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   Though this is a very attractive fish and fun to observe, the Silver-tipped Shark or Shark Catfish gets rather large, up to 14 inches (36 cm) and needs several companions. This equates to a rather large aquarium!
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michael - 2005-09-11
These fish, at adult stage, require at least a 180 gallon (6 ft x 2ft x 2ft) aquarium, with brackish water. I have 2 currently in an 85g (5ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft), they are about 8 inches long. A great fish but require a very large tank!

Cathy - 2005-09-10
I was recently given 2 columbian sharks. They seem like little clowns. I sit and watch them for the longest time. They swim kinda crazy though, in circles and doing flips side ways. I will be putting them in a 150 gal. tank in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous - 2005-08-21
I have an 11 inch plecostomus, and my brother has 2 silver tipped sharks. He got one yesterday, and it is a lot smaller than his other one, but it follows the bigger one around like it's his leader. We just changed from a 10 gallon tank to a 20 gallon tank. They were very crowded in the smaller fish tank, and my pleco had barely any room to swim around. The betta and and my frog were happy about their new home, too. My little sister moved her goldfish and her 2 inch plecostomus from her 5 gallon tank to the 10 gallon tank. We just hope we won't have to be moving them into a bigger tank any time soon.

-[?]- - 2005-07-26
Active fish does well in most tanks, but catches diseases pretty easy. good eater, likes everything. many fishes only bite it once and only once, but the good thing is that they don't bite back.

Andre Brazeau - 2005-05-13
Very attractive looking fish. I have 2 Silver-tipped Shark, 2 bala shark 1 iridescent and a pleco in a 10 gallon tank. I am moving them in a 45 gallons. I am plannig to buy a Pictus catfish and a Silver Dollar. The Black Fin is a little aggresive though. My two silver tips are always available to watch, as they never hide.

Tammie - 2004-12-09
Very attractive looking fish, although I lost one to ICK, The other survived when I treated him in a smaller 10 gallon tank with ICK Clear. I bought another to keep him company, but lately they have been chasing each other around and obviously nipping at each others fins. I guess they are somewhat territorial with their own species. They get along great with my other fish. I have a Bala Shark, Pictus catfish, black fin shark, rainbow shark, Common Pleco, and a Siameese Tiger Fish. The Black Fin is a little aggresive though. My two silver tips are always available to watch, as they never hide.

narco - 2004-05-21
shark catfish adoptation is commonly known here in the philippines, i too have already cared about such breed. they are beutiful creatures and also a good companion for my other fishes because unlike other kinds of catfishes, such breeds are more ornamental because they are fun to watch in the way they swim and they entertain me......although there are problems to, like skin problems for i have seen their growth which has a atage where their skins peel off and is merely followed by death...

ben - 2004-05-16
heavily susceptible to desease, spreading among communual members of the same species only at alarming rates. as of yet ive been unable to rescue them once one has contracted an illness