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Big and beautiful, the Red-tailed Catfish is an enormous attraction!
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kerry - 2005-12-28
Hi there. ive own my rtcf for 5 years now, his name is Benny and is one of the family. he's 15" long and i feed him a variety of fish (rainbow trout, cod), fruit and vegetables (apple, banana, mushrooms, tomatoes), and also beef and chicken. he loves to have his belly stroked and feeds from my hand. rtcf are hard work to look after. one night we notice Benny wasnt looking to good (shedding his skin) so 9:30 pm was a trip to the pet shop and back home to do a half tank water change (that was one long night). but being the tough fish he is, he pulled through and is happy and health again. Last year we decided to move his tank into the conservatory, to stop any accidents with my son and his bike knocking the tank over. the move went fine, but we've noticed at lot more algae in the tank. Benny doesn't seem to mind and i think its a bit more like home for him (have you seen the colour of the water in the Amazon?.)Although I've owned him for 5 years i am still no expert, but hes happy and health and i'd like to think i am doing a good job. Kerry.

Joel - 2005-12-12
Hi everyone, these huge fish are very big carnivores. They happen to get very big lumps under there belly after they have eating alot of small fish or 1 big fish. I know they get lumps cuz they show pics of them with lumps and my Tiger shovelnose get lumps to. There was a 7 inch Red tail at Pet Paridise. it was there for about 2 and a half weeks then it was gone. i think they gave it to a pet store that has a bigger tank for it. when they got rid of it they put 2 Florida Gars in it and some cichlids in the tank.

wayne - 2005-09-14
Hi, I have owned a red-tailed catfish since February of this year. As time Passe it got very big! It was about 3" when I bought it and now it is about 13"!!! He really became part of our family. He is in a 150 gallon aquarium but soon he will find himself in a 450 gallon.

Eddie - 2005-08-26
Hi I got my 2 Cat fish separately, now living with a snake head a bit smaller than them. unfortunately they fight with each other. Both cat fish are now around 1 foot and the snake head is palm size, but still attacking the cat fish. can't figure out how to separate this fight. I got 4 separate tanks but all other 3 are smaller. The 4 feet tank is rearing tiger barbs and smaller fishes.

mahmoud - 2005-07-23
I have a red tailed cat in a 300L aquarium, and yes dear friends they grow huge. mine is 35 cm long. we do have a large pond I wonder if it can be kept in there along with 6 hunting turtles and 4 gold fish and lots of frogs! mahmoud from Iran.

Frank - 2005-07-16
I'm not sure who the actual breeder is, but I know that the red tailed catfish has recently been bred in captivity. They are a little more expensive because they are so hard to breed. I picked up my red tail for thirty dollars as a 3 inch juvenile. The ones that are bred in captivity are 40 dollars. My catfish is now about 18 inches and is kept in a 300 gallon tank. i am planning on setting up a 500 gallon tank for him soon. I keep him with 6 oscars, one of them is an albino fan-tail and one is a blueberry oscar(its blue)

ken - 2004-12-27
I have a redtail catfish in a tank with a snakehead. They are both pretty good predators. I started out with about 25 south american cichlids (oscars, dempseys, convicts, arrowana) of varied species in a 120 gallon tank fish tank along with the redtail and snakehead. Now there is two! May the best man win! They have co-habitated for some time now and appear to be great tankmates.


Matt - 2004-10-13
I just got a red tail catfish. He is about 4 inches long right now. Wow these things get huge.

mandy & greg - 2004-10-01
my husband and i have a red tailed catfish named red. this is our third one. he is about 10 inches. red is a wonderful fish except for the fact that he has ate 4 arowanas,1 leaf fish, and 6 tinfoil bards that were about hand size. out of all three we have had, this one means the most to us. This is because we saved him from our amazon catfish which had him in his mouth up to his pectoral fins by the time i saw him. my husband got the catfish to spit him out and he is still thriving today. we keep him in a 180 gallon tank. we plan to build a pond in our back yard for him pretty soon.

Christopher Lee - 2004-08-14
I have two Red-Tailed catfish that just a year ago were as tiny as the typical goldfish would be. They were very cute and I was so enchanted by their exotic beauty I had to have them. I bought three and they were all very small. One -the smallest- quickly became lunch, to my dismay. I learned FAST that these are not your typical pet. Everything from my neon tetras to the plecostamus was disappearing, and the red-tails were growing. One was very aggressive and became much larger than the other. It soon turned its attention for lunch on my other remaining red-tail and I had to get a second 75 gallon tank to keep them apart. By that time they were a over a foot long with heads as large as a size 13 shoe. They eat out of my hands anything I feed them;frozen krill, and frozen or live feeder fish from the local petstore. I have never had a fish or pet that I enjoy caring for more than these catfish. The biggest of them is named Jaws and Whiskers is now growing rapidly since being placed in the new tank. I plan to get larger tanks in the future that resemble the South American habitat they thrive in. That will leave two empty tanks for a possible return of "normal" aquarium keeping...