010-10-19
    Same thing happened to me 2 days ago.
Parisa - 2010-09-10
My silver tipped shark JUST DIED. I've only had him for a week! He was about 2 in long in a 10 gallon tank with a placo. I just tested the pH and it was a little less than 7.6. The placos still alive, but I woke up this morning and the shark was dead :(. What could have happened? He seemed completely fine yesterday...

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  • austin - 2010-09-24
    I have a silver tipped myself when I first started. I had 2 they both died. I had them both I a ten gallon tank which was 2 small for them. The ph level was two high you must get a bigger tank for silver tipped sharks 10 gallon is to small for two one maybe. My silvertipped shark loves the bigger tank and he friends with mollies go figure that.
heeed - 2010-03-06
They're amazing, beautiful fish but not when they snack on their tank mates, lol. My only one that grows rapidly since I bought him 3-4 moths ago, is now around 4 inch's and has so far cost me around 30 fish..... most of my few months old fry's along with others. I've separated him to my smaller tank since yesterday (which I'm not happy about) and I really don't wanna get rid off him.

I'm open for any suggestions, plz.

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  • fish enthusiast - 2010-03-15
    Hello, you may want to give him his own big tank with tank mates his size. He won't be able to eat them then.
  • daisy - 2010-04-07
    Hello I have two silvertip sharks and I've had them so far for about one month and one of them looks pregnant. How can I tell to be sure?
  • Spencer - 2010-08-13
    I think you should keep him in case you need to reduce the amount of fish, in your larger tank, if the fry over populate.
  • Billy - 2010-08-27
    Make sure he's with other semi aggresive fish
  • Ava - 2010-08-27
    Obviously, stop putting smaller fish in the tank. The shark-fish will eat them. You have to invest in bigger fish than it is, or fish of the same size, but not of the same species. It's worth keeping, honestly. I had my shark fish with one or two other fish in the tank tops for over seven and a half years.
dawn - 2010-05-29
I bought a shark yesterday. I have never owned one of these before. Mine likes to swim around a lot with the tank light off. I went into pets-mart to look at dogs and came out with a shark lol. But, it is pretty. I like to watch it swim around it is very entertaining. When is the best times to clean the tanks? When is the best time to start putting salt into the water? I am new at having this type of pet.....

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  • motasm - 2010-08-05
    Go slowly on this give it to them easily so they could stay comfortable so I suggest to put salt when they're 18cm long but easy put the salt and steer.
Kelsey - 2010-07-27
Okay, so I have two Columbian Sharks. One hasn't eaten for about a month. I got the water tested, the phosphate level is too high. So I have had chemipure in the filter to clean the water for three weeks, which should be enough time to clean the water. My OTHER shark, which eats, now has swollen pelvic fins. Does this mean it's a female? Is she pregnant? Is the other shark not eating still because it's incubating the eggs? If so, how long does that take?

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  • motasm - 2010-08-04
    Well maybe they're going to lay eggs but check the water stuff and did you use tetra aqua safe before putting the fish cause this kills cloromine and heavy metals in the water so fish could live good and it would take two weeks before putting the fish and then it won't take any time this is a cool product I use and it's super for more information look at this web site
Tim, Tina,Paige, and Tyler - 2009-03-07
We haven't had our silver tipped shark very long but we have green tiger barbs and they are killing him! He's missing a dorsal fin, he has paralised front fins, and he's basically life less! He can't swim straight. He swims very fast into the bottom of the tank. Every other fish we have is attaching him, and our other one we had died yesterday.

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  • Libby - 2010-07-17
    We recently bought 2 silver-tipped sharks (the other day) and 2 stripped leopourni-or a name similar 2 that- a couple of hours ago 1 s.t.shark died from leopourni bites ): The other shark has a minor case. WHAT DO WE DO!?
  • Dave B - 2010-07-27
    Don't keep them together or use a tank divider to keep them apart. The leporinus are somewhat famous for this :(