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Big and beautiful, the Red-tailed Catfish is an enormous attraction!
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tkong - 2008-06-07
I wonder what is the best filtration system to use for a rtc. I think either a wet/dry filter or canister, but question which one is better and is a 370 gallons good enough.

Donna-Marie - 2008-05-05
My Boyfriend & I have a 13" red-tailed Catfish called Reno. I still have the pictures of him when we brought him home in his little petshop fish bag at about 3" long, approxs 10 months ago. We have just gotten him an 8foot x 2 x 2foot tank to play in, but he's still wondering where his old 4foot home has gone! Bless him - I'm sure he'll do some exploring soon to see the rest of his buddies that he lives with. Reno is Amazing and we're happy that he's got more room to play in now. But now he looks teeny in the massive aquarium, but that won't last long I'm sure!

He does take food from our hands but after reading other peoples experiences with their RTC's I'm a tad jealous as I'd love Reno to be as playful and have toys etc.... SO, I would like some advise pleeeeeeease!!

We would like to know:
- what sorts of Fruits and veggies people feed RTC's?
- What sort of Toys do you put in the tank for the RTC's to play with? One person said his played with a ball - does the ball sink or float? How big is it/what type of ball is it?

Hope someone can help me! Many Thanks.

andy smith - 2008-02-12
I have a rtc, his name is Felix, he is approx 8 months old and is already over 2ft in length. He is in a 5ft 570 ltr tank. He lives with my Oscars and Silver Dollars very peacefully. As everyone else says; a fantastic pet, beautiful to look at, and will feed from my hand. Visitors to my house find this amazing. I feed him white fish steaks and whole mussels every couple of days or so. I can see me having to get a bigger tank just for him at the rate he is growing. Great fun!

Huong Tran - 2008-01-23
Hi, I have two red tail catfish which are very unique. They are very good fish to kept even though they eat a lot. I just bought another one because the first one was feeling lonely. Overall, I love my RTC because they are the most beautiful catfish you'll ever see. Whoever owns one... will know. Good luck on raising you catfish, because I DID.

kerrie - 2007-10-04
Our red tail cat fish was around 18 inches and we had him in a 125 gallon tank. We had him for around 4 years, got him as a baby. My son went to college and he refused to eat. He died of a broken heart.

Nick.C. - 2007-05-06
I have had several of these great fish, my baby RTC right now may be the best. He is only 4 inches and is hand feeding already! While not an overly aggressive fish, they will not tolerate any aggression from tankmates. If you have the space this cat is a must!

Jon Martin - 2007-04-10
My red tail cat fish is currently 7 inches long, feeding on prawns and pellets. He is sharing a tank with a 9" silver arowana, 3 large silver dollars, 12" sailfin plec, and a 7" giant gourami. He seems to be getting on well with all fish and even sleeps alongside my plec. I am looking forward to seeing my red tail grow.

ty - 2006-08-08
I have two 60in Red Tail Cats in a 1,000 gallon tank with four iridescent cats. they love spiny lobster. If you think 1,000 gallons is large I know someone who built a whole pool for red tail cats!

ME - 2006-07-08
we have a redtail catfish. yes, he does have a good eating habit. he likes to eat worms and small fish. He's about 6 inches in length and quite thick for the fish that I'm usually seeing. I wondered for a minute why every time I woke up in the morning fish were missing, I realize now whats going down. At the same time, the fish will eat in daylight if it's what it wants to eat. It is a very good fish to have and watch grow. That's what it is!

Abdullah H. AlAmir - 2006-06-25
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Abdullah H. AlAmir